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  1. Mashin-kun drew back in disgust, grimacing at the goop covering him. "Oh yuck! I'm gonna get a disease or something!" He stopped and considered that for a moment. "Okay, well, I can't really get a disease, with the whole 'not being alive' thing, but still... eww." He turned to face the new blob, very much uneager to face it in single combat. His clothes were ruined enough, thank you very much. He looked around for something he could use to bash it with, maybe something he could tear off a wall...
  2. Huh. I totally forgot about that. Oh, and Bruising damage, or actual Injury?
  3. *cough* Rolling a crit makes the damage higher *cough* ;)
  4. Yays! Rolling nat 20's makes V_M a happy person!
  5. Mashin-kun wasn't privy to Wesley's thoughts, and, being barely a teenager, was more or less unaware there was a Raven before the current incarnation. That faded into insignificance when the two blobs showed up, and he looked to Wesley, seeing if the man had a plan. He wasn't quite sure what the look the man gave him had been all about, but when he dashed off, Daisuke just shrugged his shoulders and did the same, hammering the thing with incredible force.
  6. "Yeah!" Mashin-kun said, thrusting his metal-shod fist into the air. Now fired up, his fear of the dark vanished, and he was ready, even eager, to charge into battle. In fact, he was so ready to roll, he didn't even question the fact that Wesly had basically just called him Raven... a girl. Instead, he started stalking down the hallway, a huge, fierce grin on his face.
  7. "Are you okay?" Daisuke said worriedly as he rushed up to Wesley's side. "You need to put something on that, like milk! It'll nuta... nutil... stop it from burning you." He looked around for something he could use, but down here in the sewer, there wasn't much. "Listen, I should do this. I'm made out of metal, I can take it!" He said, his eyes shining with determination.
  8. "Stay here? But... but I can help!" Daisuke protested as Wesley moved forwards. He didn't want to disobey the man, but he obviously didn't know how powerful Mashin-kun was! Instead of doing anything overt, Daisuke just started to creep forwards, a foot at a time, so he'd be in the perfect position to jump on top of the blob and beat it into submission.
  9. Mashin-kun held up, looking off into the dark, where Wesley was pointing his flashlight. "I don't see anything," he whispered back to the man.
  10. "I almost got run over by a semi once," Daisuke commented, perking up a bit now that they had some light to work by. It glittered on his metal shell, bouncing around and seeming to brighten the area even more. "That would have really messed up my vest." He looked down at his ravaged clothing and frowned. "Of course, jumping off a train, smashing into the pavement, getting clawed by a bear..." He sighed. "Ren is gonna be so mad." Mashin-kun tugged on Wesley's hand, drawing him deeper into the tunnel. "Come on! We've gotta stop those Godzilla poos!"
  11. "No, no flashlight," Daisuke said, trying to not let a tremble into his voice. "I didn't think we'd be going into the dark."
  12. Mashin-kun reached out a hand and felt around for Wesley's hand. He might have been covered in nigh-invulnerable metal, but he was still a kid, and the dark was frightning, even to a kid that grew up on the streets. The dark was opressive, but Daisuke drew courage from the man at his side. At least it wasn't completely dark.
  13. "Hey, no problem. I'm still learning, but at least I didn't slam into the ground this time," he chuckled. Mashin-kun looked off into the gloom of the tunnel, trying to see... anything. "Can you see here? Because I can't see a thing."
  14. Daisuke grinned, then hustled back. His feet and lower legs were now completely uncovered due to his boost jets, and they made little clanking noises as he made his way back. Once at the fence, he hopped back over, then gently linked his arms around the man's midsection. "All right, I don't have the flying thing down yet, but all I'm going to do is give us a little boost, okay?" With that, he leapt, his jet igniting at the same time. The acceleration would be jarring, but he kept it under control, landing softly (For him, anyway) on the other side. "There! All done!" he said proudly.
  15. "Yeah!" Daisuke said, then started off, directing Wesley to the sewer entrence, mostly by hauling his little metal butt over there on foot. Once he reached the fence, he simply vaulted over it, using his jets to help a little bit in the effort. It wasn't until he got partway there he realized he didn't even know if Wesley could do the same, and stopped to look over his shoulder, checking to see if the man could make it over the fence.
  16. "Ah, okay. Wait..." Mashin-kun's brow knitted together in thought. "...Does that mean we're fighting Godzilla? Or, no, we're fighting a blob... the size of Godzilla? A giant... poo creature the size of Godzilla? That's horrible!" His eyes were wide now, a look of terror, mixed with a healthy dose of determination, crossed his face. "We have to stop this terror! This poo-born Godzilla will not stand to stain the good name of the genuine article!" He raised his arm and pointed towards the sky in rather cheesy, yet heartfelt, gesture of heroism.
  17. "Sure!" Daisuke said happily. "The Gojira series is huge! Japan created the monster movie! Godzilla, Godzilla, King of the Monsters, Godzilla Raids Again, King Kong vs. Godzilla - that one was good, because it was different for different nations. For example, in America, King Kong won, which was silly, because everyone knows Gojira would win - then there was Mothra vs. Godzilla, Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster... after that it got kinda weird because it was Invasion of Astro-Monster next, and they kinda lost the theme, you know? Then there was a bunch of forgettable ones, but the series really picked up with Mechagodzilla!" He continued to list off Godzilla movies, showing off a bizarrely encyclopidic knowledge on the topic.
  18. Daisuke was beginning the think this was a big waste of time. He hadn't seen hide nor... well, he supposed blobs wouldn't have hair, but that didn't take away from the fact that he simply hadn't seen any sign of the things. About the pack it in, Mashin-kun turned back to where he'd left Wesley, then he saw... something. A trail, maybe? And it seemed to be going into the sewer! Elated, Daisuke tore off towards Wesley's position, only remembering barely a hundred feet before touchdown he didn't really have a solid grasp of how to land softly. In desperation, he brought his feet up under him, trying to use his thrusters to bleed off some of his forward momentum. Unfortunately, all that really managed to do was make the furrow he carved blackened from backwash as he slammed into the ground. "Uh... hi," he said sheepishly from the ground, looking up at Wesley from the gouge he'd cut in the sidewalk. To ward off futher embarrassment, he scrambled to his feet and dusted himself off. "Okay, I found where they've gone. It's this sewer pipe, over here. Come on, I'll show you!" Seemingly forgetting that he'd just crash landed, Daisuke nearly skipped as he led Wesley on towards the lair of the blobs.
  19. Hmm... you know, I never really liked that city anyway... :twisted: But in the interests of humanitarianism, let's just go with taking 20, which will give me a 24 total.
  20. Well, I have the one - a 13. If I need more, just ask.
  21. "Well, I *can* fly, but... I'm still new at it," Daisuke said, scratching the back of his head sheepishly... with his un-gooped arm. "But I guess I could try it. I just don't know how much I'll be able to see from up there." He stepped back a bit and set himself, then looked up at the sky. "Alright, I'll be back in just a minute." With that, jets of flame vomited forth from his feet, propelling him into the air atop a plume of fire. Once there, he jerked to the side, seeking to work himself into some semblance of a patrol pattern. It was tough, and shaky, but it was at least better than the unguided, fly-like-a-stone thing he was doing before.
  22. "Oh... ewwww..." Daisuke said, shrinking back and wrinkling his nose at the sight and smell of the blob dissolving. At least it was all done now. He really needed to get home, or at least throw himself into a river or something to get this poo bacteria off of him. "So... is that it?"
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