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  1. Archeville rose from his crouched position and smiled weakly at Aquaria. Glad to see things had ended on a non-bloody note. And then those inhuman notes issued forth from her throat, and his face froze, then his smile twisted into a grimace. His breaths came quick & shallow, his blood pressure climbed as his heart raced, his vision dimmed, his limbs felt like rubber. Just when he thought he'd gotten a handle on things, on being in the presence of a Deep One, the sight and the smell, her singing -- which reminded him so much of the ululations of the Deep Ones who had rallied under him, chanted war songs in his name, sang praises to the new age R'K'Vll would bring -- brought on another panic attack. Fortunately, Vale had placed a hand on his shoulder just as the worst hit, and the song was brief, so he didn't collapse completely. He stood hunched over, hands on his knees, taking slow, deep breaths. "I... I would be... interested... in seeing those... workups," he struggled, trying to remain calm and clinical.
  2. Davyd took half a step back as Corrine advanced, but her soothing tone convinced him it was okay. His body tingled as her energies washed over him, restoring -- forcing -- him to his original form. He was as shocked as everyone else appeared to be at his powers, "Wow! So I guess I know what your thing is -- you help others, yes? Some sort of empath, a healer?" He looked to the rest, "What about the rest of you? I sort-of know what Lady Liberty can do." He looked sheepishly at Ashley, "ah, sorry. I will remember to give you all warning next time." He turned to Judy and nodded enthusiastically, "I think so, yes! I can do more -- do you want to see?," he asked, eying a basket of fruit on a counter several dozen feet away. He turned back to Ashley -- or, rather, his head did a 180 to face Ashley while his body remained still. "See, I asked this ti- uh oh..." He turned his head back around, and turned his eyes down, "sorry."
  3. "Oh yeah, I heard 'bout them dolphins," he replied to Aquaria, nodding solemnly. "Helped a few divers an' marine biologists along the East coast, they told me stories." An' some of those stories involved critters what looked like you, Miss Froggy. A Mutt approached Aquaria, looked back to Dead Head one more time, then back to her, and allowed her to pet him. Dead Head shrugged, but kept an eye on her for a bit. It took a moment for Revenant's words to register, and to see the bullethole-shaped scar she was showing. "Pardon? Ooh, wow, that's a keeper! Least you can hide it, if'n yer so inclined." He nodded, "an' that's a damn fine mindset! Yes, focus on the present, an' the future!" He walked up to Aquaria, keeping one eye on her, and patted his dog -- which appeared to be mix of Mastiff, Newfoundland, and Saint Bernard -- on the rump, "A Mutt's here one'a Legba's Hounds. Ain't sure what breed he is, 'xactly, or if'n that even applies to 'im. 'E ain't a ghost, if'n yer wonderin', since 'e was never alive, never flesh an' blood like we was -- 'e's always been a spirit."
  4. Archeville took a step back, eyes wide in near-panic. Steady, steady, stay calm, she's not going to attack you... probably. Not the reaction I was expecting. Looks like I touched a nerve, there -- I'll keep that in mind. He re-composed himself, and crouched a bit, holding up his hands defensively, in supplication. "I am sorry, Aquaria, truly. Clearly my question has upset you, and that was not my intent. I should not have asked such personal questions so soon after meeting you, and that question, I see now that I should not have asked at all. I had only asked because," he shook his head, "no, no, it does not matter why. All that matters is that I offended you, and again, I apologize. If there is anything I can do to make up for this, please, let me know, and I shall try my best to make amends." What a strange, strange day this has been.
  5. Archeville nodded along, not expecting to learn that much about Deep One young, but fascinated nonetheless. Makes sense for a predatory species. But sharks eat their young -- do they do the same? What are the survival rates? And their rate or, and susceptibility to, mutations? Could Aquaria herself be a mutant, with a brain and neurochemistry just slightly different enough to get her to think differently from her fellows? Ah, no, that can be dangerous, thinking revolutionaries are mutants who were born different. And yet, if the Deep Ones do have a quasi-hive mind, then a mutation to one's brain might be necessary for her to hav- And then her question threw him. "Well, I... that is, I have not attempted to since my change into this form. Before my change, I had, many times. Well, performed the act, that is, with women and men and other, but never produced any offspring." He sensed a moment to examine another aspect of Deep One society. "Have you and Singularity, or you and Jessie...?," he asked, while raising one hand and crossing his index & middle fingers over each other.
