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  1. Go ahead and archive Edge/Mark Lucas, please.
  2. July 1, 2020 Socotra "Citizens of Socotra! A NEW AGE HAS DAWNED!" Nina al-Darsah stood on what had been the balcony of her father's palace, intimately aware that cameras across the world and beyond were focused on her every move, every word, every glance - just as she'd always wanted. "I stand before you bare-faced, the better to prove that my long exile has ended! Your princess has returned - AS YOUR QUEEN!" There were those in the city below, and in their palace behind her if she was honest, that might not be terribly happy about this - but those in the courtyard below screamed their loyalty and for the moment that was all that really mattered. "YES! Your calls are answered and your faith is rewarded - once again a TYPHOON will protect Socotra from all her enemies!" She stepped off the balcony and onto the swirling columns of water below her. With a gesture, the water-lined mask of her armor rose and slid over her features, a glittering gold lifemask that was one of her husband's proudest works. "Some of you are afraid of what this means. Good! I will bring destruction to the enemies of our people with the might of the storm! I will strike down gods and champions who seek to take from us all that is ours! All that we have built! FOR THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE TYPHOON! For our families! For our children! For ALL OUR PEOPLE!" On ground level, she waved a hand to pull those who had bowed to their feet. "No! We stand together, united! For I AM TYPHOON - AND WE ARE SOCOTRA!" - Sometime later "Okay," said Ashley, sitting on Judy's bed some time later as she tried to explain why her father had abruptly paused his campaign to spend a long week in Washington. "The big problem is precedent. Nina al-Darsah is now the legally recognized government of Socotra, right?" Judy nodded, sitting up in bed with her legs drawn up to her chest. "And it was all legal and everything, so there's nothing anyone can do to openly intervene. But think about what it means. Right now, at the end of the day, she is a head of state because her superpowers were stronger than her father's superpowers." "But the first Typhoon, he was really bad," said Judy, confused. "Ah mean, we read about him in class, and Ah saw that file you showed me from AEGIS." All unclassified, given that being the First Daughter didn't actually give you a security clearance, but even an unclassified file had a long, long list when it came to Amir al-Darsah. "Why does it matter how she, uh, got rid of him, especially since she's so friendly with superheroes?" "You measure systems based on how they treat the bad guys, not the good guys," said Ashley with a little wave. "If it's okay for Nina al-Darsah to overthrow a king because we don't like him, what happens if the Red Hyena overthrows the White Lion? We can't treat it differently because we like the White Lion and we didn't like Typhoon." She blinked, then went on, "What if Gaian Knight flew into the White House and declared he was the President now? What would we want the rest of the world to do about that?" "Well, Ah mean, that doesn't sound very likely," said Judy doubtfully, "he's so nice! And even if it did happen, the Freedom League would stop him." "Like they stopped Nina al-Darsah?" She spread her hands. "And don't forget, she didn't do it herself. One of the most powerful men on Earth decided he didn't like who was running a country, so he went ahead and changed that. What kind of precedent does _that_ set?" She could see Judy looking worried, so she added quickly, "I don't think this is going to change anything for you, or me, or our situation...but this is something a lot of world governments have been worrying about for a long time. Maybe none of them are going to miss al-Darsah, but they don't want to go down like he did either." She smiled thinly. "Luckily the US government has been worrying about that for a while, so they have some contingency plans in place..." --- Sometime later The official portrait of the new Queen of Socotra depicted her in full armor, sitting in her study with a map of the world behind her, a relief sculpture of the islands of Socotra before her. Her husband did it in oil on canvas because he was feeling traditional, and in his opinion it was about his best work. When he showed it to her, she smiled and kissed him and agreed that it was. They were in private for a while; Richie with his new attendants (he couldn't just stay at Trevor and Erin's forever), Mark's new office empty for a little while, his mother's quarters freshly occupied. "I love you." "I love you, too." Mark grinned. "So, our children, huh?" He was in a white shirt and jeans, the better to avoid any paint smears, though those always just made him look better