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Found 6 results

  1. GM Afternoon, September 25th Millennium Mall, Midtown Freedom City It was raining, hard. Like so many other teens, young adults and older, Muirne, Luke, Leon and Charlie had found their way to Millennium Mall to have something to do now that classes were out for the week. Something somewhere dry, hopefully. Bernadette, for her part, happened to be in the mall at the same time. Maybe just a single her, maybe several, or maybe it all depended on the moment. As one would expect on a day like this, the mall was absolutely packed. People everywhere, in stores, in the food court, well... everywhere. The PA system routinely mentioned events like clean up to the toilets on the 2nd floor, a missing child near a toy store, lost phones and the like.
  2. GM TOMORROW! The mighty beast tore through the hallways, running after the young man clad in red, white, blue and gold armor. The mighty Aliengator ran its claws through the wall as the Freedom Eagle blasted at it. He had reached his goal, a swirling circular portal, large enough to bring an army. He held a hand out towards it, and it came to life, a swirling rainbow portal opening. The Freedom Eagle turned just in time to see the massive humanoid alien alligator come running at him, grasping him and pushing him into the portal, leaving the empty hallways behind. The Sky Above the Millenium Mall April 24th, 4PM, 2021 An otherwise nice and quiet day at the Millenium Mall was interrupted. The sky above the mall crackled with rainbow energies and multicolored lightning. A massive circular portal in all the swirling colors of the rainbow opened, releasing two falling figures. The portal closed immediately. The larger, a large humanoid alligator clad in a white armor that left its arms, tail and face free, was grappling the smaller, clad in red, white, blue and gold. The smaller figure managed to kick himself free, spreading out golden wings to stop his fall, while the monster fell to the ground. Seemingly unharmed, aside from parts of its armor starting to break, the creature stood and roared to the sky. Of course, the winged man was not the only hero at the scene!
  3. OOC for this. @Dr Archeville, @Fox, @Kaede Kimura Give me some initiative rolls, and let me get some intro posts!
  4. GM Millennium Mall, Midtown, Freedom City 5:30 PM, November 15th, 2019 A rainy Friday afternoon, and Millennium Mall was packed as usual. There was a certain feeling in the air. Everyone was moving around in groups, even tighter than usual. Even through laughter and crying children, everyone hurried between the shops and stuck together, casting nervous glances about. During the last month, five people had gone missing, all disappearing within the vicinity of the mall during the evening. Everyone was hurrying to get home before it was too late. No one wanted to stick around, deals or not deals. That kidnappers had made no demands, and had not been seen. All that was found on the scene after a disappearance was a single silver ball, small enough to fit in a hand. And on this particular evening, several visitors to the mall would be finding similar balls all over the mall.
  5. For all its wonders, Freedom City could be a dangerous place and it was a sad fact that the metropolis was home to more than its fair share of orphaned children. Fitting for a city known for rebirth from the ashes and undying resolution, many of those orphans had grown to become wealthy industrialists, expose-writing journalists, well known photographers and so on. Their legacy meant that Freedom boasted one of the best developed and funded social services programs in the nation. Even so, there never seemed to be quite enough beds, food or cheer to go around, particularly during the holiday season. Keith LaMarr had first become aware of the Santa's Super Helpers charity through his friend Reverend Stone of Lincoln's Church of the Eternal Rock of Justice. The concept was elegant in its simplicity: local superheroes volunteered to dress up in the traditional red and white suit of the jolly elf and spend the day with underprivileged youths at Millennium Mall, bringing some cheer in their own right and drawing much needed attention to the cause at the same time. Jingling bells next to a hanging pot taken to the logical extreme - at least logical by Freedom's standards. Certain bylaws unfortunately made it prohibitively difficult to have heroes participate in their secret identities, so those who's true names were public knowledge were typically approached. It was thus that the earsplitting educator known as Wail stepped into the bustling shopping center from the temporary changing area with a fluffy brimmed hat atop his bald head and bright red across his broad chest, stroking his grey streaked beard through a black glove that matched his boots and wide, gold-buckled belt, looking at though he could shake considerably more than a bowlful of jelly with his super-dense footfalls. The other two heroes in attendance were no less eye catching. The presence of Amir Al-Misri, the high-profile billionaire playboy turned superhero, assured a substantial media presence. His reputation as an irresponsible fop and dilettante would have raised LaMarr's eyebrow more if not for the good things he'd heard about the man as Asad, the energy absorbing metahuman. Neither of them was much comeptition for sheer visual impact next to Louis Ross, the popular cartoonist who's transformation into one of his one, massive, four-armed creations was almost too fantastical to believe. Wail knew he'd seen stranger things than the genial artist's demonic appearance in his decades of experience, but he was hard pressed to name more than a few off hand.
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