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The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]


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OOC for this.  You can bring in your characters in one by one, or meet privately nearby and come in as a group, or whatever suits you best.  It's now early the following morning after Tristan's disappearance; he went missing around, let's say, 10PM that night, and the police haven't turned up anything yet. 

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Some quick questions:


AA, I actually wasn't counting on Singularity; I'm ok with including her, but can you give me a quick description and rundown of where her powers come from?  I'm not seeing much on Sea Devil's sheet, aside from her game mechanics.  Sea Devil's reputation chart says that she's an alternate universe version of Wander, but I'd like a little more to go on so I can better incorporate her into the story (maybe you can tell me how she's different from Wander, and I can get the rest from Wander's actual sheet).


Tiff, how do you usually handle Miss Grue's mental-based super-senses?  Her ability to detect minds and emotions.  I assume it isn't an auto-success version of Sense Motive (as in, always picking up on dishonesty and such), right?  That'd be quite powerful.  If it fits, then I'm thinking of letting her detect lingering emotions in certain places, kind of like a mental version of Scent.  Would that fit with your concept?

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Oh, I'm sorry, Blargy - Singularity is a version of Wander from Anti-Earth, but she's not from Anti-Earth proper. She was a dimensional refugee who faced abuse and psychic torture rather than aid and counseling, and was used as a living weapon by the Tyranny League. She was saved by Young Freedom and got treatment, spending some time in Blackstone thanks to crimes she committed here and because she was too dangerous for the asylum. She's better now, but has significantly more PTSD and introversion than your average hero. She strongly resembles Wander but doesn't look like an exact copy. 

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Both are Awarenesses, so it needs a Notice roll to spot anything out of the normal. So I guess strong emotions would linger in an area, and she could spot them, a little how old smells can still be detected. Which is more or less what you said, so all good :D .

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Cool all around.


Also, I'm ok with you guys splitting up, but I do request that you at least stay in pairs.  That'll give you more options for what kinds of clues I can leave, lowers the chance that someone might stall out because of one or two bad rolls, and helps you still keep a dialogue going without me.  Plus, y'know, lets me avoid keeping track of 5 different scenes at once. 


Also also, I plan on being generous with Hero Points in this game, so in addition to doing cool or dramatic things to help the story (which is a good idea anyway!), be sure to let me know if you see an opportunity to trigger one of your Complications.  I'll try to keep watch for such chances myself, but feel free to make suggestions. 

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I've held off on starting the Blackstone scene for this post, because I want to see what the plan is.  Particularly, if Sea Devil and Singularity show up alone, then their reception will be rather chilly, as you can probably expect.  Does anyone else intend to go with them?  Does anyone want more time with the current scene? 


I've mentioned a few other leads in-game that you may want to follow up on.  You aren't limited to them; if anyone wants to suggest alternatives, then I'll try to work with you.  So how do you all want to proceed? 

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Casey will definitely want to go to Blackstone as well, to act as 'good cop' if nothing else; she hopes to speak with the woman, whom she felt she had at least a bit of a connection with at the time.


Forgot to post here, will do so today.

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Terrifica was going to go to the Freedom Cross Institute, and then to the...impound? Wherever that car is. That hasn't changed. She did ask Miracle Girl to go with her. I've got a bunch of other threads going, and the way Content I Posted In works shoves down the ones that don't get posts as quickly. For the ones I'm GMing, that's not a big deal. Content I Started makes them easy to find. The rest...can get lost. And I forget things easily. Maybe I should make a list?

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Casey doesn't have to go to Blackstone. If need be, we can split the party temporarily for the purposes of investigation; between our characters, I think we have enough communication and movement abilities to reunite quickly in a pinch if one group runs into trouble. I'd be okay with Sea Devil, Singularity and Miss Grue going to Blackstone while Miracle Girl and Terrifica go to the lab, or any other combination of characters.

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Sorry for the delay, everyone.  I haven't felt so great this past week or so. 


I've left Miracle Girl unspecified at the moment; Heritage, please decide where she's going.  For the Blackstone crew, I'm thinking of a few ways you might get some early Hero Points here.  The obvious is for the Blackguards to be mean for being former convicts (and a Grue), but it'd have to be more than casual scorn to justify HPs.  Instead, I was considering that maybe you encounter another prisoner who has a grudge against Aquaria and Jessie, and makes your job tougher because of it.  Thoughts and suggestions?


And for you specifically, Tiff, would you like to take a small (I'm thinking just a -2 would be fine) penalty to your rolls while in the prison, for Daphne suffering under the thick clouds of negative emotions that're probably all around her?  I'd give you a HP for this, and you could incorporate it into your posts.  Does that sound interesting, or would you like to recommend something different?


As for Terrifica, I haven't come up with anything specific yet, but most of her Complications revolve around how she treats other people, so that's largely up to EP.  :P  Let me know if you see an opportunity to use any of them. 

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