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  1. The computer showed Danica a fairly lengthy list, one that it was only indifferently able to translate - though Ashley was able to fill in most of the blanks. Danica had seen Ashley lie with the smoothness of a pond on a windless day when it suited her but she noticeably blushed even through her tan complexion, muttering only "Oh, well, you see a lot in the Service." Judy didn't seem to buy that from the confused expression she shot her sister, but didn't comment as Ashley helped the teens run through the list. There was ART, MUSIC, GALACTIC STUDIES, and SCIENCE, all of it pitched
  2. As Eira's ghost merged with the sick little girl, healing her body, creating a miracle that would be a major subject of study for the mystics of northern Europe for some time to come, the machine that bore Eira's memories walked out of the room with her boyfriend in hand, her face expressionless in the way that meant she had actually deactivated the relevant connections between her brain and her surface features before she had left the inner room. Outside, Eira looked at Pan and then raised the hand that hadn't been holding his - her grip had been so strong that her fingernails ha
  3. Aquaria was looking at the base of the neck and said with authority. "Teeth. Cutting and biting teeth, like a mammal." Prompted by Justice, she gently set the severed head down and walked over to the edge of the cliff. "I can see the inner temple," she croaked, peering down far below. "Follow me!" And then, she ducked down on her hind legs (there was no other word for them, not when they bent almost double under her body) - and leaped down past the falling water into the Bottomless Sea's tumbling torrent. It wasn't real water, not the water of her own mother sea, but she opened her vents anywa
  4. Eira muttered something about Leon could eat roasted pig anus if he cared to she would stick with the onion rings and french fries, but then they were in line and she was looking around with a suspicious look on her face. It was retro night at the carnival perhaps, with a mixture of 50s and 80s fashion everywhere, but honestly didn't look too different from the usual. Eira stuck close to Pan as they went, her gaze fixed, frowning on the crowd, and a gaggle of girls her age in camisole tops and jeans posing with a furry Hero mascot so their friend could take their picture with a disposable came
  5. Okay, everyone (including Angelic with her 25) roll high enough to spot: It seems like things are subtly different than before you left; are the booths quite where you remember them being? Fashion looks a little... neon colors, gladiator sandals,[28] animal print or polka dot headbands, knitted sweater dresses, Nike Tempo shorts, wonderbra and sloggi underwear, sundresses, geometric pattern tops, slap bracelets, ballet flats, black spandex leggings, pale denim jeggings, light, translucent tartan shirts worn with a camisole underneath, kinky boots, riding boots, ripped
  6. "No, no, not with your original face," said Eira quickly, laughing nervously before seeming to realize that the remark could be taken in more than one way. "I mean, er...I would like to hire you, if you are interested in such services. I could use the services of a shapeshifter for a professional project." She spread her hands. "I will compensate you for your labor, so you are not working for exposure, yes?" She smiled thinly, then said, turning to the oven, "Another ten minutes," to her classmates.
  7. "She says cars just get you attention from the wrong sort of cape," commented Wadjet as she cracked open her gun just long enough to load it with something from her belt. It was abundantly clear who _she_ was - "I say she just doesn't want to have to teach me how to drive. Hey Thorne, you got any magic in this engine?" she asked, trying to take aim out the window as they approached the pursuing vehicles. Up in the sky, the golden arc that was Lady Horus swooped upward impossibly fast with a boom that made Wadjet cluck her tongue. "Mierda, they really pissed the old lady off-" she
  8. Edits for Sparkler 35PP to spend 12PP Into Sun Array Add PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2 to all powers Add Extra: Autofire to Blast Change Move Object to Move Object 10 (hands of flame, Extra: Damaging) It should now look like The Sun Array 15 (30PP, Fire; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Alternate Powers 1) [33PP] Base Power: Blast 10 (Fire, and lots of it, Extra: Autofire) {30/30} Alternate Power: Move Object 10 (hands of flame, Extra: Damaging) {30/30} 9 PP into Flight Change base Flight to Flight 4 Change Flight w/Bro
