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[Recruitment] Ghostly Dance


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Alright, so I'm in a thread-running mood again.
Now, for one of the ideas I've got whirring around in my brain I really don't have any go-to PCs, so I'm doing this as an open recruitment.


As you can probably tell from the title, it'll be a somewhat occult-themed thread, although that doesn't affect the character so much as you as a player, if you'd rather not go for that.

The thread will be set in Freedom, so characters from other cities would have a bit of a harder time making the cut (although I'm not gonna say it can't happen)


I'm looking for 2 PCs (possibly a third if I'm convinced that one of yours would work), namely:


-one character in their early-to-mid 20s, who would be, at least in the beginning of the thread, in their civilian identity.


-a magic/occult/that kind of supernatural themed character, an investigator, or preferrably somebody who combines both aspects.


As I said above, I may consider 2 characters for either of those roles should I see a few that fit well.

If you're interested, just post a reply to this thread, and specify which character (I like to think I know them all well enough , considering how many of them I've approved :P )

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Hex is both in his mid-20s, and a wizard.

He isn't based in Freedom City, but he could get there.

He doesn't have any "investigative skills", unless Knowledge (Arcane Lore) counts, but he does have Precognition and Postcognition.

He uses the Precognition spell every morning to help him figure out where in the world he'll be needed, so there's always an excuse for him to show up in any given place.

His civilian identity is a paper-thin disguise, but it does technically exist. He's got a birth certificate and school records, and he pays the property tax and mooring fee for his houseboat. And he has a normal family who exist entirely in the muggle world.


Strix is obviously "supernatural-themed."

He's also not based in Freedom City, but he also wouldn't have much trouble getting there if he had a reason to.

He has Mind Reading and Postcognition, both blood-based, and some Knowledge (Streetwise), but no other "investigative skills".

He's in his early to mid-30s mentally, and his late 30s chronologically, and his civilian identity has been legally dead for years, so he doesn't fit either of those criteria.


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On the other hand, both of my characters have pretty severe limitations which may complicate things more than you'd like.


In the interest of full disclosure:


Hex's magic is incompatible with technology. When he uses his magic, either 1) machines in the immediate vicinity malfunction and/or break, 2) local machines function normally, but he suffers a backlash, or 3) the machines malfunction and/or break, and he also suffers a backlash.


Strix can't be active during the day. He's lethargic when the sun is in the sky, and any amount of even indirect sunlight burns him.


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Dead Head can fit the "investigator" part (lots of Gather Info, decent Notice & Sense Motive, several Comprehends & Super-Senses), and definitely fits the "supernatural" part. And I haven't moved him to Bedlam yet, he's still kicking around in Freedom. (Maybe some lose thread at the end is what ultimately sends him to Bedlam?)

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