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  1. Zip to the ceiling, secure the thug there for now, and then move along the ceiling to take out the other two
  2. Deciding to take on the lone robber first, Anthony crept along the ceiling, his mechanical spider legs giving off only the slightest click each time they touched the marble. He secured a steel cable to a sturdy looking bit of the ceiling, and began to slowly lower himself to the ground. He touched down quietly, just a foot behind his target, and took aim. Another mechanical leg lashed out, slamming into the robbers neck, knocking him out instantly. He wrapped the man in his metal appendages, catching him before he could hit the ground. He looked around nervously, hoping the loud crack didn't a
  3. Then attack it is! Melee Attack (Weapons Array; Enhanced Strength) is a 30 (nat 20!) with a DC 30 Toughness Save
  4. I believe the prudent thing to do would be to continue trying to pick them off, starting with the lone man near the tellers. Not sure about the action economy on this one; Assuming he successfully takes down the thug in stealth, would he then be able to take him back up to the ceiling and stick him there? Obviously he has the movement for it (with a move speed of 500' and the Swinging power) and the ability to stick him to the ceiling (Snare with Tether) but I am not entirely clear on; 1) Move>Attack>Move 2) Using the Snare in a non-combat way (as the opponent is already
  5. Anthony set to work getting the next door open; deftly working the lock over until it gave a soft click and released. He peered through the small window on the door one last time, ensuring the thug wasn't watching, and very gently swung the door open. He slipped through, quietly closing the door behind him, and took to the ceiling again. Stalking behind the armed man, he waited to strike. When the thug stopped to yawn, Anthony struck. He swung down from the ceiling, his armored boots slamming into the thugs chest and knocking him to the ground. Anthony was on top of him in an instant, one hand
  6. Disable Device is a 17 Stealth is a 22 Melee Attack (Weapons Array; Enhanced Strength) is a 27 with a DC 25 Toughness save
  7. So I'm thinking another Disable Device to get the door unlocked, watch through the window for a moment when the thug isn't facing the door, sneak through, and Surprise Attack
  8. Anthony gently tried the window, and was able to slowly ease it open. He slipped through and into the offices, stalking along the ceiling as quietly as he could. "So far so good" he whispered to himself. He moved along the ceiling to the stairwell. Though not much time had passed since he first arrived on scene, he still felt an overwhelming sense of urgency, as if he was moving too slowly. He took a deep breath, calming himself, and focused on the task at hand. Down the stairs, into the lobby, don't be seen, then.... then something else. He would figure that part out when he got there. He
  9. Thats a 30 to open the door leading to the stairs
  10. That would be a 29 to open the window quietly.
  11. He's going to try opening the window. I don't want to try to make an IC post that just amounts to "he tried to open the window", so I figure it would be easier to figure out if the window opens or not and write the post based on that.
  12. I'm sure it could use some polishing and format tweaking. Right now, I'm just looking for feedback on the overall build, along with someone more experienced to double check my math
  13. Greco-Roman Ancient Soldier Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: An ancient Spartan super-soldier Catchphrase: N/A Theme: N/A Alternate Identity: Archidamos (birth name) Birthplace: Sparta Residence: Base of Operations: Occupation: Affiliations: Family: Description: Age: 2500 (DoB: 480 B.C.) Apparent Age: 34 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Ancient Greek Height: 6’0 Weight: 380lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black H
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