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[Announcement] New Administrator

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After [censoring] a lot of [censored] to [censored], and [censoring] that [censored] can and will [censored], I'm now the (visible co-)Administrator* of the site. ;)

* I say "visible and co-" because Endless Flight still remains a mostly-invisible, behind-the-scenes co-Admin. In a way, he's IT, I'm PR.

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Dr. A, good luck with your new purchase. I'm sorry it doesn't still have that new car smell, but we kinda broke it in really well (and EF has really bad gas ;) ). :D

EF, it was fun building this site with you. I'm sorry you had to sell it, but . . . it is what it is. Good luck with your future web-endeavors whatever they may be.

Everyone, it has been a lot of fun wearing tights and running around the rooftops of Freedom City with you. Best of luck in all your heroic (or villainous) deeds.


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So, my first order of business is to move the whole site to Geocities, then change the rules and setting to that of Champions/the HERO System (so everyone'll have to remake their character). Then, we'll....

What's everyone got those torches and pitchforks for?


In all :bat: seriousness, I have no real plans to change anything, and to keep it as fun and zany as it's always been here -- folks seem to like it, and I see no reason to fix what ain't broke. The Refs will still be meeting in the Ref-Cave, quietly plotting the doom of everyone else. But it'll be an entertaining doom :twisted:

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...But it'll be an entertaining doom :twisted:

And it will be, too! ;)

Congrats, Dr. A. I really can't think of a better administrator out of our current crop of players. It's a shame that Barnum had to leave, (we miss you!! :cry: ) but it's a heck of a lot better than someone like me coming to power here. *Cringes*

Anyway, congrats again, man.

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