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A new Claremont Team?

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(with a much better name obviously)


Those poor boys and girls at Claremont have been lacking a team for quite some time now and with a influx of newish character at the school it seems to be as good a time as any. So is anyone interested in doing a team-up thread with the possibility of everyone involved joining a new team?

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The idea in my head, not always a good place for it to be :), is that the newly formed team has older students as monitors at least to start with. Probably we'll start with two teams, I want the team formed if new, sent out to recruit potential new memebers. Of cause something will go wrong...


Thought it's still a couple of day if anyone else is interested, and we need a name for the team, my personal favorite at the moment is Young Freedom.

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I have 2 Claremonters!


Thoughtspeed has at least a year left, while Nevermore has at least 2.


I'd like Nevermore to end up on a team with Solvrytter, but I'd rather my 2 PCs not be on the same team. On the flip side we've got enough Claremont PCs we can maybe manage 2 teams.

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We could alway's do it how Young Justice did thing with an A-team and a B-team, you could even have character move between teams to keep things fresh.


I'm planing on two connected threads at the moment, I could possibly manage more if people want or if people want we can bring another GM in.

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Okay I had a flash of inspiration so decided to get things going straight away. I've decided to stick with Next-Gen for now and split you into two teams


Team A is currently Glamazon, Cho, Stronghold and Thoughtspeed oh and I snuck in Miss Grue as well :), and there thread is >here and >here.


Team B is currently Nevermore, Polaroty, Solvytter, Errant and eventually Somnium and there thread is >here and >here


And if there are people still interested in joining the team I'm still open to extra students, with enough I might start a third thread.

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