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The Neighborhood Bodega  near Claremont Academy

February 1st, 2021

Afternoon, after classes had ended


It was time for some of the newer students to take a trip to the neighborhood bodega. Danica thought so, at least. She had rounded up Luke, Leon and Muirne and off they went for cheap junk food!


The weather was quite nice, if a bit chilly. It had started snowing a few hours earlier, and was still going, but the snowfall was light and inobtrusive. 


The group was just exiting the bodega with their bounty in hand when a strange wind blew through the street. It was warm, cutting a path through the falling snow, with a strong smell of ozone and rust along as it went. 


In a flash, an armored vehicle appeared, driving through the tunnel in the snowfall at full speed, tearing down the road. 


It was not alone.


Seconds later, a pair of Omegadrones appeared in the same manner, flying straight after the vehicle.

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Muirne walked quietly beside her schoolmates, holding a burger in some overwhelmed grease-proof paper. She had been enjoying the small trip with her schoolmates when she felt the warm air cut through, reeking in a new and worrying way. Suddenly she was nearly blinded by the flash of the car appearing and the pursuing Omegadrones. She barely hesitated a moment, drawing from the well of shadows within and transforming into her shadowbeast form in the blink of an eye.

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It had been a pretty good day, right up to the point where it was suddenly a very, very bad day. In her fifth year at Claremont, Danica was used to leading tours of new students around the grounds and the neighborhood. It was important to pin down landmarks like "best place to get junk food" and "greasiest french fries" early if you wanted to have a really good high school experience. Not that the caf at Claremont was bad, it was just... healthy. Nobody should have to be healthy all the time.


She was guiding her Segway with one hand while attempting to unwrap a Fruit Rollup with the other when the warm wind caught her attention. The fruit snack fell forgotten to the slushy ground when she saw what was coming up. "Omegadrones!" she yelped, her disguise of "girl in puffy coat and backpack" melting into "girl with huge black and gold tortoise shell." "We've got to get back to the school!" Immediately she pulled out her phone and punched the Freedom League's emergency number, one her mom had insisted be programmed into her phone for just such a time.

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“Oh my go-“ Leon muttered greedily around a mouth full of hot, delicious grease... I mean burger. “Mmm... ‘is es ‘eabeny.”*
(*translation: “Mmm... This is heavily.”)

The group for youngsters weren’t even out the door before Leon couldn’t resist the warmth of the burger seeping through the paper into his fingers any more. The paper bag, with its treasury of salt and peppered fries, in his other hand as he followed Muirne out onto the sidewalk. Swallowing the first bite Leon grinned back at Danica. “Okay, point to you, these are really good. Either that or the ones at the cafeteria are just-“

An abnormally warm wind cut through the lightly drifting snow fall. Sudden a flash light herald the arrival of out-of-towners. A car barreled down the snow cover street at dangerous speeds, followed closely by two even more dangerous looking drones “Shit!” Leon finished his statement.

It only took a fraction of a second for him to react with the complete disregard for doing the smart thing that only teenage boys can seem to manage. Leon drops his food (the paper wrapping of the burger to encasing it to protect it’s precious contents) and starts to rush ahead, the sound of rustling paper following him.

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Elena barely noticed as she crossed a portal into Freedom City. Her focus on survival ruled out all else at that moment, but her sister's fate started to crowd out her mind. Is Stella dead?? Did I leave her behind? Where am I? Is Stella dead?? These thoughts echoed through her mind, and she forced herself to shut it out. No. Not now. I'll circle back and get her after I take care of these 'Drones. She'll be fine, she will -


As her sports car, painted a flaming red and adorned with armor, exited the tunnel, she realized there was no turning back. It was cold, something she hadn't experienced for a long time, and the city around her was whole, as if Omega had never attacked it. The sounds of her roaring war machine and the buzzing of the 'Drones behind her seemed to quiet for a moment as she took in her situation. I need to turn around, get my bearings, she thought, her mind clear and lucid for a moment.


She downshifted, the gears groaning in protest, as she slammed on the brakes and wrenched the wheel to the left. The force of the sudden stop slammed her back into her seat, and she prayed for Painkiller to survive this.


It didn't. The gear missed, and her car flipped over. El was thrown around, but managed to activate her helmet before the vehicle left her control. It flipped over six times, and Stella grabbed the leather strap that passed for her seatbelt, closing her eyes tightly. In moments, it was over. Painkiller was a smoking wreck. She crawled from the carnage, some part of her noting it would be much more difficult to turn back now.


