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Children of the Corn (Maze)


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I typically like to do something Halloween-y with Grimalkin every year, as it's one of her favorite holidays; as a sort of sequel to this thread last year, I thought it might be fun if Grim agreed to help out some local farmers by spicing up their annual corn maze. Yes, they have them in New Jersey; this one would be quite close to Freedom! Unlike last year, i don't really want to do more than have this be a social/fun ideas thread; I didn't have the time to run the combat/mystery elements last year, and i have even less time now.

Please let me know if you're interested!

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Blue Jay could make the most bedeviling corn maze. "Three steps down this path is the deadfall. If they go left, then they get the paper haystacks covering glue traps." "Great, but where did the pitchforks go?" "That's if they get past the deadfall."

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The idea is that you would be in your super identity, using their powers In creative ways, but if someone wanted to do it in their civilian identity they would not be turned away. Also if someone justs wants to visit and enjoy the attraction, that's fine, too!

I'm thinking that this will follow a common pattern and the maze will have two sections, one merely fun and disorienting (and therefore kid friendly), the other horror themed for teens and up. If folks have a preference, that's cool; Grim tends to hang out in the bloody end of the pool :D

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Well as Sakurako's suit's outward appearance can adjust I think her changing up her costume will fit in. That and all her high-tech stuff will earn her some geeky costume points. ^_^

And probably with the family friendly maze, Sakurako isn't a fan of the more horror-themed stuff. But is happy to help! ^_^

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Okay, so let's do a quick head count:

Blue Jay*

Crimson Tiger*


Grimalkin & Shrike*

Miss Grue*



* designates confirmed.

I think this would be more than enough; please let me know if you're definitively in or out!

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Okay, I'm gonna start this up. If people aren't as interested in the creative side of setting up the maze, feel free to come in later; I promise not to make the first section drag out too much. Also please note that this is still kind of an experiment, so I really hope it doesn't suck ;)

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