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  • Kaede Kimura changed the title to The Steel Strike (OOC)
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Okay, so I talked to Lone Star and El won't be joining the combat for the foreseeable future. To that end I'm going to say that El is helping the civilians evacuate so that the others can fight without worrying about them and still have her nearby. Maybe edit your IC SF, to reflect this, but it's up to you.


In light of this, I am giving each player a hero point, since this will be making the combat harder through no one's fault.


On that note, it's time for initiative rolls. If anyone wants to sneak in another pre-combat IC go for it.


Shooting Star: 1d20+2 = 12

Anarchilles: 17

The Card Carrying Villain: 11

The Human Nightlight: 8


On that rousing note, let's see if anyone manages to go last.

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Okay, sorry for the delay! That'll hit and he'll try to resist being tripped, don't checking the rules says that wow, it really stacks this against you, huh? At least I don't think it includes Super-Strength.


44 says he stays standing. Immovable really quickly takes you into the region of impossibility, huh?


Well 'Zul it was worth a try, sorry.


@Spacefurry Leon's up!

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Okay, I'm afraid you miss SF, she's quite good at dodging.


Next up: Me, several times. But Anarchilles is first, and I'll just roll for him, since SF needs the chance to post, and he might be affecting Nightscale. (He just attacks)


23 what the hell?? Uh, I'm gonna be honest I wasn't expecting to hit here...

DC30 toughness please 'Zul

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