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Recruiting heros now!

Tiffany Korta

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I have a few ideas for threads I’d like to do so I thought I’d see if anyone ould like to join me in fun, it probably a little slow, adventures.


Right now I have two idea I’d like to recruit people for:


The Halloweeners

When a local ruffian turned up dead The Immutable Betsy Brooks didn’t expect to get her money back. What she really didn’t expect was for him to get up and start moving around.


Following him to another city (possibly) she’s trying to stop what she suspects is something very dubious is going on.


Supernatural related adventure for two character of roughly her PL (8-12).


Original Gangster (Remix)

Someone is putting together a new crew in Lincoln to try and usurp some of the supervillains of Freedom City. Having heard the rumours Merge is trying to infiltrate the organization and find out who is being this new group. Unfortunately some well meaning heroes will turn up to ruin her well constructed plans, meaning she need to rope in the heroes to go to Plan B.


Street level adventures in Lincoln for two character of PL 8-10.


If people are intersted let me know here and I’ll look to start early next week(ish).

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