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  1. angrydurf


    The Summer had hardly been uneventful but despite a few close calls and a thorough condemnation for reckless risks and an equally thorough commendation for breaking up the ring of Daka Crystal thieves Kam and his friends had returned to Claremont Academy. They arrived in advance of the next year with time to catch up on the news of Freedom and more importantly perhaps share their own exploits. The late summer sun found several of them gathered for lunch in the central quad trading stories. Kam let out a bright laugh, "Then they spun her." he shook his head at the memory nodding at Janus and eyeing his sister with a teasing glint in his eyes, "At least half of that giggle was genuine." he prodded perhaps foolishly given her penchant for getting the upper hand in these wars of words. Looking directly at Elizabeth he smirked, "It was like something out of one of those teen musicals." he joked easily. It would likely be less funny when those pictures circulated to where their father uncovered them. Raising his hands the Dakanan prince deflected gamely, "I will grant it certainly got people's attention."
  2. June 6th 2019, 10:00 PM The Fens Crouched atop the van as it sped over the bridge Red Lynx kept his body low and balanced as his target wove in and out of the late night traffic. Technically of course he wasn't supposed to be off campus without leave. As far as he was concerned the notice of his intent to familiarize himself with bayview and the southside perhaps after curfew was as good as permission. Summers likely would not see it that way. Particularly as he crossed the river from the relative stability of south freedom for the infamous fens. But he could hardly allow the thief to escape merely by crossing a bridge. At the Riverview Inn and Suites, which had neither a river view nor suites but did have hourly rates, Robin sat in a rented hyundai camera in hand. Tracking down cheaters was not the most glamorous of work for a PI but it paid the bills and the agency could only take on so many freebie cases and keep the lights on. She heard the revving of the engine as the compensation mobile squealed around the corner and rocked to a stop in the parking lot. The pair that emerged were precisely the type she'd expect from such a fine establishment, tall muscular, wearing the Fens approximation of wealth doubtless ill gotten, armed if that oddly straight legged gait was any indication. Less expected was the thump of muted footfalls on the roof of her car as a delivery van sped past and something almost silently lept from it vaulting off her rental to scale the side of the motel and keeping to the shadows pick their way across the roof overlooking the criminals in the parking lot as they looked around then moved toward the trunk of the lowered Honda they'd arrived in.
  3. OOC for : https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10854-bang-bang-bang-ic/ Rise my minions necro threading at it's best! This parking lot is not an unusual place to meet a fence and some buyers operate out of the motel rooms. But there are also down on their luck families between homes escaping the fall chill and other bystanders there and in the neighborhood. If Those thieves pull their guns and start shooting there will be a lot of people in harms way.
  4. Robin ignored the trickle of sweat down her spine as she balanced, holding a sign aloft in her hands as she tried to make sure it was straight enough to install it. In the wake of the invasion, without school; she had to find SOMETHING to focus on. That something was the very ratty, very cheap office with apartment above that she'd reluctantly taken some of Fred's hard earned money to put together. She agreed, though, they couldn't make it work without someplace to take in clients... and Robin DID need somewhere to leave. Between the bionic arm that glinted dully metallic in the light and the strong cording of her muscles, there was no questioning the super human strength that let her hoist it aloft to set it into place. 'Knight Errant Private Investigations' It was a play on her last name, clearly, but Robin HAD gotten the certifications needed to legally open up the PI firm. It wasn't the most.... typical way to do superheroing but Robin couldn't join either the police or the military. This way, at least, they could try and help people, that's what Robin was trying to focus on. At least if she focused on that, she didn't have to look too closely at the wreck of her personal life. "How's that?" She wanted to know from her partner as she fished for the wrench dangling from her thin, worn jean loop. "Is it straight?"
  5. January 2, 2018 On the last day of Raina Sanderson's last day of Christmas vacation at Claremont Academy, she got a text from her monkey. Merlin had been increasingly agitated over the last few days, for reasons that he swore had nothing to do with the monkey-sized Christmas sweater that he'd gotten from the floor Christmas present pool. It couldn't have anything to do with the temperature - Cathy was off on a date, or some sort of mystery, with Phaedra, which had left him master of the room while Raina was outside. The text said FOUND BIG THING. TROUBLE. With only three emojis, all of them from the "Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil" series, this was an unusually restrained message. NEED TO SHOW YOU.
