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L2B's Unsolicited Portraits

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I was idly paging through the character bank today when I noticed that many characters have detailed physical descriptions but no accompanying illustrations. Seeing as I am always happy to take on projects that have nothing to do with all the job applications, thesis writing, and general school stress I ought to be worrying about, I picked five at semi-random and illustrated them. I hope I'm not overstepping. If you hate the way I depicted your character, I understand; I will remove it if you ask or improve it with your feedback.


I generated the illustrations by modeling them in the City of Heroes character creator, converting them to line drawings, and then tweaking shadows and adding texture via alpha channels. I have tried to cleave as closely as possible to the physical descriptions offered on character sheets, within the limits of the models I have available and my own very limited artistic skill. If you have a character you'd like done this way, feel free to let me know.


Nick Cimitiere:

I didn't feel like Nick needed a texture underlay. His colors are black and white, so I played with shadow instead.



Jason Stack:

I kept Mr. Stack pretty simple, using an outline technique rather than detailed shadows, because I thought it reflected his character. He feels a little out of place among the others, though, so I might redo him to fit their style better.




Modeling Asli's open robe over her gown was a bit of a chore with the tools I had available; I'm not sure it's open enough, or that it's clear enough that the robe is a separate garment over the gown, but I'm worried about losing her figure completely if I open it too much more.



Black Knight:

I may see if I can get actual celtic knots on Black Knight's sword, but I'll have to realign the model with the sword facing out flat so that I don't have to angle them, as that's beyond my skill. I freely admit that the current purple is a total cop-out.




I wanted to add an overlay/texture relating to her blood magic, but nothing I tried looked quite right. Perhaps I'll think of something later. I'm also worried that I went with a bit too much leather for an ex-nun, but jeans weren't showing up right.


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Thanks, all! I'm really glad you liked them. Since you did, I threw together another five today. I'll have to take a break for a while now, though; too much else to do. I'll get back to it once I clear some breathing space.



Nano Angel:

Nano Angel was pretty fun. I envisioned her combat mask as fairly featureless, to emphasize her sleek, armored look, and kept her hair as her only human feature.




Temperance was a study in blue. I wasn't sure what kind of hair she would have, so I went with my best guess. I've portrayed her with her ice mask, though I think it may make her chin look a bit too thick.




TNTeen was pretty straightforward, but I had to play with his arms to make him look more weedy and gangly; the COH creator really wants everyone to be ripped.



Rene de Saens:

For Rene's jacket, I literally googled "bohemian artist clothing". I hope it's not too much.



Fleur de Joie:

Stesha was a real challenge. There were no appropriate hairstyles, so I hand-drew her braids. I'm not a hundred percent happy with her flower crown, and I realized too late that her tunic and slacks look a little too much like scrubs with that shade of green; I may see if I can go back in and fix that with a deeper green.


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Seriously dude you're doing awesome work here.


Feel free to use any of my characters if the inspiration so strikes you!


EDIT: I also need to echo the kudos for Nick's picture. All of the stuff you've put up here is good, but I think that one really nails it.

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