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  1. Professor Peculiar, glad to have an opportunity to discuss his field of inquiry, steps up and begins lecturing. He conjures up illustrations and mathematical equations in the air, describes his undergraduate work in principle theorems, with a focus on divination enchantments. If he's not stopped, he will continue for the better part of an hour, veering off on tangents such as his "amusing anecdote" about how he transposed two constants in Gygax's Formula and ended up causing the entire class to speak in Ancient Mesopotamian for an hour.
  2. Professor Peculiar remains unaware of the suspicious-looking individual nearby (unless Aero, his sentient lab coat, warns him of danger — Danger Sense) and continues to listen to listen to the helpful fellow. "Yes, any information could be invaluable. One cannot make bricks without clay, after all."
  3. Professor Peculiar looked quizzically from the phone to the strange shouting woman who just entered, wondering why she asked if they could come if they hadn't intended on waiting for permission anyway. With a shrug that all but verbally said When In Rome... he hung up the phone and smiled at the new visitors. "Perhaps a bit high on the decibel scale, but who am I to judge? You do you." He bowed with a slight flourish to the three newcomers, and said "Welcome. I am Professor Peculiar, though you may call me Edward if you please." He then proceeded to make introductions among those whose names he knew, with the occasional telepathic reminders from his sentient lab coat, Aero.
  4. (OOC: Professor Peculiar can cast a spell to act as a Star Trek-style universal translator [Comprehend power], if he hears people speaking in a language he doesn't know.) To Exaccus: Peculiar look up from his investigation of the ship's power conduits, his eyes looming large behind their lenses. "Eh? Oh, a man of science... I suppose so, depending on your point of view. What I think of as science is generally regarded as sorcery in this dimension, but I feel the underlying principles remain sufficiently similar that the nomenclature applies nonetheless." He extends a hand to the other Terran, saying "How do you do, Deoxy? I am known as Professor Peculiar, though you may feel free to call me Edward if you prefer." "Do you know much about where we're going? By which I mean, what might be causing the mass exodus?" To olopi: "While I cannot speak for the good doctor here, I am heading to find out about the diaspora, to see if I may be of assistance to the refugees. I have some experience in these matters. Do you know anything about what's going on?"
  5. With a quizzical expression, Edward handed the phone to Stavros. It was his party, after all.
  6. Edward Peck, also known as Professor Peculiar, adjusted his blast goggles as he entered the merchant vessel, his fingers adjusting the arcane lenses the better to examine the spacecraft. He seemed most interested in the flooring, behind which he could detect the conduits that directed power to the engines. "Oh, how remarkable," he muttered to himself, "How clever of them to create such machines!" With a smile, he followed the invisible line of energy, not paying enough attention to where he was going.
  7. Edward glanced around to see if anyone else was going to answer it, but seeing that each of the others were similarly looking around, decided to take it upon himself to pick up the receiver. "Ah, hello? This is Prof..." He paused a moment, listening, then replied "Take them for what?" He covered the mouthpiece then, keeping his hear to the receiver, and spoke to the rest of the magical folks gathered, "He wants to know if we take monsters. Where would we take them?"
  8. Gather Information (or just take 10 if 25 is sufficient): 1d20+15 21 (So 25 is the result) This is to see if there's anything I know about Red Moon.
  9. Edward's first impulse was to smile and greet the newcomer, saying something about how curious minds are always welcome... but he stopped himself at Nicole's tone of voice. "Aero... anything I should know about this Red Moon?" he said in his thoughts.
  10. Edward smirked at this, and replied "It's more about their handicrafts and how they've made a home for themselves here. Do the denizens of... ah... China-town consider themselves to be on display? People come to take pictures of their underground architecture and sample their amazing candies. A few Borrough-folk like to pose for photos with human children."
  11. Edward will animatedly talk about the Borough-Folk, their culture, their close family ties, their love of chocolate and other sugary sweets, and eventually about the warlord who came to their world. "It was... it was bad. I sadly over-estimated my own abilities, and a lot of good people died that I might have otherwise saved. I believe the Borough-Folk of Freedom City may be the last of their race." "I was good of your mayor to offer them sanctuary here. They've become something of a tourist attraction now." Edward shows off his "I Burrowed Into The Borough" button on his jacket. Beneath the text the button displays the Freedom City logo. "The graphic designer wanted to add carrots around the edge of the button... why, I have no idea."
