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17 Stealth... Meh, but knowing Luke could be worse hehe :)

19 Search, could be better, however Luke has this: 

Super-Senses 5 (Valuable Object Awareness; Descriptor Frequency: Very Common; Sense Type: Olfactory, Default: Radius, Ranged; Extras: Acute, Tracking) [5PP]

Maybe it can help with finding the gem? 


I really need to find PP for 1 more skill mastery feat with stealth in it when I start spending Nightscale's XP 

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25 Stealth with Skill Mastery

Skill Mastery Well-Informed Computers to find out about the museum and where the gem's at ahead of time: 27

Search: 14


Everyone but @Lone_Star manages to find the gem on their own, but at least El can tag along with the others.


The gem is in the Ancient Greece exhibit, having been found in a dig near Athens.


Let's see some ICs.

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No more free passes for Notice, Muirne is gonna roll away. Her Shattenwelt Drawing Array is on this:


Base Power: [8 + 7 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 23PP] Additional Descriptor(s): (Partial Transformation)

Elongation 4  (Extras: Projection) [8PP]

Super-senses 7 (Life Awareness; Descriptor Frequency: Very Common; Sense Type: Mental, Default: None; Extras: Accurate, Ranged; Feats: Uncanny Dodge [Life Awareness]) [7PP]

Super-movement 1 (Swinging; Extras: Linked [Speed (+0)]) [2PP]

Speed 2 (Extras: Linked [Super-movement (+0)]) [2PP]

Super-movement 2 (Permeate, Wall-Crawling) [4PP]


and Shadow Channelling is on this:


Alternate Power: [7PP] Additional Descriptor(s): (Draining, Consumption)

Thirsting Strike 7 Adds (Extras: Vampiric 7) to Shadowed Weapons [7PP]


So she has Life Awareness, just something to keep in mind.

Notice Check 1d20+14 = 15 is a Nat 1... I am sorely tempted to use a HP, but I don't think I will.

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To keep things a bit more fair Bluebird is not around until either Arrow or Howl returns to the fray.


Nevermore: 21

Stinger: 16

Toxin: 5

Chump: 23

Casanova: 22


Seriously? Rolling 20's for Casanova and Chump's init rolls? Really, Orokos?


I'll do a quick GM IC, then @Kaede Kimura is up


27 - Shadowborne - 3HP - Unharmed

23 - Outrider - 3HP - Unharmed

23 - Chump - Unharmed

22 - Casanova - Unharmed

21 - Nevermore II - 5HP - Unharmed

16 - Stinger - Unharmed

15 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed

5 - Toxin - Unharmed


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That's a miss!


Chump moves in and tries to hit Outrider: 21

That's a hit. 

@Lone_Star: Give me a DC24 TOU save.


Casanova is just gonna gloat and talk a bit, since, as far as he knows atm, only Outrider is there.


Nevermore throws a Noisemaker out in the hall behind them and activates it to make some noise to attract their attention.


Stinger runs to see the source of the noise.


27 - Shadowborne - 3HP - Unharmed

23 - Outrider - 3HP - Unharmed

23 - Chump - Unharmed

22 - Casanova - Unharmed

21 - Nevermore II - 5HP - Unharmed

16 - Stinger - Unharmed

15 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed

5 - Toxin - Unharmed

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