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So...I've been thinking about running something lately...


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Social thread style, but probably with skill challenges. This is gonna be super vague, as it's just a minor itch.


Outdoor Racing Festival ala Forza Horizon, but with superheroes and probably some crime to stop.


Let some folks try to thwart my Shadowrunnin' team, but in 2018 Freedom City instead of 2070s Seattle.


Prevent That Assassination!


Something something college game night?


As I just said, super vague. I dunno, really. Got that GMin' itch, I guess.

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35 minutes ago, EternalPhoenix said:

Mmm. Also. going to blend the racing thing (which is totally about folks in cars, you guys) with the assassination thing. The assassin is after the grand racing champion. I have to write it, but would folks still be up for that?

Should probably keep this at the bottom. There's nothing wrong with Rev being in it from a mechanical perspective, Cape. The idea is as I said, trying to stop an assassin from slaying the street rally grand champion while the biggest street rally festival is in town. It has a lot of bands playing, and some of the best street rally racers in the world showing up. Also, their mechanics I guess? Whether her age isn't right is...up to you, I guess?

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