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Found 9 results

  1. 9:00 am Monday 28th September 2020 Summers Advance Designs, Jasmine House, Downtown West 66 Downtown West 66 was a rather modest skyscraper that housed a legacy of the Summer’s family, one that could be coming to an end very soon. The massive Majestic Industries corporation was looking to buy out the company, what with Jerome King holding a place on the board. They were obviously hoping that the Summers had no interest in the future of a company they had little to do with for the last couple of decades, but a Summers never lets go of the past easily, especially one
  2. Even as the tension left by the HATERS gathering in Liberty Park slowly died down, for the time being, at least, and the heroes of Freedom City were all going about their daily lives and stopping threats to innocent people as they came, another event was already being set up. Ads were placed on what seemed to be every single bus stop and lamppost in the city, with each one having phone number tear-off tags for people to take. If one were to take the time to read one of the ads, it would read, in a psychedelic font... We are living in a New Age of Gods and Monsters! So are you
  3. For the past few days Moira had received cryptic messages in coded in ancient Greek. Mutually intelligibility aside, it was like reading ancient Greek. Smart people stuff. People that could read English couldn't understand all of it. That kind of stuff. She turned to her connections on Olympus and even they had a head scratch. It was machine code. If they were on good terms with Hephaestus, they'd have it solved. But the whole deal with him and them - Aphrodite and Ares, especially - was well noted. There was a hand full of smart people who could help. This was Freedom City. Turn t
  4. GM May 4th, Thursday, 2017, 2.06AM Stronghold Security corporate offices, 476 Charles St. An empty hallway. From inside, the Stronghold Security building had almost nothing to remind one they were, in fact, inside the Stronghold Security building. A prominent skyscraper gracing the skyline of a major Atlantic metropolis in whose walls worked hundreds of people making sure that people from all(but preferably the better-heeled) walks of life could sleep safe and sound in the knowledge that Stronghold's technology would protect them. For Josh Kim, universi
  5. OOC thread for this thread. Scarab III versus tech-crimes. @Tiffany Korta Okay, so Tiff. Would you make me a Reflex save for Scarab to get herself and the panicky guard away from the grenade? Or do you have some alternative notion?
  6. South Pointe, Miami Beach 10th July 2017, Early Afternoon One of the places you went to in Miami if you wanted to see and be seen it was Miami Beach and today the one place to be seen was the extravagant beachside party to celebrate the coming of age of heiress Ruth Aster. The entire party had been painstakingly designed around an Ancient Egyptian theme, from the Hollywood accurate costumes of the staff to the slightly less accurate but much more expensive designer dress that Ms. Aster wore. The whole party area was even decorated with Ancient Egyptian art, the center pieces bein
  7. The Scarab III Player Name: Tiffany Korta Power Level: 10 [15] (214/220PP) Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 6 In Brief: Genius gadgeteer with a surprising origin for her powers... Residence: Apartment in Downtown Freedom City Base of Operations: Mandjet Building, Khepri Incorporated, Downtown Freedom City. Catchphrase: Alternate Identity: Kamala Khanufasa Identity: Secret Birthplace: Jersey City, New Jersey Occupation: Engineering Entrepreneur, Owner of Khepri Incorporated Affiliations: None Family: Sana
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