  6. June 21, 2017 Winifred considered herself to be in fairly good shape. Certainly she was fitter than she'd ever been prior to arriving at the Academy, largely thanks to the demanding 'physical education' classes that were part of the curriculum, not to mention the extracurriculars with which she found herself involved. Consequently she did not feel particularly compelled to spend any of her remaining free time making use of the school's many training facilities, yet with classes finished for the day that was exactly where she was headed with quick, clipped strides. Robin had been spending less and less time in their shared dormitory room over the past weeks - months, really. Her friend was absent many nights, out patrolling the Fens neighbourhood Winifred suspects, either sleeping elsewhere or catching brief naps during the day. When she was about campus is was almost exclusively to train, pushing herself harder and harder. At first Winifred had said nothing under the assumption that Robin was spending more time with her boyfriend and later she'd reasoned that there was nothing wrong with being driven, especially as she focused on her own projects. Eventually it had become clear that Robin was pointedly avoiding socializing, intentionally keeping to herself. In Winifred's experience that was the sort of behaviour the preceded downing an untested serum of one's own devising. Metaphorically, in this case. Stepping into the Academy's less fanciful gymnasium the alchemist pursed her lips slightly as she scanned the large room. This was only the first stop on her list of likely places to find Robin but she was hoping traipsing across rooftops wasn't going to be necessary.
  7. Gizmo


    Beneath Claremont Academy 8:42 AM July 10, 2017 By design the impervium cell was nearly empty. The front wall was transparent due to a process that Winifred would have usually been much more interested to learn about and the cube was large enough to pace about comfortably but the only furniture was a smooth bench large enough to also serve as a bed, constructed from the same material as the walls. There was a television set outside the transparent wall, featuring rather clever motion controls so as to forego the need of a remote control but the young alchemist didn't want it even for the white noise just then. Instead she sat on the bench beside the pillow she'd brought with her, wearing the oversized flannel shirt she'd adopted as sleepwear. She hugged her legs against her chest and pressed her face into her knees, letting out a long, weary sigh as she continued silently reciting the elements.
  8. Content note: transphobia, profanity June 2016 11PM The Doom Room In the Doom Room, Riley was on edge. The training room itself was empty, its holographic displays silent while he waited for the rest of the team. He had taken the opportunity to polish and clean his bow, its gears half-disassembled on the plastic floor, and was crouching there as he worked. He was going in without a plan. He hated going in without a plan. Late night training, no notice about the scenario (which was pretty common, especially in the last few months) and no notice about who he'd train with (which was pretty common too), described by Mr. Archer as "the final event for the year." Not one to complain about his education, especially about combat training, Riley silently went about his work, his ears open to his surroundings even as his eyes focused on the work before him. It wasn't the first time he'd had to refurbish his bow without being able to watch his back.
  9. August 2016 After dark Riley was waiting for Robin at the usual place - the old church rooftop that was one of the highest points in the Fens (and made a convenient lookout point for most of the surrounding neighborhood). Or rather, Woodsman was waiting for Nighthawk, at the spot where the two heroes had met at least once a week since the beginning of summer had sent most of their friends their separate ways. Riley hadn't gone far, just up to North Bay, but the advanced classes that his not-mother had enrolled him in (just as Peyton had expected, telling Riley how hard these were were the best way to make him stick it out) along with what he was doing at Claremont meant he didn't have much free time. "Hey," said Riley, reaching over to squeeze Robin's hand when she joined him on the rooftop - then to lean over and kiss her on the lips. "You look good. You get everything done you wanted today?"
  10. Bayview, Freedom City, New Jersey Friday, April 29, 2016 3:24 PM local time Even if the news had not been full of stories covering the several incidents around the world that appeared inspired by the Plagues of Egypt, the rumor mill at Claremont Academy was currently talking about little else. Several Claremont students had already been involved in dealing with some of the incidents. Frostbyte and Ardent had been there for the very first of the "plagues," over at Ocean Heights Amusement Park. Reagemt had then been at the incident with several Deep Ones in Providence, Rhodes Island. El Huracan and Sparkler had even been present at another during their ride along with the veteran hero Asad in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. And that did not even count the incidents at which Claremont alumni had been present. Thus far one of the biblical plagues had struck somewhere in the world each day for the past week. There were at least two plagues left (if one went by the order they were supposed to fall), and if the timing held true, one should be occurring on this Friday. But even with the anxiety that was hanging over much of Freedom City and other major cities, life had gone on at Claremont Academy, with the students attending their classes and training as normal. It was a beautiful Spring afternoon in Freedom City when classes ended for the week at the school. The weather was warm and the sun was out. But even as several students made their way outside onto the grounds to take in the warm weather and sun, the sky began to dim. It started faintly, almost as if a large cloud had passed over the sun. But there were no clouds big enough in the sky. But it did not stop there, the day began to dark even more, as an unexplainable darkness began to spread through the sky over Bayview.
