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Found 8 results

  1. GM Claremont Academy March 9th, 2020 Afternoon, after class Aside from Casanova and Stinger's grudges, things seemed to have calmed down considerably since the fight between New Young Freedom and the group of young heroes in October. New Young Freedom had resumed their patrols in December and, so far, they seemed to stay on the straight and narrow path. Well, things between the two groups had been mostly calm. A week or so before, Muirne, Luke's girlfriend, had been teamed with Sebastian for a project. Soon after, she had started talking about how maybe Sebastian wasn't that bad, that Luke and the others should try to give him another chance...
  2. OOC for this. We'll start off with just @Kaede Kimura and @Nerdzul, I'll call in @RedSpine, @Cubismo and @Lone_Star as everyone else gets involved!
  3. GM Claremont Academy October 15th, 2020 5:00 PM Sebastian Shields had not been happy about the events of the day that he had returned to Claremont after the summer. No, the way everyone had acted, like he was not better than him? It was simply not acceptable. He had been busy, since then. If the newly enrolled students wouldn't give him the respect that he deserved, then he would teach them why they should respect him. He would be better than all of them. All he needed was a team. Eddie Fell was the logical choice. Of course Sebastian needed Chump. Any good team needed some muscles, and Eddie was loyal. He wouldn't even need a nudge to help. Charlene Hart had been by Sebastian's side for a while. The two had often been seen together, at least ever since he had convinced her to go to prom with him. He had helped her, he had calmed her down. She was loyal, would never disobey him. Toxin got to be the second member of the team, her mere touch would be enough to stop anyone from messing with him. Sebastian quickly decided that he didn't need more boys for his team. No, Chump was quite enough. Melanie Cutter was a good choice. No powers, but she had extensive training and she was a killer with that bladed whip. He even liked her codename, Stinger, even if the redhead would probably challenge him a bit more than he would like, but that was fine. Sebastian would enjoy convincing her otherwise. Finally, the team needed some legitimacy, so of course he made friends with Cassie Dugan. Having the vice-principal's daughter on the team would open doors, and she filled in the much needed spot of a flier. She didn't really want to do it, but she did like the attention it would get her. Bluebird probably wouldn't cause too much trouble for Sebastian. So, his team had been set, and on October 1st, Sebastian made a big show out of presenting his group to everyone. Of course, no one else needed to do anything anymore. After all, they were the new big team at Claremont: The New Young Freedom. They had been busy in the few weeks after that, breaking curfew, fighting bad guys and punks. Not really any super villains or anything like that, and of course they did it in secret. Not like anyone would tell on them, that would just get others in trouble too. But... there were rumors. Maybe they had beaten up some kids for just causing a bit of trouble. Maybe the kids had not really done anything really bad, at least not something that deserved that? Maybe it was just a rumor. After all, they were heroes, right? Maybe not everyone trusted Casanova.
  4. Rise of the House of Usher The House of Usher returned to Freedom City in 2020, first coming into conflict with the Raven Family and their allies during August of that year. With the House of Usher having quickly established a powerbase, can the Raven Family and their allies stop them once more? Narrative The storyline is still ongoing. The narrative will be updated as it progresses. Characters Players characters Arrow IV Ghost Sparkler Raven Family, the Madame Raven Nevermore II Raven III Rebound Notable NPCs Bowman IV Devil's Advocates, the Cueball Born Loser, the Buddy Cueball House of Usher, the Anthony Usher Bernard Usher David Usher Francis Usher Vivian Usher Timeline August 18th, 2020: The House of Usher reveals itself during a planned playdate for Bowman IV and Raven III's sidekicks Arrow IV and Nevermore II, brutally beating Bowman IV in the process. While Francis Usher is captured and left for the Freedom City police, he soon escapes. In between: The House of Usher's influence spreads throughout Freedom City, with several minor skirmishes between them, the Raven Family and other heroes. Late February, 2021: After Ghost and Sparkler defeats the Devil's Advocates, the House of Usher frees and recruits the biker gang as their enforcers. February 25th, 2021: A normal patrol for Madame Raven turns into something else entirely... March 6th, 2021: Raven III and Nevermore journeys to Kingston, into the shadow of the Doomforge...
