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  1. Choosing to prey on the now unguarded guard, Anthony slowly descended from the ceiling. Two mechanical legs pointed straight up, a pair of steel cables stretching out and to the ceiling. The rest of his limbs were poised and ready to strike. It occurred to him that he must truly look like a spider; hanging upside down from the ceiling, suspended above his prey with his limbs held at the ready. He swung his armored fist around, sending it crashing into the back of the thugs skull. Metal legs instantly scooped him up, and the pair were soon heading back up and out of sight. Just a moment later,
  2. Scoop him up and head back to the ceiling to secure him
  3. Stealth is a natural 20 for 38 total and the attack is a 15 with a DC 25 Toughness save
  4. Right, well, same thing then. Sneak along ceiling, drop, takedown, hopefully gtfo before being noticed
  5. So the other guard is not currently being watched?
  6. Can they see each other? Or is one of them vulnerable?
  7. Anthony gently cradled the thugs limp form in his arms as he sent a pair of steel cables up to the ceiling, quickly pulling the two of them out of sight. He carefully strapped the man to the ceiling, making sure he didn't cut off any circulation to his extremities. Satisfied that the criminal was dealt with, Anthony turned his attention to the pair of other thugs. Stealth and surprise attacks had worked fine so far, and he saw no reason to change a good thing. He scuttled along the ceiling towards them, formulating his next attack plan.
  8. rolled a 4, for a total of 22
  9. Zip to the ceiling, secure the thug there for now, and then move along the ceiling to take out the other two
  10. Deciding to take on the lone robber first, Anthony crept along the ceiling, his mechanical spider legs giving off only the slightest click each time they touched the marble. He secured a steel cable to a sturdy looking bit of the ceiling, and began to slowly lower himself to the ground. He touched down quietly, just a foot behind his target, and took aim. Another mechanical leg lashed out, slamming into the robbers neck, knocking him out instantly. He wrapped the man in his metal appendages, catching him before he could hit the ground. He looked around nervously, hoping the loud crack didn't a
  11. Then attack it is! Melee Attack (Weapons Array; Enhanced Strength) is a 30 (nat 20!) with a DC 30 Toughness Save
  12. I believe the prudent thing to do would be to continue trying to pick them off, starting with the lone man near the tellers. Not sure about the action economy on this one; Assuming he successfully takes down the thug in stealth, would he then be able to take him back up to the ceiling and stick him there? Obviously he has the movement for it (with a move speed of 500' and the Swinging power) and the ability to stick him to the ceiling (Snare with Tether) but I am not entirely clear on; 1) Move>Attack>Move 2) Using the Snare in a non-combat way (as the opponent is already
  13. Anthony set to work getting the next door open; deftly working the lock over until it gave a soft click and released. He peered through the small window on the door one last time, ensuring the thug wasn't watching, and very gently swung the door open. He slipped through, quietly closing the door behind him, and took to the ceiling again. Stalking behind the armed man, he waited to strike. When the thug stopped to yawn, Anthony struck. He swung down from the ceiling, his armored boots slamming into the thugs chest and knocking him to the ground. Anthony was on top of him in an instant, one hand
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