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The title says it all.  Leviathan, or rather his civilian identity, has run into some dangerously bad luck and can't escape it on his own without outing himself--perhaps not even then.  Worse, he isn't alone: by the time his disappearance makes the morning news, police have learned that a handful of his fellow scientists at the Freedom Cross Institute are missing as well.  The kidnapper is desperate, not entirely sane, and wants results that even a genius biologist will struggle to deliver, especially under such a tight schedule.


To top it all off, Freedom City's heroes and law enforcement aren't the only parties looking for Tristan and his abductor--just the only ones planning to leave witnesses. 


This is the sequel to my other game, probably the second of three adventures, if all goes according to plan.  Heritage has already claimed a slot to carry over Miracle Girl from the previous thread; I'm looking for 2-3 other characters around PL10, give or take.  At least one detective-type would probably be helpful, obviously, but I'm willing to adjust the clues around whoever gets involved.  Social PCs could make good use of Gather Info, and in a pinch, Miracle Girl's different vision modes should turn up a lot.


Lastly, please keep in mind that this'll be my first non-solo game, so patience is appreciated, as is advice.

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Oh wow, thanks for the interest!  I was worried I'd have to scrounge around for people.  I'm sorry I can't take everybody; about four PCs, including Miracle Girl, is gonna be my limit.


21 hours ago, olopi said:

Bonfire will gladly break Leviathan out of somewhere sometime, but I feel like he'll have chances to do that in the future, so no reason to do it already, so pick the others! :P


You know, I actually had Bonfire in mind during my early drafts of this series; I thought it'd be fun to pit him against the elemental villains.  But you're right, he and Leviathan already spend a lot of time together, and this kind of opportunity will come along again.  I got plans, man.


Also, in case it wasn't clear from the tone of the first game, this one will probably start off kinda grim (as befits a story involving the Labyrinth).  There's a happy ending at the end of this rainbow, but you'll have to work for it, and I expect at least one NPC to bite it before we get there.  One of my goals with this series is to bring Tristan up sharp for his ongoing hubris and teach him firsthand that violence isn't as fun when you aren't sitting comfortably in a quarter-ton of Mad Science.  The villains are either inconveniently human and victims in their own rights, or remorseless monsters who brought about the first group, and by the conclusion you'll all have to balance justice and mercy and help decide what they each deserve for the harm they've caused. 


If everybody's still ok with that, then I'm liking the idea of using Miracle Girl's connections to build the group.  AEGIS would contact her in light of her previous involvement with Tristan, and she could enlist Miss Grue and Terrifica.  If we bring in Sea Devil (partly because I think she's flippin' hilarious, but she's worked with MG before too), then we've got an awesome gender-swapped A-Team to save the day!  :D  This looks like a powerful array of talents, so you shouldn't have trouble getting through the game; I may even need to beef up the final confrontation a bit even though you're all technically still PL10. 


Let me know what you think.  If this sounds good to everyone, then I'll finalize some of my plans and try to get us started by the middle of the week.

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3 hours ago, Blarghy said:

One of my goals with this series is to bring Tristan up sharp for his ongoing hubris and teach him firsthand that violence isn't as fun when you aren't sitting comfortably in a quarter-ton of Mad Science.

Terrifica would have something to say about that, yeah. There's a reason she uses cloth armor and a fancy staff instead of a quarter ton of metal and electronics.

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