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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I posted here years ago, but back then, I was busy with.. Life! However, I'm going to give it another shot! Anyways, this is my attempt to make a Temporal/Time Manipulation Hero: The basic idea of her would be paraplegic that has incredible powers, and that most of her points are devoted to that, as you can tell. Her reflex saves and all those extra feats are good (under the Time Control Linked Power), but as soon as she uses anything, she's susceptible to anything that has a reflex save to it, and most of her powers use Duration, which is a decent weakness. Also
  2. Table of Contents Tensile Sojourner Hematite Knightfall Daybreak Mystery Midnight Dynasty IC
  3. Jack Spade of Earth-Noir Jacqueline des Épées of Erde Sri Rik Espadas of Earth-Electrum Tom O'Hawk of Earth-3W Blaise O'Glory and Circuit of Earth-FC2 Jackolope of all Blades Earth A-Animal-1 Anthropomorphic hare who disguises his identity with a pair of false antlers Callie Burn Earth A-Gender-1 Exasperated den mother to her world's Interceptors Sri Rik Espadas Earth A-Improved-2 Spacefaring Star Knight bringing justice - and romance - to frontier worlds Cdr. Erica Espadas Earth G-Lor-5
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