  12. Tipop


    My character, Professor Peculiar, is an experienced dimension-traveler... sort of a magical Doctor Who/Willy Wonka blend. His backstory deals with helping some refugees escape an interdimensional warlord, so if there's a chance Peculiar might hear about these refugees then he would almost certainly get involved. His first fear would be that the warlord had followed him and his refugees to this universe.
  13. Edward beamed at Nicole's obvious appreciation. "Marvelous, aren't they? I can't take credit for them, however. They're the product of the Borough-Folk. Perhaps you've seen them on television? They make the most wonderful confections and treats. That's what originally drew me to their world." He then removed a glove and proffered his hand, saying "Edward, by the way." In his mind, Aero said "Smooth" in a vaguely sarcastic tone.
  14. Edward forced himself to stop staring at Nick and turned his attention to Nicole, answering "A program? I haven't the foggiest. I was simply invited to come and meet the local arcane practitioners... a pot luck meet and greet, I believe." He raised a rubber-gloved finger to the air and said, "... and speaking of which, I really must add my own contribution to the festivities!" He proceeded to the table then, and began withdrawing carefully-wrapped packages from within his jacket and placing them next to the treats others have brought. Each package was a small basket filled with a variety of hand-made candies, each with their own enchantment. Animated chocolate homonculi in the shape of animals, sealed sugary drinks that made your skin change colors, taffy that made your voice change pitch, hard candies that made light shine from your ears, and many more. He kept bringing them out, far more than he could have held in his jacket in the first place, occasionally stopping to count to make sure there would be enough for everyone. "Yes, that should do it."
  15. Edward shook the proffered hand, looking somewhat flustered. He smiled and said, "So sorry... In my world, you're a famous entertainer... legendary, in fact. Very nearly single-handedly popularized rock and roll, I dare say. Quite a good dancer, too." Edward continued to shake the hand as he went on, "All a matter of parallelism, of course. So many of your world's artists and entertainers are great mathematical theoreticians and scientists of one stripe or another where I'm from." In his mind, Aero spoke, "You're still talking. Let go of his hand." Edward looks down at his hands, still pumping up and down, then back to Nick, smiled and said, "I'm going to let go now."
  16. Edward looks up from his momentary reverie at Nick's entrance. Though Edward's eyes remain concealed behind the blast goggles, his bushy eyebrows reveal his astonishment as they make a valiant effort to climb up his bald pate. "Oh my, LaCroix..." he whispers, then in a slightly louder whisper, "Or rather, this world's analogue of LaCroix." Edward approaches slowly, removing his rubber glove as Nick sets his box down. "Ah, er... that is... Hello Mister LaCroix. Or Prince LaCroix...". His manner seems flustered, but he extends his pale hand in greeting nonetheless.
  17. "Well, yes. I am an arcane scientist. On my world, we never developed these clever machines you have here. Computing machines, wagons that power themselves down the road, steel birds that carry you from one side of the world to the other. It's quite astonishing what you've accomplished to make up for your lack of arcane science." Edward grows more comfortable as he begins to sink into a didactic tone, as though speaking to his students in class. He begins to sketch in the air, his finger leaving a trail of light, images of computers, cars, and planes. "Rather, we instead have homonculi, transporter circles, and a multitude of other branches of science... which is called magic in this world." he says, illustrating his points in the air with sketches alongside their Earth analogues. "Interestingly, our histories seem to line up in several instances... we had interdimensional invasions around the same time your world had world wars. Many individuals have similar analogues between our worlds, as well, though it appears that the artists, musicians, and poets of your world were the great scientists of mine, and visa versa. Presley's Theorem of Gyre Inflection was fundamental in establishing our understanding of primitive invocations, while in your world he was a stage performer, best known for a sneer and pelvic thrusts. Geiger laid the early groundwork for dimensional science, which was later made illegal by the United Council due to the wars." Edward pauses a moment, remembering how those laws eventually led to his own exile from his home. As he collects his thoughts, the images in the air fade.
  18. Edward nods and smiles at each individual's introduction, shaking hands and exchanging a few pleasantries. "What is your arcane specialty? I'm primarily an evocationist, though I dabble in a variety of practices. I'm writing a paper on sucromancy... sugar magic!" "Have you met my friends, the Borough-folk? Lovely people. Very peaceful. Dreadful thing that happened to their home world, as I'm sure you've heard." "Oh yes, delightful tea. Reminds me of home. Is there some sugar?" "Anything interesting going on in the manasphere? I'm new to this world, as I'm sure you're aware. Still getting my bearings." ... then when there's a lull in conversation... "Would anyone like some candy? I brought enough to share!"
