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Hero Prom (OOC, open)

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Thunderbird -


You see one of the unisex bathroom doors fade out of existence, replaced with a stretch of smooth speakeasy wall. Isn't that the one Eira and Pan just went into?



Masque -


Danica looks odd tonight, you've never seen her dress so much like an adult woman before. 


Red Lynx -


 You distinctly spot Leroy dressed as you first spotted him, walking out of the other bathroom door, before he disappears into the crowd - looking distinctly more furtitive than his usual happy-go-lucky self.


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Well, in that case... time for stabbing things! Pan summons a Forever Sword and starts stabbing at the wall. That's  DC27 w. Penetrating 5 for the wall.

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Everyone who rolled 15 or below on their Will saves: 


(Horrorshow, Masque, Nighthawk, 





You feel a distinct stab of pain, as if you've been impaled! It's very painful but you don't actually take any damage. 




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