in Nina's opinion, as now when blue and white paint was on his fingers and cheek where he'd absently-minded scratched. She grinned back, rising to her feet. "I thought you'd like that part. But don't get any ideas for a while, and I mean it about those ideas, Mark," she added firmly. "We have work to do here. And everywhere." A part of that work showed up when, at just the right moment, Amir Richard Lucas al-Darsah ran into the room from straight through the wall wearing a bright gold crown on his dark head. "Mama! Mama! I ran through the wall! Nothing can stop me now! "Yes, you certainly did!" said Nina, pulling him up onto her lap and beaming. "And I bet that won't be the last time! Nothing will hold you back, my son." Mark was discreetly calling the nursery to let them know that they could stop panicking. As he sat in his chair and watched his wife play with their son (who had just produced a big chocolate bar for both of them), he took a moment to be grateful that his future had worked out exactly the way he'd always wanted. --- Sometime later "So I'll still be there when you need me, I mean, ha-ha, I can just walk from my room to your room if I need to!" said Mark cheerfully over the videophone, "but I wouldn't do that, obviously, sorry about that again." He twisted his blond ponytail and added, "But...I mean, I've got to stick close with Nina and Richie for a while, especially now that we're trying to make things work here. Constitutional monarchy and not-evil is going to be a tough pill to swallow for some people around here - but we'll get it done. It just needs time." --- Sometime later Somewhere in absolute darkness and silence, a black flame burns, and a voice that cannot be heard speaks before its god. "So is this it? Happiness and marital fulfillment forever? What then is our wrath, great one?" "Fear not, 'small one'. The Omnicide continues as it should, now and forever - and of 'those' you mention?" A hand waves. "Some are 'mortal' and will meet 'us' when their bones crumble to ruin. Others are 'immortal' and will meet 'us' when their universe burns at the end of time. In the absolute night of the Terminus, we know that all suns set in time - and all 'stories' end in tragedy." "It is as you say. Thank you for your knowledge, great one. Your thoughts cleanse me of my sin." "Yes. Let my words burn away your doubts - my 'child'."
  3. "No! The lesson isn't finished!" The projection struggled, seeming to lose some of its cohesion from the binding. "Let me go! I have to teach them all! You will understand if I teach you!" It waved its free hand and there was a flash of unholy menace through the room - Omegadrones and monsters, dead heroes and all-too-alive villains, striking with fists and teeth and blades at the assembled students. Horrorshow took a distinct shot to the face from what looked like a Lor military officer, and an all-too-familiar hyena appeared to slice at Kam's chest with armored talons - but the attack itself was short-lived as even those projections vanished after just a few seconds. Whatever it was trying to do, it wasn't working.
  4. The stairs took them down to the second-to-last lowest level under the building, where they found themselves confronted with - nothing at all? The security door to the control room was open, not the state it should have been in. But otherwise he Doom Room control center appeared to be in sleep mode (as it should have been for the party) but something was up after just a moment's inspection. The clear panes of transparent steel that overlooked the 'arena' were completely obscured, giving them nothing but a blank wall to look at. Tapping a few buttons brought the computers back online, but the gibberish of ones and zeroes that was playing out for them, faster than they could clearly distinguish, was definitely not a normal computer function. Something was happening in there...
  5. "Oh, wherever adventure takes us," said Ashley, a bald smile on her face as she snapped open a pocketknife and began whittling a short piece of wood. "You'd be surprised the kinds of things we do when Claremont's not looking." "We're, uh, gonna go all over," said Judy awkwardly. A lot of her plans for the summer had changed recently, but dwelling on that around her peers was definitely not high on her agenda. "Maybe even into space, who knows." Unaccountably that made Ashley blush slightly, and briefly pause in her work before Judy said, "Actually, uh, we came here to talk to you, Danica." She reached up, tangled her fingers in her hair, and said, "Well, uh, Pan and Ashley and Ah, we wanted to invite you to sign up for our squad next year. We know you're not actually a senior, but we're pretty sure we can get you on our team in the fall. If that's what you want!" she added quickly. "They're going to be moving things around. With the new students, and all."