  11. Initiative time. http://orokos.com/roll/423896 = Woodsman has 27
  12. Doom Room, Claremont Academy May 5, 2016 School was almost out, even at the rather unusual educational facility known as Claremont Academy. Then again, even heroes-in-training needed a break. Assuming they were the sorts who believed in "taking breaks". Some, like the three in attendance here, didn't quite get that idea, at least not all the time. Woodsman and Nighthawk, who often practiced various scenarios in the Doom Room alone, as a pair, or with their friends anyways, were in here on the request of Headmistress Summers. She somehow managed to mix "as stern as a mountain" and "concerned about your education" into one frightening package. In this case, she had "strongly suggested" they undergo a training exercise with a student-hero who they may or may not have heard of, let alone seen or met, but who would give them good practice working with other more...subtle...hero types. They were currently in the control room of the Doom Room, apparently by themselves. The control screen showed a few potential scenarios, with the settings listing 3 combatants. And the difficulty was set...pretty high. Not horrifically so. Certainly not at the locked-down "Wander" level. But not "newbie" level, either.
  13. GM February 20, Saturday, 11.25AM, 2016 The Cresswell Building, corner of Lombard and Madison, Freedom City After making a full physical recovery from the harrowing battle in the Goodman Building, it was necessary for the Claremont students involved to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Riley already had regular sessions with Claremont's experienced counselor, and Naomi was signed up withhim as well, but Robin's trials and the workload on-campus had led the Headmistress to, in a rare moment, contact an outside expert for help. Which was why Robin was standing outside a dazzling Art Deco skyscraper in the heart of downtown Freedom, stylized City Fathers and their hangers-on smiling patronizingly down at her. The sun shone down with unusual warmth for mid-February on the Atlantic coast, the sky was clear, the air marginally fresher, the seagulls making their plaintive cry over the gentle rumble of late morning traffic. A perfect day for sitting in a room answering a stranger's questions. The terse note in Headmistress Callie Summers' handwriting instructed Floor 15. Dr. Chandler. Be polite.
  14. Just in case, adding an OOC for this thread. wherein Nighthawk, Woodsman, and Nevermore get up to some sort of Cowl shenanigans or another. If there's a demand we may add others in after things get going, but I'm sure we can go fun places just with these three!
  15. Mike closed the file he'd been sent as the bus came to a stop at the base of the drive leading up to the prestigious Claremont Academy. He smiled and thanked the bus driver wishing her a good day before stepping off the final step and looking up at the school. When it had come time to get teaching assistant credits his former school seemed a natural choice. Now it seemed full of memories, most good granted but somehow more distant than he'd expected. As he crossed through the gates it was clear to him it was not the same or perhaps it was he who had changed. There were more than years now between him and this place, and given his assigned duty for the day that was probably for the best. After a brief stop by the administrative office to get the visitor badge that so rarely was actually worn by the school's rare visitors Mike awaited his assigned student in the large foyer of the Cooke wing his fingertips brushing the hem of the bronzed statue of Matthias as he had before many tests in his tenure here. Looking toward Marquez's office he sat and awaited the student within to finish her session taking care not to inadvertently listen in. When Robin emerged he rose and waved to the good doctor extending a hand, "You must be Ms. Chevalier." he greeted gently, "I'm Mike, Mike Harris." He glanced to Marquez to double check the counselor had informed her of their impending meeting then back to Robin with a polite smile.
  16. Early February 2016 The weekend came and went - and Riley and Robin weren't back on campus from their weekend furlough. After classes on Monday, the RAs, with serious faces, assured Woodsman and Nighthawk's friends that the school knew where they were. On Tuesday, Headmaster Summers made a general announcement that Robin Chevalier had been seriously injured in the field and was currently recovering at McNider Hospital. These things didn't happen that often at Claremont; but there were procedures in place for counseling, for making cards, for hospital visits - it was something the staff all had in hand. There was no need to cut school, not when visiting hours would still be open in the evening. Of course, all that assumed you wanted to listen to staff in the first place. - Robin hadn't wanted to go to the hospital - hadn't wanted to go at all. But the personal intervention of Headmaster Summers, who had met the pair of them at the Goodman Building clinic on Sunday night, had changed her mind; largely with the reassurances that a false name would get her in the system without any risk of the system finding her again. McNider was the oldest hospital in Freedom City. They'd been discreetly taking care of superheroes for decades now. Riley'd gone to the hospital too, mostly to make sure he hadn't irradiated himself when he'd grappled Tesla Atom at the moment she'd been bisected by the forces between dimensions. He wound up calling from Robin's room, though, carefully punching out digits on the hospital phone. It was Tuesday mid-morning, right? It had been easy enough to lose track the last day, when all he'd been thinking about was the burned, bleeding woman on the bed, the one he'd have given his heart for. Luckily she was asleep - for now.
