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Destroying the Doomforge

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It's time to get rid of the Doomforge in Kingston.  Voltage, supergenius tech savvy hero and electricity controller extraordinaire, has some ideas, but he wants to contact the best and brightest in brains to help formulate a plan for getting rid of it.  This may also involve combat, I dunno, I'm not actually running it, just getting the ball rolling.


THIS is a possible thread wherein the characters can discuss plans and ideas, which means it's for super smart heroes who are have an expertise in technology, or for anyone who has enough knowledge of the Terminus itself to have valuable input.


So who's interested?

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I am volunteering Lulu for this; not as one of the great thinkers or planners, but as someone who can lift 12 tons with her mind. Also I enjoy seeing characters trying new things ?

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Artificer would be up for the brainstorming part. And general networking with other brainy tech (and magic) types.


Horrorshow would be up for the demolition part; he'd think he's adaptable enough that nothing inside could seriously injure him.  (Whether that's accurate or not is another matter!)  And he is a native of Freedom with ties to Ukraine (and Chernobyl), so he'd be eager to help clean up a towering technological terror.

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