Using her hammer, Elena stood up, and surveyed the strange new world she found herself in. No matter. Now, it was time to fight, and survive. Her armor fully deployed, she faintly resembled an apocalyptic knight of the realm, weapon raised to fight a dragon. She saw the Omegadrones flying towards her, and she pressed a button on the massive hammer. It hummed faintly, distorting the air around it, as she held it behind her in a batter's stance.


She bellowed "COME AND TAKE ME, YOU F***ERS!"


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Awhshome plashe. Thankhsh.” Luke was already chewing through his first hamburger as he merrily thanked Danica for the suggestion. A second one was safely stored in a paper bag, soon to be devoured too at breakneck speed. The scent of bacon and grease filling his nostrils. “Next time I’m gonna have to show you a place I know. Best fries in Southside.” He grinned, yeah he even worked there a few weeks, pre Juvie of course.


He was about to steal one of Leon's fries when the scene suddenly shifted. “Omegawhat?” He turned to the turtle girl with a puzzled look. Ah yeah those…


Back to school? “Hey no way, she needs our help.” He objected clenching his fists and dropping the bag with the rest of his meal on the ground.


That’s freaking metal…” He grinned when he saw the car. Not that the young woman driving it wasn’t pretty metal too. In fact when he saw the vehicle crashing he was about to rush at the wreckage to the rescue, but it looked like the newcomer could very well handle herself.


Hey Scrapheads!” He taunted the drones. Adrenaline pumping and fire heating up in his chest.

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The Omegadrones were silent, following closely behind as they chased the young woman through the wreck. If they were intimidated by her shout and massive hammer, they didn't show it. If they cared anything about anything else that was going on around them, it was the same. 


Their sole focus was on the Outrider. Nothing else mattered at the moment.


As Danica and others found out, their phones seemed unable to find any kind of signal. It would not be as easy to call for help as she had hoped.

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“Someone stop the car before someone get hur-“

Leon was yelling back when the car suddenly swung left and flipped itself. Luckily it had stayed in the street and hadn’t hit another vehicle, or worse, landed on a pedestrian. He skidded to a stop for a second in surprise, when an armor clad woman pulled herself out of the wreckage and cried out a challenge in rage directed at the drones.


5 hours ago, Nerdzul said:

That’s freaking metal…

“You.. are not wrong.” Leon once again admired his roommate’s ability to understate the obvious. He let out an impressed whistle then turned his attention back to the... What was it Danica had called them? Omegadrones? ‘They’ll be calling them scrap when we’re done with them.’

Newspapers may harder to find along the sidewalks nowadays, but luckily there’ll always be small ads. Those cheap, freebie black and white flyers and booklets found along sidewalks and on street corners in the big city. The ones used for selling unwanted personals or used cars. Their bins emptied as he called to the  paper and it sailed past him into a pool on the street between the overturned car and the oncoming machines. 

They were easily 8 or so feet long and as unfriendly looking as hell. Leon grinned and called back. “I’ll take the ugly one.” And with a snap of his wrist a giant paper spike erupted from the pool of paper in the street right at the underbelly of one of the drones.

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Elena looked on in confusion, then surprise, as the young man called to the paper around her, and it obeyed his commands. Could it be - am I before the Omega War? There were stories that had become legends of the heroes that valiently fought the forces of Terminus in that final battle...and suddenly it all made sense. Oh, crap. There would be time to ponder this later. For now, she had an ally, and as she looked further up the street, she saw more costumed people. At least I am in good handsThe heroes of this world will be able to help...maybe it's not too late to save Stella.


As one of the 'Drones flew towards her, she leapt up to meet it, pulling her hammer back. It thrummed with power, distorting the air around it as gravitic energy flowed through. As she met it, face-to-face, her face contorted into an expression of righteous fury. The merciless forces of the Terminus had taken so much from her. They would not win this day. She screamed the words of her clan as she brought her weapon down: "Feel my fury!" 

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It took only a moment for Danica to realize that her phone suddenly had zero bars, and her call wasn't going anywhere. "Well that's not great," she muttered, even as her classmates began rushing in to attack the things. It was a relief to see the driver of the flipping car emerge apparently unscathed and ready to fight the Omegadrones, but the shock troops of the Terminus were frighteningly tough, and extremely fast. Getting close was a really bad idea, but she couldn't just let the younger students get hurt!


Summoning her toy-sized tortoise construct to her hands, she whispered "Go for the jugular" before releasing it from upflung hands like a dove at a wedding. The little black and gold creature flew in a graceful arc across the street, arrowing in on the first of the drones. It landed neatly on the thing's shoulder, opened its mouth as wide as it could, and took a chunk the size of an orange out of the juncture of neck and shoulder.

