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  1. Emerald Twilight and the Clone Saga. Ah, to be born in 1990. ;)
  2. Sorry about butting in here, but are you sure about this, Dr. A? The most common interpretation I've seen used (in RL and on ATT) is that Comprehend 1 allows you only one of these two options, but not both. (Which, in turn, would drive the cost up to 4pp for two ranks or 16 languages.)
  3. Many thanks for the answer! Hadn't expected an answer so soon after the "back burner" status update, so I did not check here earlier. :)
  4. I don't think there are any special rules - besides the usual "no snappy one-liners!". Make that thread the "Neurologic Annual" (or the "Neurologic 0" if you prefer that): A look behind the scenes - the story we always wanted to tell but couldn't fit into the regular series - the man behind the mask (incl. special friends and enemies) ...
  5. Why not start a personal thread for Wesley somewhere? An out-of-continuity post every now and then in such thread can serve to further develop the character a bit and/or shed some light on his past while letting the judges know the PC is not inactive at the same time.
  6. Congratulations, Dr. A ! Who wants an easy start, anyway? ;)
  7. I think UP has some suggestions as to that. Give me a moment to get my copy and look it up. [Edit] UP (p86) suggests that the lack of olfactory senses is a -3 DB while no tactile senses is a -4 DB. It also notes that, as usual, the final worth depends on possible existence of other senses to compensate and the GM's judgement.
  8. Folkert


    Sorry, somehow had " (all traits) " in mind when I wrote that and didn't re-check. :(
  9. Folkert


    Not a GM so I can't give any definite answers, but here's my opinion: First, the device seems a bit off. Device 12 gives you 60pp: Comprehend (4pp) + Mimic (51pp) + Protection (12pp) = 67pp Second, I think Quick Change should be okay. Third, 12 ranks of Protection from the device combined with a -1 Toughness character go above the cap. With the maximum trade-off of +4/-4 here you could go with a Defense +2 / Toughness +10, but the PC would be at +11 Toughness.
  10. Thanks, Dr. A! That's exactly what I wanted to hear. (Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean. ) I think I'll let everything stay in the containers I assigned because, thematically, they make sense and it fits if, because of their interwoven nature, either all powers or none go.
  11. Won't touch the first parts since I've said I'd stop here (though I'd still have a number of things to say regarding them). This is all fine, Dr. A., but that wasn't really my concern. And neither is how exactly Morph will be regulated (via DB or Flaw *), but what effect being part of lower-ranked container has on a higher-ranked power regarding the standard trait effects. * The basic issue stays the same either way: Morph 6 [humanoids (+30 to disguise); PF: Precise; Flaw: Action –3 [Full-round Action]; 3 PP] in a rank 1 container or Morph 2 [humanoids (+10 to disguise); PF: Precise; Drawback: Action –3 [Full-round Action]; 3 PP] in a rank 1 container.
  12. While at the same time the whole "Drawbacks as free bonus points because they never come into play" issue never came up. Makes one think there shouldn't have been a PC with more ranks of Improved Critical in play after that rule was established. Hmmm. Now, I certainly don't demand perfection. How could I since I am so very far removed from that state myself? But things like this and some others make me keep my doubts. But these are my misgivings, mine alone to bear and decide what to do with, and thus I suggest returning to the original issue at hand. :)
  13. I see I wasn't clear enough. More than I care to admit (or remember). [in fact, I am known/despised (take your own pick) for wanting to continue fiddling with a PC till it fits my vision even after a game starting.] My doubts regarding "being tested for balance" and the implied "the results of such tests being subsequently applied" concern this site.
  14. No doubt about that (and no objection at all), but there's got to be a certain standard (a ruleset of any version, if you will) to go by. What if the player came back? Having an (old) flawed Morph and a (new) DBed Morph in game at the same time seems a bit strange, especially since I have my misgivings abouts this part: Got me here. I was about to rephrase my post a bit to make it clearer what I tried to refer to, but saw that you had already replied. (The whole matter is still not without its problems, though. Very unfortunately, but that's a different matter. )
  15. Oh, absolutely, but since you didn't put that part in until after I took the quote this was nothing I could have adressed in my post. This I find way interesting. Both went successfully through the standard approval process here. In both cases the full-round Action flaw was not objected to and now these decisions are being invalidated just because the player didn't post anymore? :shock:
  16. Well, two of the more recent instances of Morph with a higher Action rate had it both approved as flaws, so that's what I went with. (Mongel Angel and Exile)
  17. Another container question concerning the following: Touch of Chaos [Container; 5 PP] (Origin: Bestowed) (Source: Chaos) - Enhanced Feat 1 [Attractive 1; 1 PP] - Feature 1 [Lady Luck (never loses at games of chance); 1 PP] - Morph 6 [humanoids (+30 to disguise); PF: Precise; Flaw: Action –3 [Full-round Action]; 3 PP] I've just been told that a build like above "shouldn't" be done as its only effect is to make the 6 ranks of Morph more easily nullified/drained since it is now part of Rank 1 container which can be nullified as a whole. Is this correct?
  18. Vaalus might be a "tad" occupied with RL matters. :)
  19. Folkert

    I have a son

    Hush, Dr. A! Congratulations, Vaalus and family!!!
  20. Folkert

    Dynamic Arrays

    I am afraid the answer to that is 'no'. You can't put (for example) dynamically 2pp into Blast and the remaining 18pp into Super Strenght/Flight and then AP a 20pp Alternate Power off that 2pp Blast. To put it a bit simpler: Think of those standard (non-dynamic) AP as APs on the whole dynamic 'pool', meaning you can either use one of the alternate Blasts or distribute that 20pp pool between the dynamic powers standard Blast, Super Strength and Flight. Hope this makes it a bit clearer! :)
  21. Folkert

    Dynamic Arrays

    Shouldn't this be "Also if I [don't] allocate points into the base Blast power, I could use one of it's Alternate powers instead [...]"? (Since it is "either or" with ordinary Alternate Powers.) And the total cost comes up to 27pp: 20 (Base Power) +1 (Base Power made dynamic) +2 (2 AP) +4 (2 Dynamic AP)
  22. Can I put a Power Loss Drawback (-1) directly into a "Container" structure to bring the overall cost down to conform to the standard 5pp per 5pp? Example: A "Racial Traits" container with powers that amount to 6pp, but one of which is subject to a Power Loss DB (-1). Would this be okay? Thanks!
  23. I'll make the flaw "Probably Limited -1 (Mental search only)" then. ;)
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