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A Gathering of Mages

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This is a social thread, with any magical based hero allowed to attend, but I’m trying something a little different. Roughly every seven days (or so) something will happen in the story and your character will have to deal with the change in time for the next change. That will be four changes with the thread closing on the 1st of November.


Being a mostly social thread roll won’t be necessary and GM involvement will be minimal, instead, it's a chance for people to cut loose and show how powerful the character can really be!

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You've been split off into groups of 2CfAFheR.png-4 into a corridor or room that is trying to stop you getting back to the main hall, looping back to where you started out.


How you solve the problem is up to you, no rolls are necessary it's all about flexing your magic and showing off all the cool things that you can do!

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So, assigning points in one of Veronica's variable pools (Gem #1)

2 PP for 8 ranks of Kn: Arcana: up to 15 ranks (+20 with Int bonus)

2 PP for 8 ranks of Acrobatics up to 15 ranks (+20 with Dex bonus)

2 PP for 7 ranks of Notice: up to 15 ranks (+20 with Wis bonus)

the extra skill point from above will go to Sense Motive, up to 7 ranks (+12 with Wis bonus)

1 PP for Attack Focus: Ranged


Gem 2 was probably set on Charisma during the socializing.


@Tiffany Korta When the Carrion Queen appeared, did Veronica pick up anything with her  Super Sense (want me to make a Kn; Arcana check?)


Super Senses 17 ("Magic Third Eye"; Magic Awareness/Detect [visual] [3]; Analyze [1]; Counters Concealment [2]; Counters Illusion [2]; Counters Obscure [5]; Penetrates Concealment [Power Loss; lead (-1)] [3]; Extended [100’ increments] [1]) [17 pp]

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So, unless anyone has any other suggestions, Veronica will power stunt the following off her Magic Array:


Immunity 10 (Necromatic) (Extras: Effects Others; Area (50' radius base); Feats: Selective; Progression 2: Area (up to 250' radius) for 33 PP.


She will use this to protect all that want some protection.

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Also, after protecting everyone as above, Veronica will do the following with her variable pools:


For Gem 1, she will do the following:

2PP for 2 ranks of Attack Specialization with her Climbing Axe device (for +4 to hit with them)

1PP for 1 rank of AF: Melee (making her total attack with her Climbing Axes equal +11)

2PP for +8 ranks of Acrobatics (up to 15 ranks, giving her a total of +20)

2PP for +7 ranks of Notice (up to 15 ranks, again putting her at +20)


For Gem 2, she will gain +10 Str.

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Power stunt the power I'm adding to his sheet in next update.


Not activating it yet but when she's weak and distracted it'll be prepped.  


Super Movement 3 (Banish; Dimensional Movement 3; Extras: Attack +0, Attack 13 (to DC 16){26}, Continuous, Alt Save Will +0; Flaws:  Limited(non-prime natives to home dimension only), Distracting; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 1 ) [30PP] (magic, dimensional)

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Purely for the bookkeeping, Masque's stunting an area concealment (mirror images):


Concealment 10 (all senses; Extras: Affects Others, Area (General Burst); Flaws: Mirror Images (cannot go unnoticed); Feats: Selective) [31/44pp]


Not sure how big that combat space is, but if needed she'll use the remaining points to extend the area.

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