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  1. You better believe it folks, it seems Universal is desperate to gain some money by continuing the Jaws series? Hasn't the Jaws series been buried and ended by now? Jaws 4 apparently sucked (Never saw it, only seen Jaws 2 due to it being before my time) Have a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcfldHbSJ5Q I don't know if this is actually true or not, but apparently its been scheduled to be released sometime this year. I would guess late.
  2. In my latest concept, my character has an airship as a HQ. Is a HQ limited by PL caps in order for toughness and the like? It would suck if I could only have a Toughness 10 Airship.
  3. Second thoughts, I'm going to have to pull out of this for reasons I really don't want to discuss in public.
  4. Lullaby would be happy to provide the evening entertainment.
  5. Hello everyone. Could I change this: To this: and can I add this my normal Powers: for a rise in 2pp total.
  6. Well, having come to a decision, may I request this is what I spend 5pp on? Super-Movement 2 (slithering, wall crawling) [4pp] Super-Senses 3 (darkvision, scent) [3pp]
  7. Agreed on the book idea, I have too many PDF's.
  8. May I ask any ideas where I can buy it? I live in the UK, and UP isn't exactly on the top shelf of every store.
  9. Lullaby frowned as the good Doctor made his analysis and report to her. Nothing unusual? Surely something must be up. "Lully, I have survived a long time inside this dress. I think I can hide my presence from those who are not pure hearted. Luckily for me Lully, you are pure hearted. And Luckily for you too, by the way things are progressing" Gabiellor giggled in her mind. "Very secretive, aren't you?" Lullaby giggled back in her mind. "Can you blame me?" Gabriellor asked back, mentally. Lullaby smiled at Archville. "Thank you Doctor. I suppose your equipment is the best in Freedom cities, doubt I will find out anything else. Anyways, thank you very much for your time. Need me for a sing song? Maybe a sing along? Please give me a letter in the "High Price"" Lullaby giggled lightly, dropping a small business card.
  10. Well, you know when I mentioned you couldn't tell whether Lullabies suit was made of evil or good magic? Its all part of the plan. (Goddamn it, no joker smilies!")
  11. Hmm, for Lullabys stockpile of PP... Shapeshift 1 Extra: Action (Standard to Move) Flaw: Only parts of animals. 8pp Is this right?
  12. Errata: Can I rename my Dancing Dress to a Dancing Suit? Seeing as my Dancing Dress is pretty much nothing like a dress.
  13. The dress itself is made of exotic silks from some of the uncommonly travelled places of the world. The dress is be saturated in magical power, although nobody can tell whether this magical power came from sorcery or magic. It is also very difficult to identify that Gabriellor lives in the dress without actually wearing it, or touching it. From visual looks, its pretty much a (Rather strange, which must be admitted) dancing suit.
  14. Sorry, I got back from a week away of wearing work and I am shattered. Can I reply later?
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