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There Will Be Bees (OOC)

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Quick refresher on Sanctuary's history: 


The unknown, seemingly Grue-connected apocalypse that destroyed the local civilization seems to have happened in the early 20th century. 


Also, @Fox, since it's where Tarrant works, he knows that Freedom Normal School and Technical Institute is what Freedom City University was called until the late 1920s. 


Anybody who makes a DC 20 History check or a DC 20 Pop Culture check recognizes Wainwright's accent as being vaguely Mid-Atlantic, the sort you'd hear in old-time recordings and very old movies; it's like listening to somebody from a wax cylinder talk with perfect fidelity. 

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Horrorshow has one of those skills!


Knowledge (Popular Culture) check -- 1d20+10: 29 [1d20=19]


Also: I'd honestly forgotten that Sanctuary's apocalypse was (seemingly) Grue-connected.  Awkward!

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Horrorshow's using his Oozey form -- which I don't think I've ever used in a thread until now! -- along with his Shapeshifting to gain infravision, scent, and ultra-hearing.  Hopefully those will help him spot something useful!


... but not with an 1d20+1: 8 [1d20=7] on a Search check....

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