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Found 5 results

  1. On the night of October 31, 2020, a wave of fell magic sweeps across the world at sunset (wherever you happen to be) - transforming eighty million people (1% of the world's population) worldwide into bloodthirsty werewolves, wounded by silver and fire, not infectious by bite except that they sure have a lot of gunk in their teeth. The great and the good, the big and the small, gone wolfy! "Did I eat flesh?" "Only a little!" Good people act out on their secret desires, bad people on terrible urges, all of it driven by Lemurian magic! While some heroes are busy put
  2. JR's Family Farm and Corn Maze, Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. Shortly before 10:00 pm The Richardson family had given the heroes the use of their barn for this initial planning session; Emily Richardson had been nice enough to provide coffee, donuts and several lanterns, but Grimalkin, 'the Mistress of Mystery', had conjured up the long table and a dozen chairs that currently occupied the center of the barn. She'd also playfully decorated the place with colorful streamers, cobwebs and a few skeletons. The barn was redolent with the smells of farm animals
  3. Silberman's Books. Saturday, October 31st, 2015, from the Crack of Dawn to the Witching Hour. Originally Lynn was going to give Halloween a pass this year; not that she wasn't going to observe her favorite non-Jewish holiday (yes, she liked it even better than Thanksgiving), but she wasn't going to do anything special beyond having candy for trick or treaters and maybe conjuring up a few decorations. School was taking up more of her time, and since Gretchen had become her personal crime-fighting assistant she was actively hitting the streets again. In addition, last year's Pier 13/
  4. Okay, just in case we need it, I'm putting this here. Let's assume a time jump from the morning when Saku arrived (we will assume she helped out in the background) to the evening when everyone else gets there; I think that will make things smoother.
  5. I typically like to do something Halloween-y with Grimalkin every year, as it's one of her favorite holidays; as a sort of sequel to this thread last year, I thought it might be fun if Grim agreed to help out some local farmers by spicing up their annual corn maze. Yes, they have them in New Jersey; this one would be quite close to Freedom! Unlike last year, i don't really want to do more than have this be a social/fun ideas thread; I didn't have the time to run the combat/mystery elements last year, and i have even less time now. Please let me know if you're interested!
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