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    Thor was great, but it is just more proof that there is no such thing as "good" 3D.
  2. We are in the middle of moving (closing Friday moving on Monday) and other craziness, so I haven't been doing any online gaming for a month or so. I plan to start back up in late Jan, running a couple of DC Adventures online. I'll PM you or catch you on IM with the details.
  3. *waves vigorously at cos*
  4. Good news! You don't have to buy anything. Your 2e books will keep right on working forever! Also, if there are setting/splat/stat books put out in the 3e line that you want, 3e's similarity to 2e will make it incredibly easy for you to covert back to 2e should you be so inclined. Also . . . Me like. :D
  5. It is a good question, not just for this site, but for all GMs. I run two PbP M&M campaigns (without 16 total players and one co-GM) and one semi-regular (two sessions a month-ish) webcam game, and I also am adopting a "wait and see" mentality. Some considerations on deciding when/if to convert to 3e: -Do I, as the GM, like the new system, and do I think it will work well for the stories I want to tell? -Do my players like the new system enough to go to the trouble to "buy and convert" . . . especially when their old books still work perfectly well. -How long will it take for my (or
  6. Old school Cosmic Boy for the win!
  7. Error status 503 typically means "service unavailable." It is common to get that occasionally, especially on "shared" hosting. With such a long succession of outages (especially if everyone connected was getting the error message), I'm guessing the host had a hiccup. The apache logs will have all the details. If it continues to happen you can suppress the message: Open chat/js/chat.js and find: this.addChatBotMessageToChatList('/error ConnectionStatus '+this.getHttpRequest(identifier).status); Replace with if (this.getHttpRequest(identifier).status != 503) { this.addChatBotMessag
  8. As far as I know that is not a standard Java compiler error message. Which editor are you using?
  9. I was time for my quarterly visit, so I thought I'd update my "Secret Identities" post with what's happening with me. I'm glad to see things moving along around here. *waves to everyone*
  10. A transform "attack" allows you to affect 1 creature (regardless of size) or an amount of non-living, inanimate matter based on power rank. http://www.atomicthinktank.com/viewtopi ... 548#185548
  11. You can try adjusting your double click speed (under "Mouse" in the Control Panel), but it sounds like your mouse is malfunctioning. Time to run to Walmart to buy a $10 replacement. :)
  12. http://www.lunarpages.com/solutions.php :D
  13. They always blame it on the chat. And they are rarely telling the truth. You can easily verify if the host is telling you the truth. Their virtualization software keeps "load" logs (it must, or how would they know there was a problem). Ask the host for a copy of the "offending" logs and compare load peaks on the server with the chat logs to see if they correspond to chat activity. I find it hard to believe that an AJAX-based chat is the resource hog. It has been running here for 14 mo. and there haven't been any complaints from the host until now . . . and there is less traffic t
  14. Find in freedom/includes/functions.php: // The following assigns all _common_ variables that may be used at any point in a template. $template->assign_vars(array( And add it after.
  15. Looks like the upgrade broke my little Bookmark modification for the subSilver2 template. Check to make sure . . . In freedom/styles/subsilver2/template/overall_header.html there is still the line: {L_VIEW_BOOKMARKS} | I'm viewing the outputted source code for the page now (in Firebug), and it looks right. Also check to make sure . . . In freedom/includes/functions.php this code is still there. // Bookmark Link 'U_BOOKMARKB' => append_sid("{$fc_forum_root_path}ucp.$phpEx", 'i=main&mode=bookmarks'), // Bookmark Link This is the bit that I think is missing
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