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See the Universe join the Praetorian's

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So after the political drama of the Lor elections, the Praetorian's are looking to explore the systems around there home on CoVic station and beyond.


If you already have a Praetorian character you wish to use, or you want you new space character to join in the explorations let us know and we'll find you a place!



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What are the requirements to join Praetorian stories? My character (Professor Peculiar) is new, and not specifically designed for cosmic adventures... but he's versatile and *can* travel through space and/or dimensions (and survive the rigors of space if necessary).

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@Tipop Praetorians are based in deep space far beyond Sol, but their home of Coalition Victory Station is accessible via a wormhole orbiting Pluto.


Basically the Legion of Superheroes, but wholly extraterrestrial. 


As for joining one of their threads, I feel it'd be good to have a slightly stronger tie than just random happenstance. 


What if CoVic Station is in the same place as an ancient starspire Prof. Pec read about back in the day, once the home of powerful warriors of light who were destroyed when they ventured too far into the depths of space unprepared. CoVic Station is known to the superhuman community at large, the wormhole to the scientific community, and Prof. Pec figures that history might repeat?



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