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  1. Eira caught up on the keyboards so fast it was as if she and Astrid had been practicing together for years. It was obvious Eira was not a natural stage performer - the way she bobbed and jerked to the music was slightly off-tempo and a little of what an earlier generation might have unkindly called spastic, albeit very enthusiastic. But the music she produced (all without actually moving her fingers over the keyboard) was melodic and sad; the sort of symphonic metal keyboard that gave an aura of weight and gravitas to the music, as if the subject of Astrid's ballad was the great and ancient ballad that it deserved to be. It was certainly very technically proficient. When it was done, she stepped back, a smile on her face, still connected to the machine via her dataspike. "Beautiful," she said, her voice sounding thoroughly satisfied. "Do you come here often?" she asked frankly. "We should make a band."
  2. "It wasn't perfect," Ashley admitted. "Our apartment was too small for seven people and the tourists mostly spend their money in the French Quarter, not on East. A lot of people don't even know there _is_ a New Orleans outside of tourist country." She smiled, then added, "But the food and music are the best in the world, and you'll never meet a city where more people are willing to work together. There's even room for hipsters now," she admitted with a grin. "Gumbo and jazz, that's New Orleans. Taking the best from all over, putting it together in one spot." She laughed. "Listen to me, I sound like a tour guide..." There was a brief pause when their drinks arrived. "To us," said Ashley, raising her glass. When they took a drink, she said, her voice breathy, "I want to show you some day."
  3. February 17, 2020 15 minutes before the first class of the day Her face a picture that might have been captioned "Soon!", Eira Katastroff leaned back against the wall, a lazy smile on her face as her internal clock ran down. The halls were full of people in their lockers, heading to and from class, chatting and texting to each other, but as usual she seemed to be an island unto herself amidst the other teenagers. Smirking, she leaned back against the wall, her blue hair visible inside the yellow hoodie she'd pulled up over her head, and watched the other students go by, her head rocking slightly to the beat of an inaudible melody.
  4. That is cool! Okay, the Harbinger currently has a Fort of 12 and a Tou of 11 He makes the first Fort save! 27 But he fails the second Fort save 19 Is that an injured or bruised he's taking with that dazed? (putting him at x2) Sea Devil: Sea Devil does the heroic thing and opens up a portal that Artificer and his sister will be able to escape through! It's okay if they don't take her up on that, though.
  5. All right, didn't realize @RocketLord had posted! Okay, the Baby Monsters attack! DC 20 Reflex save for everyone in contact with the ground to avoid a DC 25 Toughness save as they bite you with their horrible baby teeth. Their bite has Penetrating 5, so you need to roll if your Impervious Tou is less than 15! After those rolls (which are from @Grumblefloof, @RocketLord, and @Heritage if I understand the scene correctly), I'll post IC, and then Persephone will be up.
  6. "Hm." Eira smiled tentatively, her teeth model-white behind her darkly-painted lips. "I can do tricks." She sat back and began running her thumb over what looked like a scar across the knuckles of her right hand; one that on closer inspection had a 'twin' on the other side of her hand. "I will play music frequently. I will play it so you cannot hear it if you prefer," she said frankly. "There is something you need to see." She rose to her feet, made a gesture with her left hand, and changed. There was no other way to describe it. Clothing remained but flesh and hair seemed to fade away in a rippling surge of electricity, revealing a body that was neither feminine nor masculine, its skin a polished chrome so bright that Lulu could see herself reflected therein, its eyes white and blank as they stared at Lulu. "You will see me like this sometimes." She stood in a little pose like a model, showing the way jointed mechanical flesh moved beneath artificial skin and muscle. When she spoke without her disguise, her voice was throaty and deeper than its 'natural' sound - almost a different girl.
  7. "Bomb," opined Woodsman from behind Sagrado Corazon, having directed the police boat that way while picking up survivors. "Look at the-" He was about to explain when suddenly the terrorists attacking the bay sent the message for them. He stood on the deck of the police boat and flinched, just a little bit, as the Coast Guard ship exploded. He gripped the railing and let a litany of curses play through his head in the second or two it took him to realize how they'd all been suckered by the mass-murderer on the radio. "What the hell is cryptocash?" he muttered audibly, realizing too late that perhaps it was one of the many Earth-Prime things he still hadn't quite figured out.
  8. "Fool!" bellowed the Harbinger. "It is _I_ you should fear!" He raised his limbs to the air and made an eldritch bellow, one that tore through the water around them like a sonic shriek, the shape of an arcane rune seeming to ripple around him in the water for a moment before it faded. The Atlanteans clapped their hands to their ears and cried out in pain, Theodora suddenly convulsing and falling still beneath her brother's ministrations. "_I_ am Dagon's champion. and with my new bride at my side," Aquaria gave a bellow of outraged fury at this, but seemed to go unheard, "this ocean _will_ be ours!" Dalekos's submarine was wobbling now behind them in the water; it was unclear if the crew had been affected the dark powers of the Far Tide, or if they simply couldn't get a clear shot with their commander and allies in the midst of the scrum. Dalekos brought up his sword and shouted - "Poseidon, give me strength! Show these beasts the power of a true god!" At his words, blue-white actinide lightning erupted through the water from his blade, the arcane power behind it enough to penetrate even the insulating properties of H20. It crackled over the Deep Ones, sending Sea Devil and the Harbinger staggering, but sending their troops flying as well - now only the leaders were left amid the wild underwater combat on the temple mount.