  17. January 31, 2016 Goodman Building Floor 16 It's Sunday in the Goodman Building. The Atoms are out of town, some at school, some visiting family on the Moon, some in other dimensions. Most of the building's staff have the day off, but given the sheer size of the scientific operations in the facility, as well as the necessary work that went on here, several hundred people were still in the building. "So yeah, here's where I stayed for two weeks," Riley Smith-Quinn was telling Robin, the two of them walking together through the now-empty isolation quarters under the eye of Dr. Matt Drummond, Riley's original physician upon his arrival on Earth-Prime. The silver-haired old physician watched as one teen showed his girlfriend the cot, the small bookshelf "Hey, they've still got all those weird Andi comics!", and the tablet computer that had been all he owned upon his arrival. "Well, all I owned that ya let me have, anyway," he said with a smile the doctor's way. He hadn't talked much about his time here, but oddly enough he was more relaxed than Robin had seen him in a while. Maybe because this place wasn't home - but then it had never tried to be, either. "I think you remember why we kept your hatchet and quiver, Mr. Smith," said the doctor with a paternal twinkle in his eye. "Still, you were an easier patient than the young person who tried to punch her way through the security door," he said, making a gesture towards the transparent steel that made up the outside door of the small suite, now open since no extradimensional visitors were staying here. "Yeah, well.,,." Riley shrugged and scratched the back of his head. "Thanks for lettin' me show Robin 'round. You the only one on the floor today?" "No," said Drummond, shaking his head. "There's the skeleton staff in the dimensional sciences office, two colleagues of mine in the reconstructive surgery bay, and one dealing with a magical crisis. You know how it is here - we never really shut down."
  18. Alright so we'll start with gather information checks all around. If anyone wants to try a more specific approach lemme know and we'll figure out how to handle it.
  19. January 22, 2016 Claremont Academy In a clutch of trees near the athletics field, Woodsman was making notes. "All right, there's 'least two in th' buildin's," said Riley, pointing with his whittled-down golf pencil at the nearby campus structures. "And there's this one," he added, pointing towards the spot where they'd been told to wait for "special training." That meant the Doom Room - that meant more simulations. Thinking about the Doom Room made him remember the arrow in Dr. Metropolis' eye and the scorn of his peers that had followed, so he was spending his time thinking about more productive things. "There's gotta be at least one that leads off-campus," he said thoughtfully, chewing on one end of the pencil. "Down by the bay, when they go fishin'." He looked over at their "guest instructor" for today - the slim, brown-haired woman in the red tracksuit who had introduced herself as "Sam Capote" - and who he had recognized as the Claremont alum Relentless. "We goin' fishin?" "Easy there, soldier," she told him, giving the words more weight than other teachers at the school might have. "Everybody will be briefed at the same time." "Just tryin' to stay productiv," said Riley, standing up and adjusting the crossbow that hung across his back. Slipping into his poncho and standing beneath the trees, waiting for the rest of the team to arrive, was a taste of home - but home had never been so bright, so clean, or so safe. He scratched his fingers against his chin, wondering not for the first time if that was stubble he felt there. How could he tell his teacher that he was tracking the paths used by the cannibal degenerates that lived in the Claremont Academy of his own reality? "Didn't think I was _this_ early."
