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Deep Runs The Dreadnaut (OOC)


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@angrydurf @Avenger Assembled @Heritage @RocketLord @Tiffany Korta You all expressed interest in this.


Let's set the scene with one IC post from each PC. Describe some or all of the following: The time leading up to the explosion from your PC's perspective; what you were doing on the beach or the waterfront (or nearby); how you react to the explosion; how you approach.

After that, I'll move things forward with another GM post describing the scene of the explosion in greater detail, once the PCs get up close.


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OK, five days is a long enough window. Moving forward now. @Heritage feel free to get in on this next round of posting if you still want in.


Lets talk logistics.


In the next round of posting, please describe how your PC gets to where they're going (presumably the exploding boat, but if you want to go elsewhere I can roll with that too). Each of you are free to get there alone under your own power, or to run into another PC and hitch a ride with them.


The ship is about a mile into the bay (which is about an 8 mile by 3 mile triangle pointed at the Gulf of Mexico), in water that's a couple hundred feet deep, so just getting there is going to be a challenge for most PCs.


Swimming is technically an option, but probably not the best one.

Right now, the Swim condition is "Rough Water", DC15.

But even if you can reliably make the check and take two move actions per round, that's only 15 feet per round, which comes out to over a half-hour to go the distance.


If you have Flight or Speed, it'll still work under the water, but at a reduced speed, equal to a Swimming effect of the same rank.

Since Persephone's Platform Flight is coming from under the water, even though she's above the waterline, I'm holding her to that as well.

Leaping will still work under water, but at 1/4 distance, same relationship as swim speed has to ground speed.


Nobody has a boat listed among their Equipment.


Anyone who wants to commandeer one of the many boats and ships lining the waterfront or already out in the bay can do so in whatever manner they prefer. I'll say all available motorboats will have Swimming 4, 25MPH, and can reach the ship in just a couple of minutes.

  • If you want, you can just use a Hero Point to edit the scene in a way that gives you a boat.
  • You can use an interaction skill (Diplomacy and Intimidation make the most sense) to convince a bystander to loan you their boat. It's a DC25 check, the equivalent of using Diplomacy to shift their attitude two steps, from Indifferent to Helpful. If you have any applicable ranks in the Benefit feat, such as Wealth or Vibora Bay City Defender, then you get a +5 bonus.
  • If you want to steal a boat instead, then give me the relevant skill checks: Bluff, Disable Device, Sleight of Hand, and/or Stealth could all be involved, depending on your approach.
  • If you want to use a power such as Emotion Control or Mind Control to make a bystander loan you their boat, then let me know and I'll roll their saving throw.

Sagrado Corazon has Emotion Control, Mind Control, and a Variable Power, so he's got several ways to get his hands on a boat. That takes care of him, and anyone who wants to hitch a ride with him.


Persephone has Affects Others on her Flight effect, so she can ferry any one other person who wants a lift.

But since her Flight speed is currently 5MPH, it's going to take her 10 minutes to reach the ship, so if someone else offers her a faster ride, she'll take it.


Woodsman has a motorcycle, so if he wants to get there under his own power, he has the option of using Extra Effort to power stunt an AP off of it, giving him an equivalent-value boat instead.


If Cheval rides in a boat in his metal form, his weight is going to drop that boat's speed by a full power rank, more than doubling its transit time.


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Alright rule of cool it is.  


Miracle VP set to 

Super Movement 1 (Water Walking; Extras: Affects Others) {3vp}

and Speed 1 (Extras: Affects Others) {2vp}


Which should get him and anyone willing to join hands for the magic of friendship out to the boat in around 5 mins.


I imagine we'd not do much better with a boat hauling Cheval and metal man seems useful in big boom noise situations.

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I'm keeping things vague for the moment when it comes to the rescue and relief efforts. There's lots of stuff to do. There's a big ship that's tipping over, sinking, and on fire. It's full of people who are panicking, injured, and/or trapped.


In the next round of IC posts, feel free to describe your PC assisting in the rescue effort however you prefer. We're not in combat rounds yet; I'm keeping the time interval vague, too. Just pick a task, and make a check with whatever skill, power, or other trait makes sense. Most checks are going to be DC20. See the example list below. For every 5 points you exceed the DC by, you get an increased measure of success.




If you want to spend your round helping another PC do their thing, then make a DC10 Aid check with whatever trait makes sense, using the standard mechanic: If you succeed, you give them +2 to their check. For every 10 points you exceed DC10, you give them an additional +1.


Inspire is also an option.


Mechanical notes:


At 50,000 tons, the Elizabeth Dane is a Heavy Load for Strength 110.

At over 600ft in length, she is HQ Size Level "Huge", which is Character Size Level Awesome +2.

She has a crew of 30.




The side of the ship is smooth metal, slippery from the water, but there broken cables and ropes dangling over the side. Climbing aboard without any movement powers requires a DC20 Climb check.


The water in the bay is "Rough Water", so, without any movement powers, swimming is a DC15 Swim check, or DC20 if you're trying to rescue one of the people who have already gone overboard.


If you want to move from one area of the ship to another without first clearing the debris blocking your path, then you need to make a DC20 Escape check.




Anyone who gets anywhere near the ship needs to make a DC17 Toughness save against lethal fire/heat damage due to the heat radiating off of the burning oil pools, the fire on the lower deck, and the molten metal around the hole in the hull.

For anyone who enters the water immediately surrounding the ship or the exposed lower deck, the save jumps to DC20.

