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Found 13 results

  1. OOC thread for this thread. Tag and follow!
  2. GM Post Neo Harare (of the former Congo Republic), PAU. 4216 AD Neo Harare. Brilliant Capital of the People's African Union, the second most influential power bloc on Earth, and the 4th most influential power bloc among the United Earth and Colonies Federation for the last three centuries. One week ago, it concluded the hosting of the Games of the DLXXXI Olympiad, celebrating humanity's achievements throughout the passage of time. Now, the city, along with its citizens, can only stare in abject horror, as the entire Advanced League of Oceania was being rapidly reduced to ashes. President Alpho
  3. Outer edge of the Sol System The Communion's attack on Earth had been repulsed by many of the planet’s heroes, working alongside several military and extra-governmental forces. For the moment, the planet was safe. But the Communion's world killer weapon was still positioned at the outer edge of the solar system, barely held in check by the Freedom League and their allies. With reports reaching back to the Freedom League and Earth's heroes from the Star Knights about a fleet of Communion ships headed towards the Sol System, possibly to try to assist in getting the world killer free, it wa
  4. December 25, 2014 Walking about the Dubai International Convention Centre and mingling, Amir al-Misri would have been well within his rights to congratulate himself on a very successfully hosted conference. The science and technology summit - his PR people had come up with a more pompous title but it had sounded a little too obviously designed by committee to stick in the billionaire philanthropist's mind - had drawn experts in civic engineering, clean energy initiatives, information networking and a few dozen other equally impressive fields from around the globe. The chance to compare notes
  5. Hronos Power Level: 11/12 (168/177PP) Trade-Offs: -4 Melee Attack / +4 Melee Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 8 In Brief: An ancient mechanical being, Hronos has an array of inbuilt, interchangeable armaments that grant him control over time/space. Old Sheet found >here. Alternate Identity: None Identity: Public Birthplace: UNKNOWN Occupation: Wielder of Time Affiliations: Mechanodynames Family: Mechanodynames(Sister: Psihi. Sister: Gnossi. Sister: Zoi. Brother: Thanatos.) Description: Age: UKNOWN, estimated to billions of years (DoB: UK
  6. Feel free to have each of your characters receive the same information as Asad through their own channels. I figure Maxima and Terrifica can already be at the summit; Citizen, too, unless you'd rather have him e-mail himself from Freedom City, AA. Vahnyu, Hronos is a cosmic enough sort of guy I expect you can come up with your own reasons for him being around!
  7. January 6, 2014  7:20 AM EST  The first ray of sunshine came in the window and Richard Cline opened his eyes, ready for his last day off before they headed back to the West Coast for a full week of shooting. Richard sat up, pushing aside the linen sheets, and looked at the waxed-paper window on the wall of the little wooden house. Ticktickticktick Time slowed to a crawl for Richard Cline, as Fast-Forward took in his changed bedroom with all the time in the world. Linen sheets, featherbed, waxpaper windows, and I think that's a chamberpot under the bed...oh, geez, am
  8. Freedom City University  January 4, 2014    It was late on the night of January 4th when the alarm began ringing at Freedom City University's Physics Building; the clang-a-lang-a-lang of the old brass striker in the big red alarms located high above each of the building's original entrances. The campus was mostly quiet right now; classes weren't back in session and most students were still away lingering over the holidays with their families, and it was late enough that most of the people who used the campus for other purposes were home. Under dark, cloudy skies and a mostly
  9. Let's see some crime scene-related rolls! Notice, Investigate, Medicine, and maybe Survival all could be rolled here. 
  10. Wakaya Island, Fiji Friday October 25, 2013; 11:33 AM local time (Freedom City time: 7:33 PM (Thursday October 24, 2013)) The late morning sun shone brightly in the sky over the small Fijian island of Wakaya. With the "cool" season coming toward an end, the day was turning out to be pleasantly warm, the temperature already approaching eighty degrees. Megan Howell glided through the water of the large infinity pool located on the spacious main deck of the large compound situated on the highest point of Wakaya. Dubbed Rai Ki Wai, Megan and Robert Howell had acqui
  11. Vahnyu


    From the album: Vahn's PC Images

    Hronos made in Hero Factory
  12. GM Post Liberty Park Tuesday, April 23rd, 8:12 PM The area roared in commotion, as all the people scattered through the streets, many leaving their cars unattended in their attempts to flee for their lives. The ship had appeared out of nowhere, a frigate with red and white sails, made out of wood and iron, like the ships of old. The masts and the sides of the ship were equiped with steampowered helicopter rotors, and the oars exuded what appeared to be bright powder and light. On the front, a giant lance was held in place, and in the back, propellers rotated furiously as they stirred th
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