  9. Why give him the action flaw on his powers? He's an NPC, just give him the PP.
  10. Is-is someone born in 1988 really middle-aged?
  11. Judy glanced at Danica, briefly confused - then her glowing eyes widened as she seemed to catch the turtle-girl's play. "Yeah," she offered, before she concentrated and went back to her usual self, shooting Ashley a shrug and gesturing to the aliens around them before she said to the teacher, "we'll stay out of the way, Ah promise," she said winningly. Between her and Danica there wasn't much anyone could to stop them, and so as the motley crew of alien kids around them mostly settled in for a nap (outside the ones obviously peeking at the very interesting novelty that was the teen heroes), Da
  12. With great concentration, mystics and magic pooled their powers against the accumulated wards of the Cult of Vhoka - mighty barriers indeed, as befit a cult whose power crossed a whole world. It took multiple attempts and precious time across a night that they all knew was slipping away, but with one last great effort the outer wards dispelled. Sea Devil lent her power to the effect too; eldritch magic of a watery sort curling along the edges of Surface magic, helping their spells slide their way in past the eldritch wards like a key fitting into a lock. With the wards down, the o
  13. Everybody give me a Notice check
  14. "It is a secret mortal men were not meant to know," said Eira with a portentous smirk from Abby's other side, having finished her side of the project and passed it off for the actual cooking phase - not something she actually had much experience with, though it was easy enough to access the relevant Youtube videos. "Fortunately some of us are neither." Leaving Abby with Ryder, she took Davyd's finished potatoes and onions over to the oven before asking, "Do you ever model? I know the mainstream organizations exclude metahumans but you could probably make money as an independent, yes?" She smil
  15. Eira flew with Pan - she'd shown him how slow and wobbly her magnetic flight was away from a large city and was content to take his hand and thoroughly fail to suppress a smirk. "Maybe we should stop by the window of that girl you like, hmm?" She laughed, squeezing Pan's hand, and said, "It has been an exciting night already - but as we are already in trouble most likely, why not see what else we can do?"
  16. Everything seems fine on the phone as far as Danica can tell! =D
  17. "E-everything is good," said Eira, shooting Miss Americana a look of profound gratitude as her wings reached their full extension. They had been, Miss A knew, a sign of what must have been an all-too-human vanity - it would not have been difficult to build her magnetic flight into the actual body of her robotic form, but Eira had insisted on the wings. As the wings slowly retracted, Eira smiled at Shift and said, "You will not regret it. Miss Americana and I are collaborating on my own new body."
  18. Let's have a Sense Motive check, @Electra.
  19. Danica's mom was an old hand at this, and promised to call the school with no more than a faint tremor in her voice, though the line was awfully staticky. "Are you sure you don't need to worry about where you are?" "My daddy's gonna be in the sindcut," said the boy who'd spoken to Pan helpfully. "We'll eat fruit every day." "Wait, you can just call people from space!?" demanded Judy, who looked to be going from one shock to another. "Yeah, uh, Earth is hooked into the Lor communciations network," said Ashley, putting a hand on the back of her neck for a m
  20. Sea Devil hesitated, frowned, then struck the gate with her trident with more authority. "CAN YOU HEAR ME!?" she bellowed at the gate, sounding annoyed as her allies joined her. "I can hear their spells talking in the walls but they act as though they do not hear me." She opened her armor and sniffed the air, a sound like a snorting seal, then made an alarmed noise that seemed to come from something other than the powerful stink that lay around the place. "I smell blood," she commented, pointing with her trident at the door. "And guts. In there."
  21. Sea Devil: 26 There are formidable passive defenses around the Temple - mighty wards that may need some time breaching. The DC to breach them will be 30 (if you use countering) and Aid Other actions will apply if you want to do it together. There are active defenses too - places where a caster could hurl down curses and worse from arcane battlements above your heads. But nobody is there at all.
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