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  1. Mashin-kun drew back in disgust, grimacing at the goop covering him. "Oh yuck! I'm gonna get a disease or something!" He stopped and considered that for a moment. "Okay, well, I can't really get a disease, with the whole 'not being alive' thing, but still... eww." He turned to face the new blob, very much uneager to face it in single combat. His clothes were ruined enough, thank you very much. He looked around for something he could use to bash it with, maybe something he could tear off a wall...
  2. Huh. I totally forgot about that. Oh, and Bruising damage, or actual Injury?
  3. *cough* Rolling a crit makes the damage higher *cough* ;)
  4. Yays! Rolling nat 20's makes V_M a happy person!
  5. Mashin-kun wasn't privy to Wesley's thoughts, and, being barely a teenager, was more or less unaware there was a Raven before the current incarnation. That faded into insignificance when the two blobs showed up, and he looked to Wesley, seeing if the man had a plan. He wasn't quite sure what the look the man gave him had been all about, but when he dashed off, Daisuke just shrugged his shoulders and did the same, hammering the thing with incredible force.
  6. "Yeah!" Mashin-kun said, thrusting his metal-shod fist into the air. Now fired up, his fear of the dark vanished, and he was ready, even eager, to charge into battle. In fact, he was so ready to roll, he didn't even question the fact that Wesly had basically just called him Raven... a girl. Instead, he started stalking down the hallway, a huge, fierce grin on his face.
  7. "Are you okay?" Daisuke said worriedly as he rushed up to Wesley's side. "You need to put something on that, like milk! It'll nuta... nutil... stop it from burning you." He looked around for something he could use, but down here in the sewer, there wasn't much. "Listen, I should do this. I'm made out of metal, I can take it!" He said, his eyes shining with determination.
  8. "Stay here? But... but I can help!" Daisuke protested as Wesley moved forwards. He didn't want to disobey the man, but he obviously didn't know how powerful Mashin-kun was! Instead of doing anything overt, Daisuke just started to creep forwards, a foot at a time, so he'd be in the perfect position to jump on top of the blob and beat it into submission.
  9. Mashin-kun held up, looking off into the dark, where Wesley was pointing his flashlight. "I don't see anything," he whispered back to the man.
  10. "I almost got run over by a semi once," Daisuke commented, perking up a bit now that they had some light to work by. It glittered on his metal shell, bouncing around and seeming to brighten the area even more. "That would have really messed up my vest." He looked down at his ravaged clothing and frowned. "Of course, jumping off a train, smashing into the pavement, getting clawed by a bear..." He sighed. "Ren is gonna be so mad." Mashin-kun tugged on Wesley's hand, drawing him deeper into the tunnel. "Come on! We've gotta stop those Godzilla poos!"
  11. "No, no flashlight," Daisuke said, trying to not let a tremble into his voice. "I didn't think we'd be going into the dark."
  12. Mashin-kun reached out a hand and felt around for Wesley's hand. He might have been covered in nigh-invulnerable metal, but he was still a kid, and the dark was frightning, even to a kid that grew up on the streets. The dark was opressive, but Daisuke drew courage from the man at his side. At least it wasn't completely dark.
  13. "Hey, no problem. I'm still learning, but at least I didn't slam into the ground this time," he chuckled. Mashin-kun looked off into the gloom of the tunnel, trying to see... anything. "Can you see here? Because I can't see a thing."
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