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Citizen's Initiative: 21

Gal Vanic: 19

Curator's Initiative: 19

Tentacles: 18 Jeez!

Aw, he still goes after Ghost Girl, since his modifier's lower.

OK. The half-dozen summoned tentacles have Defense 10 and Tou 12, they do DMG 10 and have Attack 12 vs. targets like Kimber. (What do they do to Tronikians! Let's not find out) They will reach the arcologies below in three rounds, and this first batch is close enough together to be hit by an Area effect.

The Curator's base stats are my Centuritron build with the stats raised to PL 16. (Yeah, it's that kind of fight, kids)

His ATK goes up to +8 (+12 Unarmed), his STR goes up to 50 (+20); his Defense goes up to +12 (+4 flat-footed), his TOU goes up to +20 (Impervious 10). Raise his Will save to +10. Up his Flight+Super-Strength to Flight 10, DAP: Super-Strength 10 with an effective max STR of 100. (Heavy Load: 12,288 tons)

I will make his Cyberkinesis Array a plot device, since the heroes will need all the HP they can for this fight.

Lacking the patience for fancy maneuvers at this juncture, Citizen flies up to the Curator and punches him with a +5 Power Attack. vs DC 14 24 Well! DC 34

32 You know what? No, not this time. That's an additional HP for Sharl.

Ghost Girl will be up as soon as I post IC.

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Wraith hungers! Hungers for FACES! Feed your faces to Wraith!

Elongation 2 (+10ft) [2pp]

Speed 1 (10mph / 100 feet per Move Action) [1pp]

Strike 5 (Feats: Improved Critical [19-20], Mighty) [7pp]

[2 + 1 + 7 = 10/10pp]

She spends just enough time while hidden to quietly shapeshift and elongate, and then breaks cover to charge in and assault a clump of robots head-on. Because why not, I say! 'Clump' here being any group of enemies close enough to each other to all be in her ~15' melee range, and not too close to the cover they were using.

Melee Attack Roll vs. Robot (whip-blades; Power Attack -2/+2) (1d20 + 11 - 2=23)

She'll make with the Takedown Attack as necessary, and will be interposing for Koshiro, if he becomes a target.

For the end of the surprise round:

Initiative Roll (1d20 + 7=12)

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Initiative: 9 because Glow can't go early in the round at all during this series of threads. Ever. Sheesh!

Seeing as we're apparently busting out the surprise assaults she would like to use her area TK power to blast the biggest bunch of robots that she can see that don't belong to Wraith's 'clump'. Or Mali's targets. Or Koshiro's either because he'll probably go before her too.

Attack roll: 20. That seems like it should be sufficient to dish out some damage. It's TK 7 so the DC on that would be 22.

Finally, Glow's also on interpose duty - she'll cover for Mali if any robots try to attack her.

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If you're still going with that maneuver we discussed in chat vis-a-vis Gal Vanic's Move Object, let's just do this as a straight Strength vs Move Object check as a standard action. (This time!) The summoned tentacle swarm is a minion, and its STR check result is 19. So shoving the tentacles back into the overhanging 'mass' will require hitting them with the power, then getting over a 19 on a STR check.

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Skullship Crew:

Robot Group 2: 23

Crimson Tiger: 14

Wraith: 12

Papercut: 9

Glow: 9

I'll use the field battle rules from Golden Age here. There is 1 group of 1000 robots (to start with). Since they're a robot horde, I'll use the below stats rather than the standard stats

It has the following stats:

ATK: +5+9=+14

DMG: +5+9=+14

DEF: +5+9=+14

TOU: +5+9=+14

Wraith's attack:

23 would normally miss, but they are flat-footed!

Tou vs 28: 22

Fails by six, shaken and disrupted (-3 to all rolls)

Since this is a force, Glow gets +2 for using Area attacks

Tou vs 24: 14 Fails by 10! disrupted x2, shaken, and disabled

vs. Mali's attack

+6+5+5=16 DMG + 15 =DC 31! Wow

Tou vs 31: 21

Disabled again, and so destroyed: 1000 Curator drones are gone!

Give me a Disable Device check, E

Go ahead and make your IC posts, folks, and then we'll start round 2

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All right, I'll say that Disable Device check is enough for Koshiro to get an idea of what to blast - that central 'tower' seems to be connected to much of the ship's operations, particularly the control system for the tentacles below, while the subspace linkup stuff seems to be back behind them. I'll throw in a +2 Damage for his next attack, since you went with the Disable Device rather than combat this round.

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Just a note for clarification: what's over Tronik doesn't look like a ship, it looks more like a silver-black hemisphere that's enclosing the city in a bubble. Kandor expy'd, oh noo.

She is definitely strong enough to rip the tentacles out.

Dome: 27

Hah, well, it is injured!

Tentacles: 16

Failed by 12, I will say that's bad enough that the curator doesn't bother maintaining them and sucks them back in.

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