  19. I have "Well Informed", plus Gather Information (+15) and skill mastery (for a base of 25 on the check). Is there anything I should know about the people gathered?
  20. Edward Peck entered the room like a man anticipating imminent ambush. He stood at the threshold for a beat, leaning into the room and scanning the occupants. He then smiled and allowed the rest of his body to catch up. In his mind he heard Aero speak, "Honestly, sir, you'd think you'd never braced a room full of practitioners before. Were you expecting a duel arcane?" Edward replied, "One never knows, my friend. You recall the Antwird Collective?" "How could I forget? It took weeks to repair the damage their stingers inflicted on my hem." Edward removed one of his rubber gloves as he approached Stavros, and extended the hand in greeting. "Ah, hello! You must be Stavros? I've heard so much."
  21. Maybe I'll jump in later, once I have a few Earth-bound adventures under my belt. There is a multi-dimensional warlord in my backstory, so perhaps I could tie that into a Praetorian storyline at some point.
  22. What are the requirements to join Praetorian stories? My character (Professor Peculiar) is new, and not specifically designed for cosmic adventures... but he's versatile and *can* travel through space and/or dimensions (and survive the rigors of space if necessary).
  23. Thanks for fixing the typos. As for taking Defensive Roll, yeah, I'm aware of the drawbacks. I think Danger Sense and Uncanny Dodge mitigate the drawbacks to an extent. But even so, I don't mind having weaknesses. Notice that I have intentionally made my attack below PL caps when my lab coat is active on its own. I didn't have to do that — I could have arranged the points differently, but I felt it made sense (since the coat is supposed to be a boost to his power). A hero with no weaknesses makes for boring stories. Besides, even if I'm taken out, my lab coat/sidekick can act on its own.
  24. Aero, PL 7 Sidekick, alternate form of the Lab Coat of Aeromancy Abilities: 0 + 14 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 14PP Strength: 10 (+0) [0 pts] Dexterity: 24 (+7) [14 pts] Constitution: 10 (+0) [0 pts] Intelligence: 10 (+0) [0 pts] Wisdom: 10 (+0) [0 pts] Charisma: 10 (+0) [0 pts] Combat: 6 + 6 = 12PP Initiative: +19 / +35 Attack: +3 Melee (+7 when grappling) +3 Ranged [6 pts] Grapple: +35 Defense: +7 (+3 Base, + 4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed [6 pts] Knockback: -3 Saving Throws: 5 + 0 + 5 = 10PP Toughness: +7 (+0 Con, +7 Protection) Fortitude: +5 (+0 Con, +5) Reflex: +7 (+7 Dex) Will: +5 (+0 Wis, +5) Skills: 44R = 11PP Acrobatics 12 (+19) Notice 5 (+5) Knowledge (Cosmology) 12 (+12) Perform (Dance) 10 (+10) Search 5 (+5) Feats: 15PP Defensive Feats: · Elusive Target · Evasion - 2 · Favored Environment (Levitating) · Uncanny Dodge · Dodge Focus 4 · Danger Sense Move-By Action Acrobatic Feint Improved Initiative 3 Powers: 8 + 5 + 30 = 43PP Protection, Rank 7 (Feat: Subtle) [8 pts] Flight, Rank 2 (Feat: Subtle) [5 pts] Super-Grappling (Container) [27 pts] +3 feats Enhanced Feats: · Attack Specialization (grapple) 2 · Chokehold (grappled target suffocates, see page 168) · Grappling Finesse (use Dex instead of STR to grapple) · Improved Grab (attempt grapple as a free action after a melee attack) · Improved Pin Enhanced Grapple (+1 to Grapple checks per rank) +21 Knock-Down Flyby (Alternate Power) [1 pt] · Flight, Rank 4 (Feat: Subtle) - 9 pts · Fast Overrun (keep going until you run out of movement) · Improved Overrun (enemies can't get out of the way, +4 to trip) · Improved Throw (choose which attribute enemy uses, Dex or Str) · Improved Trip (+4 to trip, and enemy cannot try to trip back) · Linked Stun, rank 7 - 14 pts Woosh (Alternate Power) [1 pt] · Quickness, Rank 10 - 10 pts · Flight, Rank 6 (Feat: Subtle) - 13 pts · Improved Initiative, Rank 4 Aeromantic Portal (Alternate Power) [1 pt] · Teleport, Rank 9 (Extra: Portal. Flaw: Long-Range Only) Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 13 Toughness Damage (Physical) Totals: Abilities (14) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (11) + Feats (15) + Powers (43) - Drawbacks (0) = 105/105 Power Points
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