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Which 3E Freedom City book changes are worth adopting?

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So, with the release (finally....) of M&M Third Edition's version of the Freedom City book, there have been some Changes to its meta.


Broadly speaking, most of the changes are in the peripheral material, and most of THOSE follow the separate continuity that 3E has been developing for the last 6 years. But a few are a little more adaptable.


So this is a brief listing of them, to see if there's any interest in bringing them into the Foulde. Under spoiler tags for those who are planning to get the book themselves.


1. Legacy shakeup(s). In the case of the ones normally given to NPCs, do you think that should remain the case or should they be kept open for PC options? There are some vacancies/upcoming vacancies.

Some of them are Freedom League, which now is a wholly-PC endeavour on the site.


New NPC Lady Liberty, pre-med student at FCU named Sonia Gutierrez, trans woman and very new to crimefighting.


Maria "Star Knight" Montoya becoming a permanently extraterrestrial warrior after the havoc in space decimated the numbers of the order, leaving her sector open for a new protector.


Fletcher Bowman's family business requiring more than a dilettante's hand on the wheel, potentially pushing him out of heroics.


New legacy option: the Lantern/Torchbearer, a previously-unpowered or mystic PC who helped bring Lantern Jack to his final rest, and in return was imbued with some of the spectral guardian's power. Different in flavour and style to the Beacon, enough that I feel it's worth weighing. Fire-themed Hanged Man.


Master Mage: in 3E, unheld, as Adrian Eldri(t)ch was killed by his foe Una and his nominal heir, Seven, is largely devoted to justly ruling her new realm of The Netherworld after killing the Dark Lady in retaltiation.


2. Changes to the baddies, further shaking up the established teams, transferring some formerly tech-themed villains to mysticism and the return of some oldies for a Chrome Age update.


The big shifts here are:


The Crime League has two new members, Freebooter and Tom Cypress, replacing Maestro, Hiroshima Shadow(who is just gone) and Blackstar(who is busy being Sailor Galaxia).  Devil Ray is turning into a Deep One after using an ancient Lemurian artifact. The team's Cypress is an alt-universe double sent to Earth-Prime for a mysterious purpose. They now have a Legion of Doom-style swamp base made from Alien-Gator's crashed ship and are using the Circuit Maximus as a talent pool and testing ground for expanded membership.


The Cosmic Mind has infiltrated Star Khan's doings, subsuming the minds of the Zultasian psychic Hounds.


The Conqueror Worm has returned thanks to Malador the Mystic and is setting up a zombie apocalypse to bring down God's wrath. 


Conundrum has figured out the second Raven's secret identity and is working to undermine and destroy the institution she governs, in 3E that's her mayorship of Freedom City.


Knightfire and Toy Boy becoming a spirit of hate and a nightmare being, respectively. New Doc Holiday in the form of an evil force of anti-fun possessing a rando named Holiday.


Magpie and Freebooter turning to being the Beyond!Bruce and android-haver Calculator of their respective gangs and the former having a small and growing cadre of admirers and apprentice thieves.


Silencer coming under the mystical sway of Tarot, who overnight became a more commanding, proactive criminal after selling her soul to Cabot's demonic patron to save a life. In 3E it's their Foreshadow, but of course that doesn't work here.


Warden, formerly a mundane prison-themed engineer supervillain, is now wielder of a magic key that connects Earth-Prime to his otherworldly Dungeon Dimension.


3. Changes in and around Freedom City thanks to the chaos in space.


Star Island develops a small city of alien refugees, leading to an alien minority easing into Freedom City society, similar to the way Tijuana's refugee alien minority population has affected its culture.


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Freedom League - all this stuff sounds great. 


Baddies - I like the Devil Ray stuff a lot. (No surprise there!) 


Freebooter has "broken good" in our 'verse, no reason for that to change. 


Nobody really cares about Magpie, etc, so there's no reason _not_ to have these transitions for them. 


Not sure about the alien thing - but it's a perfectly fine character origin. 




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I think if we're moving the old lady liberty off screen we should hold hte spot for a good PC pitch.  But I'm biased toward keeping legacies available for PCs where possible.


Other League openings and shifts seem reasonable directions to take the NPCs we were moving off screen anyway.


Crime league getting a heavy hitter in the form of Cyprus seems like a solid shift to me.  Gives them a more solid foundation for nefarious plots.

Conundrum really seems to me to be in the field of whatever KD wants for it since he's nominally taking over hte legacy if that gets going.

Warden stuff has potential I think and the others could make good jumping off points for plots if people are interested in running/pursuing them.


Star Island stuff works well to tie into the diaspora and work as an alien origin factory and tie in to connect space and FC.

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Yeah, I'll second Durf's note about Lady Liberty - I think we're better-served by leaving the potential open than we are by the new canon; the inclusiveness of that canon is nice, but that's not something we're often short on here anyway and if someone wanted to pick that legacy up it would mean a lot less headache.

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I am going to start the master magi thread but since it took me a bit to start, I was waiting a bit to see if the 3E stuff should be added/adjusted. If no one has any complaints, I'm going to keep that part cannon compliant since it works as well as anything and move Phantom into that this month. I am trying to get back on top of things now that the other house is selling. If all goes well, we should be back to more normal as of the 15th this month. 

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