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Terror At The Pier


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Vibora Bay PCs go the front of the line, but PCs from other areas can participate if there's room.

The only requirement is that you come up with some excuse for your PC to be at (or very near to) some part of the Vibora Bay waterfront when disaster strikes.




A lot of the action is going to take place in or near water, so "aquatic" characters will thrive, but being "aquatic" isn't required, and in fact, I'd prefer that most of the team aren't specifically adapted to that environment. I'll hand out Hero Points liberally for the setbacks. And if nothing else, there are always power stunts and heroic feats.


According to my cursory research, the continental shelf containing the bay is roughly 150ft deep, so unless someone more knowledgeable recommends otherwise, that's the depth I'll use.


The villain's character sheet will be withheld until the end. I'll update the OOC to include their stats as they're demonstrated or uncovered. You're flying blind.


There's no need for you to memorize these rules, but I want you to know in advance that I'm using them:


The following core M&M rules will be in effect.

  • In combat, each round you're in the water, you need to make a Swim check (or a raw Strength check if unskilled), at DC15 since this will be "rough water."
    • Success: You can (but don't have to) move at 1/4 speed with a move action (7ft if you have the base 30ft speed and no movement powers or Growth ranks) or at 1/2 speed with a full action (15ft without powers).
    • Failure: You can't move from your current position, but you don't sink either.
    • Fail by 5+: You sink underwater, and suffocation becomes an issue.
    • If your actions for the round include trying to rescue another character, your Swim check rises to DC20.
  • Out of combat, if you're mostly in the water, then you need to make a DC20 Swim check once per hour.
    • Failure: You suffer a level of Fatigue.

I'll be making the following judgement calls.

  • If you're underwater, you count as having "Partial Concealment" (20% miss chance) and "Improved Cover" (+8 Defense, +4 Reflex saves) from attacks originating above the water.
  • You can hold your breath for X rounds (X = Constitution) only if you had the chance to, because going underwater was a conscious, active choice on your part, not if you fall/get knocked/get dropped/etc.
  • If you take damage or get stunned while you're underwater and holding your breath, then you're not holding your breath anymore.
  • If you're underwater and not holding your breath, then you have to make a Fortitude save against suffocation each round (DC10, +1DC per round, failure = Unconscious, then Dying, then -1 Con per round).
  • If you burn a Hero Point for a temporary rank of the Equipment feat to get ahold of a rebreather or some SCUBA gear, then I'll let it last for the entire scene instead of the usual 1 round for a Heroic Feat.

The M&M books forgot to import any specific rules for what happens when you're fighting underwater and you don't have Environmental Adaptation, so I'll be importing these from D20.

  • -2 penalty to Attack rolls
  • -4 penalty to Notice and Search checks
  • Thrown weapons don't work
  • If you fail your Swim check, then you lose your dodge bonus for a round.
  • Anyone using powers with a "Fire" descriptor underwater may suffer a setback. Example: They have to fight through a Nullify effect (resisted with a power check or Will save, as usual). Instead of the power just not working, I may decide that the power rank is reduced by however much you failed the check/save (just for the round, not for the whole scene).
  • Anyone using powers with an "Electricity/Lightning" descriptor underwater may suffer a setback. Example: Their single-target attack acquires an Uncontrolled version of the Area extra.


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