  6. "Fascinating," he replied, both in response to the armor's origin and Aquaria's society. I was not expecting to learn so much about spacefaring organizations today, especially not from what - er, who I'm talking with! "Have any of these Spectrum Knights made it to Earth? And your friend, Bliss, does she come here, or is she only ever in space?" He wanted to talk more, learn more, about these topics, in part because of his future plans, and in part to get away from discussing Deep One society. And yet, he knew he must face those issues. After all, isn't learning the best way to dispel fear? "So... Dagon and Hydra teach that the weak must make themselves strong. That only the strong are fit to survive? That the strong do not help the weak? How are your children raised? Do they just fend for themselves, or does someone watch over them?"
  7. Davyd's blinked at Leroy's words. "Your dragon? Your dragon? Your dragon? Your dragon?!" He had expected to see some wonders today, but first Lady Liberty and now this?! "Where is he? Can I see him? Is he invisible? Or really tiny, hiding in your pocket?" Another question snatched his attention. "My thing? Oh, you mean my powers!" His features and form wavered a bit, and suddenly he was Lulu's twin sister. "I'm a shapeshifter!," Lulu's double said, in her voice. "There's still a lot I'm learning about it," Lulu said as she transitioned into a copy of Leroy, "but I think my work in theatrical makeup and costuming has helped me some." Leroy shifted and became Judy, "the doctor who helped me when my powers first manifested said I could theoretically turn into anyone, or anything," Corrine said, "which is really cool, because I loooove science fiction and horror movies, so I could imagine turning into something from those," Monica said, "could be a big help in scaring criminals!" Monica shifted again, but not back to any one form -- now it had Leroy's legs, Monica's torso, Judy's arms, Corrine's face, and Lulu's hair. "Uh... sometimes I get a bit mixed up, though..."
  8. Archeville gave a satisfied "hrm" as he looked over the sensors -- given all the bureaucratic difficulties he knew WEST faced, he'd not expected them to have tech quite this good! They must be getting more help than most realize... but from whom? After a few moments of checking and re-checking the readings, he turned to the team. "So the good news is, the portal's a bit closer than Dr. North indicated: 31.3 kilometres, as the raven flies. The bad news is, the terrain's rougher than Dr. North indicated: there are monstrously, impassably thick patches of jungle scattered about, possibly the result of Darwin X mutating some of the local flora. Maybe the result of an accidental leak, an incidental side effect, or maybe something intentionally put up by whoever's behind this, as added security. And, of course," he turned slightly and tapped on one of the monitors, "the portal is in the middle of one of the larger patches. Speaking of, the odd news: these scans shows some anomalies with the portal -- exotic particles coming off, and behaving in ways odd even for exotic particles -- but I cannot make out what these anomalies indicate. It could be that the portal's unstable, and is going to wink out... or jump to some other part of the jungle... or that the other end is going to move, sending whoever goes through to an entirely different part of the Lost World." He frowned and shook his head, "once we get closer, I should be able to get clearer readings and could tell more."
  9. 1d20+18: 29 [1d20=11] Not much better than if I'd Taken 10!
  10. Archeville smiled at Agent Cortez. It was not the rakish smile he had flashed at so many women (and quite a few men) over the years, but a calm and reassuring one. "I am sure this will go fine. And if anything does happen to this craft," he jerked his head towards Delta, "I am sure that, between him and I, we can get us out." Which reminds me, I need to try something before we land. He buckled his own seatbelt and leaned back, calmly taking in the scene about him. He noted the gear everyone was using, and used his technopathic abilities to reach out to every bit of electronic gear so he could get a 'feel' for them, to familiarize himself with all the equipment, and note the radio frequencies the comms used so he could link up to them if need be. When his eyes fell on Delta, he sent a radio message to the Omegadrone's systems, having it flash up as text on his HUD. "Hello, Archeville here. Just wanted to see if we could communicate this way, in case something happens to our WEST-issued gear."
  11. "Oh, I had not even considered that!" he exclaimed at Corrine's words. "Oof, yes, I imagine our life would be difficult to plan around. But that does not mean we should not try, right?" "There is a chapel on campus?," he aid, spinning to face Judy as they entered the cafeteria. "Is it open to all faiths? My family has their fingers in several religion's pies, so I couldn't go with just one faith's place of worship. Not that there's anything wrong with a place being dedicated to one particular faith!," he quickly added, not wanting to alienate anyone. And then his attention was on the food, a greater variety than he'd ever encountered before. His eyes grew wide -- literally, a bit -- at the sight and smell of it all, but the greeting from the pale redhead cut through. "Oh, hello!," he extended a hand, "I am Davyd! I'm delighted to meet you!"
