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Racing Death OOC


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On 10/4/2018 at 1:01 AM, EternalPhoenix said:

Knock yourself out. Kindly don't roll initiative. For those of you in the race, Drive checks to see how you do in the first lap. Chromium gets a +5 bonus (equal to his speed rank, since he's driving himself) to his check.


So with the sniper can I just attack him, or should I set up for the attack so you can do a big, dramatic, "everything at once" post? 

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Okay, after some discussion, that's actually a 16 and I'll allow the +4 to remember things, so 20. Just for fun, I'll put it in a 



From the Rookery's files, Alek remembers that the criminal history of "Dewstar" goes back decades.. The first actual entry in the file is from Duncan, not Callie, and while he was still young. In those days she was just a master thief with a talent for archery. She was legitimately one of the best (if not the best) in the world, but she lacked two essential qualities to be recognized. She was the exact opposite of a showoff, and her behavior was strikingly inconsistent and whimsical. She would turn unreliable at the drop of a hat, which doomed her chances of getting any of the big jobs. Eventually she just kind of vanished, and Duncan thought she'd either retired or died. Callie's notes indicate that sometime in the late 80s she made her return with a side of murder for hire. She's as good at that as she was (and still is) at thievery. Callie's notes paint the same picture from a personality standpoint, albeit with the newfound knowledge that she doesn't seem to hold anything (up to and including life) sacred. Both have encountered her, and both (uncharacteristically) mention needing to bring help next time. Alek can't quite recall why, though. "Dewstar" 's most common alias is Daria Stavros, though she has plenty of others. Neither Raven managed to figure out what her real name was.


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