  6. Okay - Bruised for Red Lynx Bruised and Dazed for Horrorshow Going to post IC, and then Forever Boy will be up.
  7. The zapper worked, sending a jolt of electricity through the Best Man that sent him staggering. The moment the shock faded, Angelic lashed out and grabbed him by the arms with both hands, lifting him into the air and squeezing hard. He gasped, losing his hat in the process, and declared, "Uncle! Uncle!" He gave them both a disgusted look, seeming to cease his struggles. "What sort of superheroes are you, defending a place like that?" "We are not defending that place," said Angelic, her mechanical voice sounding scandalized. "But you cannot just rob the people there! They have been through enough. Parents doing everything they can to save their children. They are not for you to play with!"
  8. New round: The Best Man is stunned. Angelic hits him. https://orokos.com/roll/810273 = 14 And misses even his flat-footed defense of 15! Okay, I'll blow one of her HP on this. Her grapple check: 34 His: 32 So he's stunned and grappled; let me post IC and then combat will be over.
  9. Okay - Forever Boy: 31 Red Lynx: 24 Horrorshow: 23 Nighthawk: 20 Thunderbird: 15 Masque: 9 Okay, everyone - give me a Reflex save, DC 20! Consider this a rank 10 Area Attack with the usual DC 25/DC 20 Tou save if failed - descriptor is technological/energy damage, if that matters.
  10. "You can do that from the master control room on the floor just above it." He gave them directions, then admitted, "I don't know the password - and I wouldn't be one I can guess, not after-" He blinked, just once, then concentrated on the emergency. "It's just a standard security door. Anyone with the ability to do enough damage should be able to get it open. Accessing the system will be a whole new problem, especially if it's gotten, er, overcomplicated."
  11. Daedalus struck her trident against the ground, having pulled it from a place no Surfacer would care to think about for too long, even a living one, and gave a terrible bellow from low in her swollen throat. Leaping up on a car, she pointed at the Science Police and declared, "Behold! That one is in a cape!" She sliced the air and it crackled a shade of green unwholesome to the eye of the average creature that lived upon the ground. "The ones in capes are good! Stop or I will empty my bowels into your face, you dolphin-f*cking spawn of the sun!" she declared with great intent.
  12. Okay, we'll do one round of combat - Everybody roll for Initiative! (Not!Leroy will go first)
  13. "Those studies are - " Not!Leroy visibly flickered for a moment, and seemed to not entirely understand Kam's question. "-not my problem! Any hurt here is far better than any hurt out there! The world is full of monsters! If the students aren't made strong, Armageddon will arrive! Do you know what that means?" Briefly alarming scenes of battle seemed to play around the projection's head like flashbacks given life - the students could make out Omegadrones, and Robin caught a distinct image of Dr. Metropolis with an arrow through his left eye, there and gone like a reminder of what had been. "The cold and darkness between universes, the black flames of entropy that give no heat, give no light, and can never be put out - the end of the multiverse itself!" It was raving, almost incoherent in its anger, but in words and reaction it seemed all too human. "I have to make you all strong, or everything will be plunged into darkness!" At that moment, something lashed out from the wall and caught him by the right wrist, an iron chain that seemed to catch him in anger rather than fear. When Eira spoke, she was on the floor, but smiling through fluid-stained teeth. "Primary tactical systems disengaged. Disrupt physical matrix - for resynchronization."
  14. That hits! Tou vs 22: 24 Fort vs 17: 11 He is unhurt but stunned! Okay, go ahead and post IC.
  15. Ashley chopped the air with her hand for emphasis. "Okay - the memories match up, but this is not how I remember Callie Summers, or how she described her teenaged self to me," she said with a distinct look in the original's direction. "So are we going to look for the clone marks, or check for dimensional displacement, or what, here?" She shot a look at Charlie, a short nod, then went back to the adult conversation. "Listen, I know you're trained in ten forms of self-defense," she added to the younger Callie, "but you were raised to be responsible, right? If there were a copy of your predecessor running around, people would want to know what the score was."
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