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Anomaly Detected...


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This is an experiment, and thus it has a higher than normal chance of collapse, and its quality is more likely to be poor. 


Im looking at a mash up of the WHO and X-Files. PCs called in to help with scientific (psychological, medical, biological, chemical, physical, whateverical) anomalies around the world that might potentially be hazardous. More than regular scientists will be needed. As normal, combat is entirely possible, even probable, but this will not be the main part of the drama. 


If you have a PC PL 8-12, who you think has either good investigative / scientific skills, or powers that complement such scenarious (such as super senses or familiarity trekking through dinasaur infested hyperdimensional jungles), and you can reliable commit to regular and frequent posting (1/day), and are interested, and we get on...


(Yes, I know the list is shortening)


Let me know! 


PS: This will be set on Earth, for the main part. 

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Heri> Sure thing


Tarra> No probs the one/day thing is a loose principle rather than a "do this or else". I just want to ensure people are committed to fairly regular posting rather than a couple of posts a month and wax / waning interest. If you want Dara in, then in Dara is. 

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