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A Clandestine Encounter (OOC)

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Using EE to Stunt off the Magic array.

Mind Control 10 (Magic, mental; Extra: Action [Move]; Flaw: Limited [Mind Probe only]) [20 PP]

And now the person teleporting folks is Fatigued.

Do you mean Mind Reading?

(Though Control could make this even more Comedy of Errors-y. "Robin, I can't do this on my own... Make me do it!")

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Sorry I didn't get to throw this up last night. I had to get to sleep to fast.

We'll just say that Colt is about a mile away (5000ft) looking down on the area through the Scope on his Sniper Rifle.

His scope allows him to see through any obstacles in the way like trees or anything. He automatically his DC 20 on any notice check's he's required to make at that range through skill mastery. Should he need to actually shoot anything or anyone, He has ricochet on this power, so he can fire a bullet, and have it bounce off of any obstacles in the area, and come out exactly where he needs it to. (Note, the attack is not indirect, so it still has to end up coming from the same direction that he fired it in). This attack is Subtle, and requires a DC 20 Notice check to notice where the attack was made from. At 5000 feet, with normal senses, that's a -500 to the check.

Colt will use Skill Mastery to make a DC 22 Stealth check.

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Just a quick note. As that Scope is clearly not a simple optical scope Avenger doesn't show up on it due to his Concealment VS. all mechanical devices.

Also VP 2 is any broad descriptor such as Magic, mental, or Technological effect. I'm gonna assume that you have a technological as the type given how its been used in the past (Lasers, etc) Holy isn't a technological descriptor. Just so that doesn't lead to confusion later. Though bullets of odd material (Like wood?) I suppose is a possibility.

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Many of colts gun powers have Variable Descriptor 2, and in every case it is [all technological]. I just assumed since it was always the same, I didn't need to list it. That's good to know about Avenger. But I think I can handle that. I do have a down field spotter that can tell me which 5ft square he's standing in ;)

Oh yea, And I should add that Colt will Ready an Action to fire a warning shot at anyone that gets too close for comfort with Grim. Like bouncing a bullet in front of their feet or something.

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Not quite yet. I should clarify "too close for comfort": Anyone that makes an obviously hostile action (or looks like they are about to) will be shot at. Also, anyone who attempts interaction skills with hostile intent like intimidate, or Bluffing for a Feint, or Bluffing for a Taunt will be shot at. Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.

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That's the idea, Durf. I'm not sure if I have to ready this or not, but he'll also respond to any requests for warning shots and such from Grim. I kind of thought that went without saying, though.

In summary. Colt is in place to ensure the protection of Grimalkin. He's not looking to initiate hostile actions, just guard against them. Sort of speak softly and carry a big stick sort of thing. Anyone else need clarification for this?

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Ok since this isn't really a combat encounter it probably doesn't matter much but if you want to interrupt an action with one of your own you need to ready an action to do so. The Action and circumstances need to be pretty specific. As in "If someone takes hostile action against grim I will shoot them." Or "If anyone gets within 5 feet of Grim I will fire a warning shot."

If you're just sitting there waiting to deal with events as they come you don't need to ready and action you will just act on your initiative if it comes to initiative. So if you're readying an action write out the trigger and the action and we can move on. If not we can move on.

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Okay, so I'm going to go with what I spelled out before:

Readied Action: Fire a warning shot

Trigger: Any hostile action that targets Grim (such as an attack) or any interaction skill with hostile intent (Examples include: Intimidate, Bluff for a Feint, all variations of Combat Feint such as Acrobatic Bluff, Bluff for a Taunt) that targets Grim.

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OK, Sand and I have talked this over in the OOC, and this is over the line for both of us. I know your character has super-science super-guns that don't actually work like real guns, but he's still hiding in a dark patch of woods pointing a sniper rifle at other superheroes: in particular, he's brought special bullets so he can kill one of them better and faster. This is really not suitable for the tone we're trying to set on the site. And yes, we're all playing superhero characters who aren't actually going to fight with each other, but this is still something that we're uncomfortable with.

A thought: why don't you do something where Colt is standing there, guns akimbo, standing guard over his lady? That way you get the same character placement, and he doesn't come across like a lily-livered varmit? (To use cowboy parlance.) ;)

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