For anyone who actually touches the burning metal rim of the hole, the save jumps to DC25.


Anyone who moves onto the top deck of the ship or into the cargo hold below needs to make a DC20 Reflex save to avoid the now-unsecured cargo sliding around and falling down. Anyone who fails needs to make a DC25 Toughness save, nonlethal damage. I'll let Interpose and Deflect work against this as if it were an attack, so you can take the bullet for someone else.


Example Actions:

  • If you want to lift/move debris to clear a passage or free a trapped crew member, make a DC20 check, either Strength + Super-Strength or Move Object (or something else if you can justify it). For every 5 points you exceed DC20 by, you free another person or clear another exit.
  • If you want to try to put out a fire, then make a DC15 check. If you succeed, you put out the fire in one location (the cargo hold, the water on the side of the ship with the hull breach, etc.). For every 5 points you score over DC20, you put the fire out in another location.
  • Multiple people are already injured and even dying. If you want to administer first aid, make a DC15 Medicine skill check. If you succeed, you administer aid sufficient to either stabilize a dying person, who will now survive their eventual trip to the hospital, or you restore mobility to a formerly immobilized person. For every 5 points you score over, you help another person one step.
  • If you're just trying to evacuate people from the ship, with stuff like personal movement powers or Move Object effects, then your check is base DC15 instead, since that's relatively easy. Just remember that you need some place to put them. Success gets one person off the ship, and every 5 points over gets you another person evacuated.
  • If you want to try to repair the hull breach, the power check (Strength + Super-Strength, Move Object, etc.) is DC25.


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Woodsman is going to try and use one of his cryoagents to put out the fire in the water - that way crewmen can jump out and be rescued in the water if they need to. He can do this at a distance (arrow'd!) so I don't know if he needs to make the Tou save? 


Assuming that gives me +10 to the check - 




He'll take care of the fire in the water and the fire at the hull breach if he can.

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No, with the range on a crossbow, he doesn't need to save against the fire.

He beat the base DC15 by 9, so yes, he can put the fire out in both the cargo bay and the water on that side of the ship.

So now no one else in those locations has to make any saves against the fire either.


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Going to join Persephone on her platform and see if she can get us in where woodsman put out the fires next to the ship.


Going to go with Healing 1 (Extras: Area(general, burst, 25' radius) Action(standard), Flaws: Limited to Others, Limited Stabilize only; Feats: Stabilize, Progression 2[5PP]  for the miracle VP if that works in this scenario and she can get them in position.


power check?  1d20+1=4 ...  stabilize doesn't usually require a check but we're swimin in the deep end so if that's needed I'll HP for a reroll.  1d20+1=16 


Let me know if that's workable angle to go off or if I should work up an alternative plan.

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@angrydurf Short answer: That works, kind of.


Of the 30 crew members, I'm going to say...7 are currently wounded.


You're correct that the Stabilize power feat specifically exists to relieve you from having to make a power check to stabilize someone, so don't worry about making a check at all, or burning any Hero Points. That general mechanic I outlined above is a tool, not a straitjacket.


Sagrado Corazon is welcome to take the empty spot on Persephone's platform, and I'm willing to have her spend her "round" using her Move Object effect to collect and consolidate the wounded.


Persephone's power check is 25, so she can move 3 wounded people over to Sagrado Corazon's treatment area. That "treatment area" should probably be the very small amount of empty space on the boats that Betsy and Woodsman commandeered, because the Elizabeth Dane is currently leaning at a significant angle and still has unsecured cargo air-hockeying around both the upper deck and the cargo bay.


So that's 3 of the wounded stabilized, 4 still untreated.


I'm also going to say that those 3 were the ones in the water or otherwise easily accessible, and the other 4 are currently trapped or cut off by debris.


@RocketLord Cheval succeeds in closing the hull breach. The Elizabeth Dane is still tilted, but it's no longer in imminent danger of sinking to the bottom of the bay.

Also, I'm going to retcon that Damage 10 effect from the molten metal into Corrosion 10 instead.

So have him make a DC20 Fortitude save against Drain Toughness 10. Since his Toughness is Impervious, if he fails the save, the Drain has to drain Impervious ranks as well as Toughness ranks, so he'll effectively only suffer half the usual Drain.

If he fails the Drain save, and loses enough Impervious, then have him make the DC25 Toughness save as well.

If Cheval fails the Drain save by even one point, then he gets a Hero Point for the setback.


@Tiffany Korta What's Betsy going to do with her time?


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@Tiffany Korta Betsy's Impervious 10 is just one point lower than what she would need to ignore the damage from the unsecured cargo sliding randomly around the ship, so she still needs to make the DC20 Reflex save (and if she fails, the DC25 Toughness save) once she's aboard. (We're talking multi-ton pallets and containers here.)


As far as getting onto the ship in the first place, she has two options: Through the breach at the water line (before Cheval closes it), or on the upper deck.


The upper deck is at least 50 feet above the water line, so if she wants to enter the ship that way, then she needs to climb up the side (DC20), or power stunt a movement power.


If instead she wants to bring her boat alongside the hull breach and jump through before Cheval closes it, then her 10 feet of standing long jump should just about do it, but she'll need to make a DC15 Reflex save to avoid the molten metal around the rim and dripping down from the top of the rim. If she fails, then she needs to save against the same rank 10 Corrosion effect as Cheval.


Once she's on board, go ahead and make a DC20 Strength+Super-Strength check. Success means she cleared enough debris to free one trapped/pinned person. Every 5 points over is another one freed.


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