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Found 16 results

  1. Soooo...This will be @Ari's domain, honestly. But! Get your postin' muscles ready, @Thunder King and @Vorik! https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10624-like-a-wagon-train-out-of-hell-terminus-invasion-2018-ic/
  2. July 10. 7 PM. Freedom City. Southside. The city was a battleground. Omegadrones in the sky. Heroes everywhere. Broken glass and shattered buildings. Bodies in the streets. Doom had come to Freedom. Naturally, the civilians needed to get out of town. Equally naturally, there was zero chance they’d make it without a heroic escort. The convoy was big. Several buses and a multitude of private vehicles. Obviously, it wasn’t the only convoy, with Freedom being a city of literally millions. Heroes were spread desperately thin by the invasion of the Terminus, leaving only Prism and Manneq
  3. Milennium Park, Chicago. August 26th. Around 1 PM The Cloud Gate. The g-d Cloud Gate. It had been the big reason that Corinne wanted to come, well that and Sue at the Fields museum. She looked upon it rapturously, her fingers gliding over the surface. "It's... beautiful." Turning her head, as she looked at Hannah, under from under her straw pork pie hat, before she went back to gazing at it. She was dressed lightly for the hot, somewhat stifling Chicago summer. A denim vest over her Joy Division Unknown Pleasures shirt, and a skirt that matched the vest, and a pair of
  4. Friday, May 26th 3:40PM Main Lawn, Claremont Academy Team Industrial Light and Magic were under a tree, reading and studying. Besides her book back, the tall blonde had brought a bag of snacks as well as her hedgehog Percival, though he was curled up in a pocket. She was sprawled, wearing a a vintage AC/DC 'Thunderstruck' t-shirt under her acid washed coverall shorts, and a pair of floral tights underneath, her sandals off to the side. A book in hand, as the other held an apple that she was munching on. She had recently dyed her hair, making it an admix of faded blonde and
  5. May 17th 2PMish. Girl's dorm, lounge area. The staff had told Hannah who her roommate would be for next year. The daughter of the hero Asad. Well, they didn't tell Hannah who she was related to, but the gossip mill had started, and Corinne's parentage, and everything else was preceding her. To her chagrin. Given her large gap of experience regarding all of this compared to some others giving her a roomie was the best bet. And Hannah, being the kind of person she was, felt like the best choice. Corinne just... nodded along to it. She was waiting in out of t
  6. Player Name: Thunder King Character Name: Prism Power Level: 10 (150/161 PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 11 In Brief: Ordinary teenage girl with the power to summon color shifting energy constructs and blasts Alternate Identity: Hannah Cooper Identity: Secret Birthplace: Chicago Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: Jacob Cooper, father; Mary Cooper, mother; Jacob 'Jake' Cooper II, brother; Laura Cooper, sister; Ashley Cooper, sister; Peter Cooper, brother; Samuel 'Sammy' Cooper, brother Description: Age: 16 (DoB: February 24th, 1999 Gender: Fema
  7. Robin waited until Fred was out at the lab as she didn't want to worry her roommate with the implicit rulebreaking that was about to occur. Briefly, she felt guilty for leaving Fred behind but the young woman was still adjusting to life in this century and Robin thought that taking her to what was sure to be a rather sketchy - and probably illegal - venue was not likely to help matters. She paused to leave Fred a brief and uninformative note before she headed for the door on quiet feet. Robin fished the tattered flyer out from her pocket - having snagged it during the last weekend in the Fens
  8. GM Tia Martia's Restaurant West End, Freedom City, New JerseyFriday November 13th, 2015 6:00 PM The benefit of privatized High School experience meant the teachers did not have to abide by standardized testing curriculum that came with being state funded. The downside? When Jesse Perry was your Creative Writing teacher he expected only the best out of his students. Having been assigned together as a writing group for professor Perry's finals next month, four students had found their way to Tia Martia's to begin a brainstorming session of how exactly they were
  9. While it was not common to be summoned to the Jasmine Summers Administration building in the middle of a weekday it was rare that it was for accolades. Thus when the tight lipped RA passed off the notice for Winnifred to attend a meeting with the Headmistress it was to say the least some cause for concern. There was no specific mandate for the girl to attend alone of course either so it hadn't taken much thought for Robin to volunteer to join her for the short walk to the imposing building and found the young ladies awaiting the appointed meeting in the spacious foyer where a kindly receptio
  10. Location: Currently Claremont, later the Fens Date: 9/19/15 It had taken minimal cajoling, surprisingly to Robin, to coax extra bread and peanut butter from the staff that handled Claremont's dining service. It had been worth the somewhat sad-eyed look she'd gotten for the small trash bag of sandwiches she had slung over her shoulder like an odd Santa's sack. Ho ho ho. Robin wasn't quite sneaking out of Claremont. It was the weekend, after all, and they were allowed to leave and return home. Of course, Robin's home was more of a zip code than a street address but nonetheless, she was antsy to
  11. September 1, 2015 10:00 AM The first day of class was a day or two away, but the faculty always managed to give the students enough time to settle in. In a cruel move of mother nature it was unfairly hot. Humid. It was like nature was taunting the soon to be slaving over a desk students of Claremont. Even with availiable pools and air conditioning, the weather would keep a student in a summer mindset. Sakurako wasn't one to complain. She hovered over the Academy testing out a new bouy system. The bouy itself floated in the larger pool, sending back info on the water, any vibrations, etcetra,
  12. Freedom City Historical Museum September 7, 2015 It had been nearly a full week since most of the new students had moved into their dormitory rooms at Claremont Academy but to say the acclimation process had been going smoothly might have been a bit misleading. Fortunately enough the school's headmistress was known for her impressive foresight and instead of their normal classes the sophomore students of the girl's dormitory were ushered onto a bus and carted off for what was as much a team building exercise as a field trip. As roommates Raina and Cathy had already been partnered up in the 'bu
  13. The OOC! A perfectly orderly trip to the Historical Museum where nothing noteworthy will happen, clearly.
  14. Friday, August 28th Chicago Illinois Hannah Cooper was only a little nervous. Ashley would be watching Peter and Sammy for the weekend. Took a bit to convince her to stay and watch them, and a little bit of money. None of that really mattered to Hannah, before long she'd be on her own in a strange place. She was scared, and more than once her mom tried to talk her out of it. Well, that wasn't quite true, mostly her mom just didn't want her hurt. Superheroes lived dangerous lives. Chicago didn't have many of them, and Freedom City had hundreds. Alien invasions centered on it, all sorts of crazy
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