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  1. Despite her best attempts to feign interest, Alex couldn't help but stifle a yawn as she followed behind the tour guide. She'd barely had time for a quick nap and change of clothes in-between her little adventure down in the sewers and running off to Moffat Morphology. That said, the thought of taking a little more time to recuperate hadn't even crossed her mind. This tour was a chance to get a first-hand look at Moffat's facilities without having to break in, and if there was even the faintest chance that they had a connection to her father's criminal enterprises - no matter how tenuous - the
  2. Somnium (6 posts) >Once Upon A Dream (6)
  3. Even though the illusions themselves were genuinely disturbing, Somnium couldn't stop herself from being vaguely amused by the Pscyho-Collective's attitude. "That's adorable," she said, though she took another few steps back as she did. The swarm hadn't noticed her illusion, which helped to abate her nervousness somewhat. From what she could tell, the hivemind was both blind and lacking any form of extrasensory psionic awareness. That, coupled with the fact that it was simply conjuring more illusions rather than launching an attack, suggested that it wasn't nearly as much of a threat as she'd
  4. I would be interested in getting Somnium in on this, though the fact that she's not actually a student at Claremont yet might prove to be something of an obstacle.
  5. Somnium's expecting a fight, but that doesn't mean she wants one. She's not going to resort to outright attacking the Psycho-Collective if she doesn't have to.
  6. Somnium breathed an almost imperceptible sigh of relief as she stepped forward to try and get a better look at her newfound companions, grateful that she wouldn't have to face whatever was lurking down here alone. So these three are heroes, then. And they seem to think that I'm one too. She could hardly call herself a hero. Not in good conscience, anyway. But before she could think of a way to explain her situation without inviting suspicion from the others, the sudden surge of psionic activity from behind Caradoc drew her attention away from the niceties of diplomacy and towards the constantl
  7. I rolled a 27 on Somnium's Gather Info check.
  8. Whoops, completely forgot to check this thread before posting in the IC. Sorry about being such a dumbass. Anyway, I got a 10, which comes to 14 when Somnium's +4 Fortitude is added.
  9. It didn't take long for Somnium to arrive at the rusted gate blocking her way. Pulling it away took considerably longer. She was hardly out of shape, but she couldn't see much point in maintaining an exercise regimen when she could take down most opponents with her mind alone. Not that her powers had done her much good so far. Coming down here had probably been a bad idea in the first place, if she was honest with herself. She'd gone in without any idea what to expect, filled with heroic delusions about her own abilities, and quickly found herself feeling way out of her depth. At least her gas
  10. Somnium slowly opened her eyes again as the illusion of her father disappeared, unable to stop herself from trembling like a cornered rodent and clutching the walkway railings with a vice-like grip. Whilst the image itself had disappeared, the ugly memories that it'd brought back were still fresh in the front of her mind. What little confidence she'd had in her abilities was now all but shattered. She stood there and tried to compose herself for about half a minute, breathing heavily through her gas mask's filters and resting her head in her hands. Wasn't wrestling with past demons suppose
  11. Even with several seconds of forewarning, the sudden appearance of her father sent Somnium reeling both mentally and physically. She staggered backwards, throwing up a forcefield around herself almost as a reflex action. Being an illusionist herself, a part of her recognised the illusion for what it was, but the image still shook her as memories of what she'd done to her father's victim little more than a year ago came flooding back. It wouldn't be long before those moans turned into screams... "This isn't real... this can't be real, something's messing with my head..." The walls. The
  12. The sewers weren't the kind of place where Somnium had planned to make her debut as a superhero. Yet here she was, edging her way along the walkways running through the open pipes and keeping her eyes peeled for anything out the ordinary. Anything that wasn't bugs or excrement, in other words. What she'd do when she found it, she had no idea - she wasn't even entirely sure what she was expecting. Hopefully her powers were strong enough to take care of whatever she happened to encounter... provided that they'd be any use in a situation like this. "This... was not quite what I had in mind when
  13. Player Name: MindMessiah Character Name: Somnium Power Level: 10 (150/151PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 1 Progress To Bronze Status: 1/30 In Brief: A crime lord's daughter attempting to reinvent herself as a hero rather than a villain. Alternate Identity: Alexandria Watson (Secret) Birthplace: Oxford, UK Occupation: None Affiliations: Formerly associated with her father's criminal empire, the House Family: Alfred Watson, aka the Bookkeeper (father), Rachel Watson (mother; deceased), George Watson (half-brother) Description: Age: 17 (DoB: May 19th, 1996) Gender: Female Eth
  14. Seeing as I'm new and have no idea whether or not my character idea is conceptually or mechanically sound, I figured I ought to post a first draft of a character sheet and see if it holds up to scrutiny. At least I can guarantee that I haven't minmaxed. I wouldn't know how to even if I tried. Player Name: MindMessiah Character Name: Somnium Power Level: 10 (148/150PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 2 Progress To Bronze Status: 2/30 In Brief: A crime lord's daughter attempting to reinvent herself as a hero rather than a villain. Alternate Identity: Alexandria Watson (Secret) Bi
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