  5. RocketLord


    GM An abandoned warehouse in Kingston 11:30PM, August 18th, 2020 The Raven and Bowman families had been in Freedom City for generations. Beyond working together in the Freedom League or chance meetings, there had been little coordinated effort between what might perhaps be the city's two most well known sources of unpowered heroes. Both families had recently expanded. New, young heroes in training. Both the newest Arrow and Nevermore would attend Claremont Academy soon. At headmistress' Summers suggestion, the fourth Bowman and the third Raven had arranged a playdate for the fourth Arrow and the second Nevermore. It was a simple job. One where the experienced heroes would be able to keep their sidekicks safe with little issue. It would serve as a simple training exercise. Nothing serious, a weapons deal going down in an abandoned warehouse in Kingston, far away from the Doomforge. It would all be very simple and easy. Maybe a few stray bullets at worst. No civilians to keep safe, just the other heroes. What could go wrong? The group of heroes were positioned on the roof of a nearby building with a clear vantage point of the supposedly abandoned warehouse. It was all concrete and glass, several ways inside. It was supposed to be empty, but of course it wasn't. The four heroes could see lights moving around inside. The Bowman kneeled by the edge of the roof, holding a pair of binoculars to his eyes. "I count at least 12 people in there. There's probably more, staying away from the windows." He lowered the binoculars, then looked back over his shoulders at the rest of the heroes. "How do you want to do this?"
  6. Olivia Lord Gather Information DC 5: Her full name is Olivia Elizabeth Lord. Her friends call her Liv. DC 10: She’s a Freedom City native currently going to Claremont Academy. People say she comes from old money. DC 15: She used to go to an exclusive prep school in North Bay but was a rather notorious bully while there. Her family, the Lords, are real estate developers that have been a part of Freedom City high society for centuries. They own a manor in North Bay. DC 20: She has won a ton of junior tournaments in archery, cheerleading, gymnastics, and a couple other competitive sports. She ain’t no slouch academically either and has a talent for photography. Rumor has it that her dad got caught up in some weird scandal. DC 25: Do not let the preppy look fool you, she has some serious self-defence training. People say that her father, Robert Lord, got in deep with some crazy hellfire club stuff and had to some do major rehab afterwards. Knowledge [History] DC 10: The Lords are an old money family that has been in Freedom City for centuries, having possibly been around during the city’s founding as a colony. Their influence in the Freedomite high society still looms larger even after all this time. They still compete with their historically old money families rivals, the Summers and the Beaumonts. Knowledge [Pop Culture] DC 10: Rumor has it that the Lord family patriarch, Robert Lord, got involved in a scandal involving some kind of notorious hellfire club or secret society for the rich. He’s either holed up in his mansion in North Bay or gone to an expensive rehab clinic out of state. Knowledge [Business] DC 10: Olivia’s family primarily derives its wealth from its ownership of Lord Industries. The company mostly deals in real estate and land development in Freedom City and the wider United States, but it has smaller business interests and subsidiaries in shipping, textiles, news media, and small arms manufacturing. Arrow IV Gather Information DC 10: Arrow has historically been the codename for the Bowman’s sidekick. DC 15: There hasn’t been an Arrow since the 1980’s, but this new one is likely connected to a Bowman like all the previous ones. She also happens to be the first female Arrow. DC 20: This Arrow uses an assortment of trick arrows and gadgets. We’re talking electro-shock arrows, adhesive arrows, flashbang arrows, and who knows what else. She probably even has a USB arrow! Alright, maybe not that last one. DC 25: Arrow has had run-ins with the notorious House of Usher and seems determined to bring them down. She regularly patrols Lantern Hill and has been known to pick fights with local gangs known to be loyal to the Ushers. Notably, she has also been spotted leaving and entering the North Bay area of North Freedom on her motorcycle, the Bolt. Knowledge [Streetwise] DC 10: There’s a new Arrow in Freedom City and she’s mostly been seen patrolling around West Freedom. She’s gained a rep among the criminals there for being a smart-ass with a habit of using ten-dollar words. DC 15: Apparently the new Arrow has a major beef with some of the local drug-pushing gangs in Lantern Hill and has even had a few run-ins with those freaks in the House of Usher. Chances are her clashes with the former are connected to a larger antipathy for the latter. Knowledge [Tactics] DC 10: Her close combat fighting style is a mix of capoeira and taekwondo. Expect a lot of dodging, kicks, and trips.
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