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  1. Anthony slowly crept along the ceiling, the only thing betraying his presence being the quiet whine of the servos in his suit. From up high, he managed to spot yet another vulnerable goon. Anthony made his way closer, until he was directly above his target, and gently tethered a steel cable to the ceiling. He slowly descended, the steel cable being rapidly fabricated and unspooled to lower him to the ground. He flipped through menus on his HUD, his mental commands allowing him to quickly and rapidly navigate the onboard operating system. Suit integrity was nominal, energy was at near max capacity and slowly being regenerated by the small reactor on his back, and the raw resources to manufacture his steel cables had just barely ticked down to ninety-nine percent. He grimaced slightly at the list of currently inactive subsystems, disappointed that he had not yet managed to fully repair the suit. He closed the menus just as he touched down behind the thug. He prepared to deliver a debilitating blow to the back of the goons head, his fist already rapidly approaching the nape of the mans neck, when a warning appeared on his HUD. In bright red letters were the words "SERVO OBSTRUCTED: LEFT ARM; SERVO 3: REPAIR REQUIRED". He knew the mechanics of his Spider Suit like the back of his hand, though even a laymen would immediately recognize the left elbow had locked up. The entire joint stalled, sending his elbow fly past the mans head and hitting nothing. A moment later, the servo broke free with an audible snap. The joint was working again, but he had lost the element of surprise. "Uh-oh".
  2. that would be a whopping 12 for the Attack roll with a DC 25, which I assume will be a miss
  3. That would be a 19 for the Notice check and a 34 for the Stealth check
  4. I'm not entirely familiar with stealth in combat. Is there changes to the action economy (such as move speed)? How often are checks made? I would like to keep picking people off all sneaky like until someone actually spots the Steel Spider (like the Batman Arkham predator sections?)
  5. that is an 18 for initiative
  6. Choosing to prey on the now unguarded guard, Anthony slowly descended from the ceiling. Two mechanical legs pointed straight up, a pair of steel cables stretching out and to the ceiling. The rest of his limbs were poised and ready to strike. It occurred to him that he must truly look like a spider; hanging upside down from the ceiling, suspended above his prey with his limbs held at the ready. He swung his armored fist around, sending it crashing into the back of the thugs skull. Metal legs instantly scooped him up, and the pair were soon heading back up and out of sight. Just a moment later, and another criminal was stuck to the ceiling.
  7. Scoop him up and head back to the ceiling to secure him
  8. Stealth is a natural 20 for 38 total and the attack is a 15 with a DC 25 Toughness save
  9. Right, well, same thing then. Sneak along ceiling, drop, takedown, hopefully gtfo before being noticed
  10. So the other guard is not currently being watched?
  11. Can they see each other? Or is one of them vulnerable?
  12. Anthony gently cradled the thugs limp form in his arms as he sent a pair of steel cables up to the ceiling, quickly pulling the two of them out of sight. He carefully strapped the man to the ceiling, making sure he didn't cut off any circulation to his extremities. Satisfied that the criminal was dealt with, Anthony turned his attention to the pair of other thugs. Stealth and surprise attacks had worked fine so far, and he saw no reason to change a good thing. He scuttled along the ceiling towards them, formulating his next attack plan.
  13. rolled a 4, for a total of 22
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