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Muirne wasn't particularly cognisant of the things happening around her as the shadows that she was now composed of writhed in the cold morning. The creature swept forwards rapidly to meet the unharmed Omegadrone, claws at the ready. Slashing quickly the immaterial blades met the drone's chest as Muirne wrestled with herself for control. She turned to the newcomer after her attack, unconcerned at the possibility of a counterattack due to her incorporeality. "Is there more coming?"

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Shadows, paper and hammers had little effect. The attacks passed by their targets or simply bounced off the Omegadrones' armors.


Little spectral toy-sized turtles, however?


Stuck at the first Omegadrone's neck, Chelone's turtle caused it to trash about, surprised by the sudden attack and losing control as it tried to get the turtle off.


The other drone stared directly at their target, punching down towards the Outrider. It smashed into the ground where she stood just before, quickly pulling its hand free again.

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Paper growls is frustration as his initial attack misses. Both drones dodging the spike. The girl’s hammer and his classmate’s shadow fail to connect solidly, but then a small ghostly turtle takes a chunk out of the first drone.

”Oh, I am not getting shown up but a baby turtle.”

With a sweep of his arm the rigid spike sudden lashes like a whip as it strikes out at the undamaged drone attacking the new arrival. The paper tendril flows and changes, a giant fanged maw opens as it shifts into a monstrous serpent. Snapping it’s jaws closed the outer skin of the snake explodes. The drifting paper revealing a chain stretching back to anchor into the ground where the original spike had been.

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Caught a bit by surprise, the young man watched as the drones shrugged off anything they could throw at them until a freaking pocket sized turtle managed to chew threw their metal hide with ease… Wtf? Not that the image didn’t extract at least a chuckle from him. Oook...


He darted toward the drones, once he was close enough he jumped in the air, using the momentum to fuel his assault against the metallic abominations that had just recovered from its encounter with turtle.


He roared, as spectral outline of his true form surrounded him, empowering his fists to strike through metal before landing a few feet away, close to the hammer wielding warrior.


"Need help?" He smirked playfully.


"What the hell are these things?"

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As Elena landed on her feet, she saw her attack missing entirely Though she was also confused, she nodded in recognition of the...turtle-person. This is truly a strange place I've found myself in. I can only hope that they will be able to help me find my way home. Her heartrate started to slow, her breathing becoming more even. First things first: stop the Omegadromes. Second, talk to these...well, they must be superheroes, with how they dress. See if they can get me back to my world. Maybe I can bring Stella and my clan here...give them another chance at more than mere survival. 


She looked at the shadowy man next to her, and swept her hammer onto her shoulder. "They're Omegadrones, sent from the Terminus to wipe humanity from the Earth. I'm Elena. Help me out here and we can talk after," she said, her voice magnified in her makeshift helmet. "Your abilities are...impressive." 


The hammer thrummed with power, humming faintly and her muscles tensed as swung the mighty hammer in a circle around her. She pivoted, building momentum, and hurled it at the nearest Omegadrone. "But so are mine."


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Chelone watched the progression of the fight, her lips pursed as she watched her allies not making a lot of progress against the drones. "Weaknesses, she muttered to herself, trying to think back to her classes. "Omegadrones, obeyer-drones, zaps and magnets make them stay at home!" she chanted to herself. She'd gotten an A on that test thanks to her made-up rhymes. "Guys!" she called out. "Try electricity, magnets, or mind control if you've got them!" 


She took a deep breath and opened up the part of her brain that was full of tortoise-feelings. Slow and wise and ponderous, powerful but honestly kind of boring a lot of the time. It was the same part of her brain she used when she was trying to calm down excitable human brains around her, but this time she wanted to do more. "Slow, slow, slow, slow, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep!" she chanted at the two drones, over and over again. It felt like she was pushing the tortoise-thoughts straight into their heads. They obviously didn't like the feeling, swerving away from the onslaught, but they couldn't avoid it entirely. Within a few moments they were both slowing, slowing, slowing. 

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The drones were fast and strong. Attacks either missed or bounced off their armor, even as small blows were struck... or massive blows, as Shadowborne hit one, knocking it a few feet back. It was shaken, staggering to get its bearings.


Before the Omegadrones had a chance to act, Chelone spoke. They both stopped, one throwing its hands up to his head, struggling against the great and powerful turtle's calming influence.

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Muirne watched her claws skitter off the creature's armoured chest and everything else get resisted except for the turtle. She wasn't sure how tough these creatures were, but maybe other things would work. She reached past the monster's armour and pulled on the light and warmth she felt there, feeling the life drain from it before dissipating from her. She snarled wordlessly at the Omegadrone as it remained standing as she pulled her arm and tendrils from it's chest.