  12. An interesting tale. But if the Atlanteans were rich and well-fed, what were they jealous of? No, best not to question that now. Perhaps I can chat with Siren about it later. "Superheroes do not necessarily have great power," he replied, slipping into a professorial tone, "as there have been many who were little different from their fellows, at least in terms of abilities. But one thing all have in common is a desire to combat evil, oppose criminals. To protect those who cannot protest themselves." He paused in thought a moment, remembering what Vale had said about Deep Ones being semi-hive minded. "You've seen humans, surface worlds, who act out against other humans, yes? Criminals, who steal or attack other humans, yes? Are there criminals amongst the Deep Ones? Do any Deep Ones steal or attack other Deep Ones, purely for personal gain, acting against the agreed-upon norms of your society?" He did a double take at her armor, "I have seen star Knight armor before, but that looks like nothing I've ever seen before. Which enemy was it? The modifications they made seem quite extensive."
  13. Archeville nodded solemnly, "I do remember that. That's one of the reasons I decided to come to you first, thinking -- hoping -- that you might have an open mind on such things." He sighed again, and took another long sip from his drink. "How are you going about that? Setting up charities to help victims of supervillains? Or victims of more standard, non-super criminals? I know the victims of crimes get little long-term attention -- especially if they've been attacked by someone without flashy powers or gear -- and I can see you working with such groups. If that is something you'd like to do, and need some help setting up the paperwork on that, I know some folks who might can help," he said as he finished the last dregs from his cup. And then his mouth twisted into a smirk. "Preyed on wealthy men, eh? So that's why you joined my team..." He laughed a bit, and it felt good.
  14. Archeville wondered who was getting more odd looks, Sea Devil or himself. "I do not worship any deities, no. I have worked alongside some," he said, remembering his short time with Thrude, "but... hrm." Realizing Siren, who was a goddess, could still be lurking about, he tried to remain diplomatic. "The ones who have made their presence known here on Earth either seem intent on wiping us all out, or are as emotional and fallible as any human -- or metahuman. And who knows, in a thousand years, some of today's superheroes may be remembered as deities." He chuckled briefly at that, his first thought going to how a certain immortal Greek inventor would react to such a development. "Are there superheroes amongst your people? Ah, sorry, I am getting off topic. My faith has been in my skills, my technology... but that has not been enough, so I am learning to put some faith in others." He coughed at the exchange between Vale and Aquaria, trying to hide another laugh. "Atlantis? I know it was once believed to be a legend, an allegory for a utopian nation, which started as a misinterpretation of one of Plato's allegories on the hubris of nations, mistaken as historical tradition. And then, in the 1940s, we saw proof of it, when Prince Thallor rescued Lynn Sidon from a boat that had been attacked by Nazi forces. Thallor and Lynn's son, Prince Theseus, joined the Freedom League in the 1960s, as Sea-King, and Atlantis had more dealings with the surface world, though tensions have always been -- and remain -- strained. And I know Atlantis and Lemuria were at war for some time, and that Deep Ones were somehow born of both?" He looked over her armor again, once more wondering where it was from. "I also know their technology is quite different from surface world technology, incorporating both the advanced technology of the Preservers and their understanding and use of magic... and it was their mis-use of Lemurian magics that caused the cataclysm that sank their island."
  15. "Ooh, food is good, I have not eaten since breakfast. And laser-dinosaurs sounds even better!," he added with a laugh and a broad smile. Just a bit too broad. Davyd listened with rapt attention to Judy's guide. "Oh, how is the library's media collection? Do they have many movies? Is there a film appreciation class here? Oh!" he exclaimed, and was practically bouncing, "is there a theatre arts class here?! I am - er, was - er am? - in the one at Roosevelt High. We did Dracula last semester -- I did all the makeup and special effects! -- and are working on Much Ado About Murder now. Not as much fun stuff there, though there is a lot of neat costume work, especially for the twins." He answered the actual question posed to him with equal enthusiasm. "Oh, I'm from Freedom, grew up in an apartment in Riverside, with my parents and babusya and uncle." He definitely had the accent of a native Freedonian, though with a hint of something else. "They came over here from the Ukraine," (ah, that's it) "in the eighties, back when that meltdown happened at Chernobyl. I've still got grandparents over there, though. Well, not in Chernobyl, obviously, they moved to the eastern part of the country."
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