  20. There was no shortage of reasons to leave the Fens, the crime, the fearful desperation, the smell, to name but a few. But the Fens was not a place people with other options chose to live in. People in the Fens were those who hadn't or more likely couldn't get out. This made for a kind of community all it's own however, you may not trust your neighbors as far as you could throw their heroin addled husk but you knew the faces, this was even more true in the shifting camps of the homeless. There was a cruel natural order to the FCPD sweeps disruptions and arrests, the hospitalizations and deaths, whether from overdose, exposure, or malnutrition. But no one just left, if someone got a ticket out, it was known, if someone got picked up for spooking the tourists too close to the theatre district, it was known, when a body turned up, it was known. So when people left the camps and it was not known, it was talked about. Robin first heard word later than when she lived among them but she still heard things on her weekly soujourns, Charlies drunken ramblings about 'snatchers' were a little too visceral to be the alcohol and smack addled visions of police or public health pick ups. And he wasn't the only one, there was a fear on the streets, people were vanishing, not to their own vices or the dangers of the streets, something was taking them and there wasn't a trace. The vigilante known as Kingsnake heard things as well, whispers in dark corners, Fearful cries in the dark, the city was awash in the noise of daily life but certain words and phrases stuck out, bore investigating. There was something happening in the Fens, the usual scum driven from their hidey holes by men with more training and better armed than the average criminal, the kind of muscle that cost serious money and secured serious privacy. Those with less privileged connections might never have heard the term, Labyrinth, but that hidden disease within the city was well known to the Kingsnake, they had after all in their own fashion made him what he was today. Only mentioned in fearful whispers like a criminal boogeyman or maybe more accurately a wrathful pantheon. Smugglers suspected they may be working for hte labyrinth though smart ones knew not to ask those sorts of questions, muscle would use the name ot strike fear until the mysteriously were disappeared. But Kingsnake heard everything in his city, and now he heard the labyrinth was working the Fens.
  21. Robin waited until Fred was out at the lab as she didn't want to worry her roommate with the implicit rulebreaking that was about to occur. Briefly, she felt guilty for leaving Fred behind but the young woman was still adjusting to life in this century and Robin thought that taking her to what was sure to be a rather sketchy - and probably illegal - venue was not likely to help matters. She paused to leave Fred a brief and uninformative note before she headed for the door on quiet feet. Robin fished the tattered flyer out from her pocket - having snagged it during the last weekend in the Fens and began picking her way through the hallways towards Raina and Cathy's room. Glancing up and down the hall to make certain there were no lingering RA's, she knocked on the door. "Hey, we should go if we want to make it. Also before anyone catches us heading off campus." As this was so very not a sanctioned field trip.
  22. Saturday, February 6th, 2016 An email appeared in Robin's school inbox earlier that week.
  23. Date: Halloween, 2015 Location: Faretti Mansion, North Bay Halloween was a busy time of year for Huang's parents and he'd been able to plan on them being out of the house as soon as the sun went down. Arrangements had been made for his younger self to stay at Sanctuary for an overnight long in advance and JJ would no doubt be having a fabulous Halloween with Ammy and her mother on the verdant world. Huang had been warned no less than three times by his mother as she walked through the manor, putting things in her cloak for an evening of chasing down cultists, monsters and probably making out with his dad (ick!). He'd been told to stay behind the wards as there was no shortage of people who'd like the potent blood of a dhampir to fuel their fell rituals - and not to expect them back before dawn. So, technically, there hadn't been any specific rules about not having people over. Technically. At least nothing beyond the usually secretive bent of his family in general. When his father came downstairs in his Avenger costume, Taylor kissed Huang's cheek with one last reminder to stay safe before his parents vanished. Really, they should have been suspicious at the lack of requests to come along but Huang had his own plans for Halloween. Namely, an illicit holiday party! Earlier in the week, elaborate scrolls had appeared in the rooms of certain classmates of his - those that might be receptive to such endeavors. Without fail, a sealed scroll had popped showily into existence in front of them at some point earlier in the week. In contrast with the fancy appearance, the wording itself was utterly contemporary: You know who's got a mansion and a guarantee of absent parents? This guy! Party at my place on Halloween. Folks will be gone at sunset so party starts after. Oh, bring the scroll or you won't be able to find it. Magic. J.H.F. Also, goes without saying but, no racist costumes welcome, obv. Especially ghosts. They're really sensitive this time of year. For those who followed the very brief instructions, they ended up at an over grown driveway in a ritzy North Bay neighborhood where all the houses seemed to have expansive grounds. Which, of course, left them standing at the bottom of a winding driveway, heavily overgrown and oddly foreboding. There was no mailbox or sign to mark the place but for some discolored brickwork that marked the start of the driveway. Outside it, it didn't even seem like there was a house at the end of the drive but once they crossed the line, the cracked driveway and overgrown trees parted enough to reveal a dark mansion at the top of a hill through the overgrowth. It was spooky and foreboding, with thick cobwebs knotting the branches of the trees that obscured much of their view. Apparently Huang's family went all out for the holiday spirit?
  24. From the album: Alder's Artistry

    Finally complete!
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