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Wipe out humanity? Well should have sent more than two.” He joked, that said, what if they did? After all if these ones had somehow crossed into their reality more could do the same right? He definitely had ton of questions, but then again the middle of a fight didn’t exactly look like the right time to ask. 


Elena. Ok so even interdenominational warriors could have normal names it seemed, then again so could dragons...  “Luke…


Yeah and you fight well…” He chuckled. 


Anyway. Back to the fight. Giant monsters out to wipe out humanity. Ok. Vulnerable to mind tricks, zaps and magnets. “Thanks…” He nodded towar Danica. That said, he had none of those. Whatever. It didn’t look like they were invulnerable though just tough. Maybe if he could find a weak spot…


Again, he jumped, spectral wings guiding his leap, enough to get him toward the head of one of the monsters, to juncture in its armor where Nightscale could sink his claws.

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Leon cursed again as the Omegadrone slipped free of his snare at the last second, leaving the paper chain to fall to the ground. His anger was only slightly appeased by the fact that the others were having only marginally better luck, if any, them him.


On 1/28/2021 at 1:02 AM, Electra said:

"Guys!" she called out. "Try electricity, magnets, or mind control if you've got them!" 

“Ya, of course. Cause those are totally in my power set.” He muttered to himself as he glared at the mechanical menaces. Something caught his attention and he gave a wicked smirk.

Brushing his fingers along the paper chain, it fell apart as he ran along it. The paper follows and sweeps past him, swarming up in mass and quickly shearing through the thick insulation of the over head power lines, exposing the bare metal cables. He skids to a stop and reaches out both hands in  grabbing motions. The swirling paper coalesces into giant, disembodied gauntlets that mimic his hands as they grab on to the lines. With a quick wrenching motion, the paper gauntlets tear the power lines free and Leon turns to face the drones.
Standing there in the snow covered street, the disembodied gauntlets holding the power lines ready. Leon grins as he yells a warning to those in close combat.


He chuckles.

“Ha, always wanted to say that.”

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Nightscale's claws cut through the Omegadrone's armor, tearing it apart.


He could almost feel it glaring at him, as all struggle left its body, and then... It exploded.


Everyone but Danica were caught in the explosion that rocked the street.

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"Yikes!" Danica ducked into her shell as the explosion sent pieces of Omegadrone shrapnel in every direction. None of it actually reached her, but it was still very scary! She looked around anxiously for signs that any of her allies had been hurt, but miraculously they all seemed to have gotten out of the way in time. That was great, but unfortunately the explosion had been enough to break her concentration and end her sleepytime chant. "Sleep, sleep, sleep," she tried desperately, but it was not going to be enough this time; the remaining drone was definitely waking up! She threw another turtle at it, but this time it, too, couldn't find a place to get a bite. Something bad was definitely about to happen. 

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The last Omegadrone shook with the explosion, but it would not falter as Danica resumed her chanting. It was not enough, as Danica herself noted.


As the tiny turtle bit at it, the last drone put its hands out to the sides. Purple lightning crackled out from its fingers, striking in the area all around them, crackling and striking all around it, threatening to catch all the heroes in the attack.

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Leon watched as Luke’s spectral claws tore into the drone. The young hero must have hit something critical, the mechanical monstrosity violently exploded. But in that fraction of a moment, as the wave of destruction threaten to wash over him, the paper reacted instinctively.

Even as his arms reflexively came up to shield his face, his jacket collapsed into a swirl of paper that formed into a barrier before him. Shrapnel and heat slammed into the barrier, carried by the force of the explosion. A moment later just when Leon was about to drop the barrier a second attack hammered it. Purple arches of electricity lashed around its edges but none of them touched him. And like that, it passed and the barrier collapsed. The paper showing only mild signs of singeing at the edges and small pieces of metal embedded in them. His jacket was gone, but he would worry about that later. For now adrenaline was keeping him warm.


“Show off!” Leon yelled at his roommate jokingly. “My turn.”


Thrusting his hands forward, the live cable carrying gauntlets lunged at the remaining Omgeadrone.

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Paper beats drone.


At least when that paper is carrying a high voltage wire absolutely sparkling with electricity towards the drone, stabbing straight into the thing and sending a full shock through the drone.


Of course, the power needed to take down the drone soon caused the lights to go out in the entire block around them.


While the drone shook and rattled from the shock, it was clear what was going to happen... soon, it exploded, much like the other one, catching everyone up close in its explosion.

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