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Kingmaker: Queen's Defence


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Can Paige detect anything of interest inside the house with her clairvoyance? She'd like to know if Rachel is home and what she might be doing, if possible. She will also be using her concealment to try and make her psychic visit invisible to other psychics. Also, anything pinging on the old Danger Sense? 



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Okay, posting for two since @Electrais doing hurricane stuff. 


Hologram is going to use her Mental Awareness to quick check for any active psionic influences on people in the house (she has Mind Reading as necessary if you want descriptors, Shofet). She'll also use her ESP to scout out around the house to see if anybody's coming. Paige has Notice 30 with Skill Mastery and Search 20 with Skill Mastery. 


Meanwhile, Fast-Forward will do a quick search of the house at super-speed - he'll take 20 and get 28. 

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For Hologram


First, Hologram does notice a psychic influence, but it isn't on the people. Instead, she detects an active psychic effect on Garvey, the house's AI. It's a very potent effect, taking the form of strange wisps of psionic energy drifting throughout the house and into every single electronic device.


With her ESP, she is able to detect a few individuals.


The first is a young woman, hovering above the house in black tights, arms folded. She has a severe undercut, and resembles a younger, paler Serena some. On the ground, she sees a young man who kind of looks like Rachel, toying with what appears to be a holographic sword, right up until he cuts the mailbox in half with it. He's wearing a trench-coat and cargo pants. Both the girl and the boy are accompanied by bald, blank-eyed looking men with features that look like they've been crudely sculpted from clay, carrying what seem to be some sort of ray-rifles. The ones with the hovering woman also seem to have jet packs that let them hover with her.


For Fast-Forward


Fast-Forward finds a lot of stuff. First and foremost, he finds the injectors that Rachel uses to inject herself with power cells every week down in the workshop. Tomorrow's batch is neatly labelled, as are the ones for the next few weeks. He also finds welding tools, several chipsets, wrenches, a plasma cutter (with attached gas tank!) and several gizmos that probably do something cool but he doesn't know what. In keeping with Rachel's stated pacifism, there is nothing that seems like it could obviously be used as a weapon. He finds a sealed door that says "generator", with a sign that says "warning! Thorium Reactor. Use safety gear before entering", and he sees a radiation suit hanging on a hook nearby.  He finds a back room next to the workshop that is essentially a bunker, full of rations that have expiry dates somewhere in the next millenium.


Outside of the workshop, he finds a catalogue of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science going back decades, many of which are reprints. Because he scored so well, he also discovers the top issue is in fact a disguised control tablet for the house, with a holographic interface. More concerningly, he also finds a looooot of stimulants. Like a lot a lot. They're all legal, but it's pretty clear they see a lot of use. Less legally, he finds a signal jammer that looks heavy duty enough that it could get a visit from a lot of angry neighbours all at once if used.


Finally, following a hidden tunnel, he finds what seems to be a one person space craft, with more rations!

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PL10 steel form here we go!


Immunity 40("Conductor"; Flaw: Half effect, Common effect: Heat/Fire, Common Effect: Electricity)[20pp]

Impervious Toughness 10 ("Extreme Durability")[10 pp]

Leaping 5 (x250 Jump distance)[5pp]

Speed 5 ("Springy Step" Speed 250mph 2500ft a round)[5pp]

Super Strength 8("Dense Metal Muscles"; +40 Effective Strength 70 total Heavy Load: 200 tons; PFs: Ground strike, Shockwave,Thunder clap, bracing) [20pp]


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Good Guys

Corona's Initiative: 11

Rachel's: 12

Adrian's: 24


Bad Guys

Wu Troopers: 17
Wu Rocket Troopers: 19

Godlike (White Rook): 10
Liteshow: 17

Here is the turn order: 


  1. Fast-Forward
  2. Merge Trois
  3. Hologram
  4. Adrian
  5. Rocket Troopers
  6. Archer
  7. Liteshow
  8. Fascimile
  9. Wu Troopers
  10. Grimalkin
  11. Rachel
  12. Corona
  13. Godlike


This is gonna be chaos.

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Fast-Forward runs outside and deploys the following effect against the ones hovering over the roof: 


AP: Damage 16 (stormy light of Arcturus; Extra: Area [Targeted, Shapeable], PFs: Indirect 2, Stunning Attack, Variable Descriptor 1 [any weather]) {36/48}


He'll strike them from above to gain surprise and maybe just maybe catch them flat-footed! 


http://orokos.com/roll/756255 = 25!


In any event, that's a DC 31 Tou save for everyone he just hit. The descriptor is a bolt of magic lightning. 





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So outside out front, where one of the Merges is, there is Liteshow and the Wu Troopers in front of her. Just above her is Godlike and the Rocket Troopers, 2 of whom just got busted by Fast-Forward while Godlike has just been dazed. 

Edited by Shofet
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