  9. "I came here last week to make sure it wasn't a dump or a mob hangout or something like that..." Ash made circles on the back of Fa'Rua's hand with her finger, still marveling at the moment. "Everybody's legal." She grinned, resting her chin under her hand as she studied her date. "We'll probably have some drinks, do some dancing, then see what else the evening has in store." It was half-flirting, half-frank acknowledgement that for all that Judy had given her word to spend the evening with Leroy and the rest of their Bible Study group in discussion of the Song of Solomon, who could say what would really happen? I still can't believe she figured out I had a date! Judy was naive, sheltered still, and made foolish choices but that didn't make her dumb by any stretch of the imagination. But she was loyal and kept her word even when it was a bad idea... But rather than dwell overmuch on the potential disasters that could waylay the evening, Ashley said, "I grew up in the birthplace of jazz, so follow my lead when they start playing. It's pretty fast-paced, but I know you can keep up with me."
  10. Harbinger: Seeing Theodora's corruption (reverse corruption) he drops a Rank 12 Stun effect on Dalekos and Artificer. This will knock Theodora out (take an HP, Doc.) I'll say it's a selective effect that he doesn't use on Aquaria - after all, he thinks she's now his ally! (take another HP if you think that's sketchy, Doc!). I'll say it clears the deck of Dalekos's soldiers outside of those still in the submarine. It's a Will save, not Fort. Dalekos Ref vs 22: 13 Will vs 22 28 Dalekos Keeps moving despite being injured and staggered by Sea Devil, so Aquaria takes an HP. He's sorely pressed now, so he calls on the power buried in his sword! Damage 12 (Area) Harbringer: doesn't have enough Reflex to avoid it, realistically, so I'll just roll Tou vs 27: 31 Sea Devil: 20 Just has that one rank of Evasion, so let's roll vs. 27 https://orokos.com/roll/787348 20 Let's spend an HP there (she's at 3 right now for in-scene complications, so now she's down to 2) https://orokos.com/roll/787349 = 27, so she's unhurt. this one you don't have to worry about; Atlanteans are immune to it! Okay, Doctor Archeville, if you will make that Ref vs. 22/Will vs 22, we can see if Artificer is left dazed/stunned by all this or not! You can have him take action or not depending on if he's still on his feet. @Tiffany Kortaor maybe @Grumblefloof, I believe you're up on the inside of the temple!
  11. As the cloud of ink faded, Artificer was at first left with appeared to be a failure. Theodora was still blue-skinned and _altered_, looking piscine as much as humanoid, but when she opened her eyes and fixed them on him they were a familiar color. "Heroditus?" she whispered. "Are you - are you - what happened?" Like him, she seemed to have forgotten about the battle taking place nearby, where the two champions of the Gods Below were squaring off against the finest defenders of Atlantis. "I don't...I don't feel well..." Dalekos was staring at Aquaria; then suddenly, wounded or not, he gave a low laugh. "...I am not one of the Surfacers you have bewitched, monster. Even if you did not stand with this despoiler of our blood, I know how the fallen ones work! Your kind breeds in the hundreds! You let your young eat each other in the name of your dread gods!" He sneered as he pointed his sword at Aquaria. "No Deep One would care so for the deaths of a few dozen of their get, unless she had some deeper agenda. What is it? We are all underdwellers here, my dear - who are you trying to fool?" Sea Devil closed her eyes, inhaled deeply, and then exhaled with the sound of a snorting bull. When she spoke, it was a croak of great grief. "I'd care."
  12. "You look amazing," whispered Ashley, looking Fa'Rua over with a smile on her face as the candlelight shone in her eyes. "I'm just looking forward to a date where I don't have a bruised rib," she added with a whisper and a chuckle. She'd been disappointed when a ship repair meant that Fa'Rua wasn't going to make it to Earth this February, but the knowledge of just how much work she'd done to be 'there' that evening (the drone through the embassy, the long-distance connection, the communications room she was sitting in in an outfit that probably looked distinctly odd in space) took the agent's breath away as much as the way Fa'Rua looked by night. She took the Lor's hand, and if tingling holographic energy didn't quite feel like flesh and blood, well it sure as hell beat gripping onto her phone late at night and wondering if there was anyone else out there in the universe. "I just can't believe we're here tonight." A few people were looking their way, a femme couple being a little unusual, but as they took their seats near Lucy Ashley didn't care. That's right, you bastards, she thought cheerfully as she looked around the room, look at this goddess. "I'll have a dirty martini," she told their waiter, shooting a glance at Fa'Rua. It would take a little more work for her to 'have a drink', but she'd been assured that holographic technology and food synthesizers where she was were up to it.
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