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Space heroes!

Thunder King

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I think there is room for Space heroics (and several threads have occurred in Space - and we even have a Spaaaace! Forum). As Ravelled says, this site is based around Freedom City - that does leave room for other bases, locations, etc...as long as they don't overwhelm the site.

Supercape would be interested in any Space thread, of course, given his ability to survive in Space, and his ability to travel practically anywhere. He may be a bit high PL / power, but still, bear him in mind - for a plot device if nothing else!

If there is enough space heroes, I suggest clubbing together for a space station and acting as Earths defenders from outer space!

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Simplest and most obvious idea would be for, say, Star Knight to request backup when some giant space animal or stellar entity gets loose. That provides a clear target, clear reason for the group to gather, and potentially puts them in touch for future adventures.

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Basic idea: a noble of the Stellar Khanate sends a secret message to the Star Knights that her beloved has been captured and imprisoned by one of her greatest enemies in Kinan Khan's court. She wants assistance in freeing him, which is taken by Mentor to mean an almost certain trap of some sort. Sri Montoya of Earth takes on the mission regardless, taking the precaution of asking for aid from among Earth's space-faring heroes.

The band must somehow rescue the houseguest without creating a diplomatic incident, evade or defeat the army of a powerful Khanate noble(allowed due to distinguished service by the Star Khan), and secure a happy ending!


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One thing I want to make plain is that this is intended as a Star Wars-like adventure, not a super-tense interstellar political thriller where the heroes are involved for plausible deniability. They're called in to do something heroic, even if for someone who might not deserve it.

Blue Rose, you mentioned something about disguising the rescue as a pirate attack, I think? I'd love to hear more about what you had in mind!

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It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. And being a space pirate with a space pirate ship, it's not even a disguise.

Known attacker-of-ships attacks a ship, takes all their swag (or all they can carry) plus their prisoners and maybe their pants, and goes off to sell their stuff and 'ransom' their prisoners, leaving 'em adrift with little more than a distress beacon. Standard pirate attack. It just happens to double as a rescue mission, with some 'friends' along for extra muscle to help sort that part out.

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