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Found 15 results

  1. GM January 3rd, 2018, Soho, London, Club Immortus Dreadnought slept with his future brothers, deep and sound in an enchanted slumber, to wake in the new year of 2018 by Mr. Murk, who had most interesting news... Mr Murk brought coffee with him, as Dreadnought woke from his one hundred and sixty seven year slumber. He was surrounded by (now) at least ten sleeping Dreadnoughts, his future selves. The coffee was strong and black. "You may need this. Of course, caffeine might not work on you" said Mr. Murk, handing a bucket full of coffee to the immortal. "You awake in 2018. It seems the world has need of you, or more precisely, your team mate, Foreshadow" he explained, slowly and carefully, waiting for the enchanted slumber to seep away. "However, my vision is more cloudy on this. More cloudy than it should be, even within the strange fog that is the future. I sense...interference...manipulation..." he explained. "I think you might be needed...." Because, just then... Foreshadow, as a member of Vanguard, was being introduced to a Mr. Anton Vasilyev, ex-KGB intelligence officer. This meeting was beyond top secret. It was a private, secure room. Possibly bugged by the Ministry of Powers - but Foreshadow foresaw no such future. As far as he knew, via his foresight or skill, the room was secure. Of course, the ministry of intelligence would be pressing him to extract as much information as possible. "This room...its secure...yes?" asked Anton in fluent English. He must have been a good spy. Maybe he still was. A strong man of average height, non descript face bar a broken nose, and wearing unremarkable clothes. "What I need to tell you...its personal...about your family..." he explained. "Not really for others to know...."
  2. OOC for this thread So I'm tossing us right into a firefight. Both Foreshadow and Arrowhawk can recognize the arm blasters being made out of computronium from a distance. Streetwise DC20 DC25 DC30 Gather Information DC20
  3. GM Bill Sweeney's Home Cowal Place, Dunoon, Scotland, UK Saturday, November, 7th, 2015 10:20 PM The sound of violence cut through what should have been an otherwise sleepy night in the seaside town of Dunoon. Sprawled directly in front of an exquisite Baronial style home. Were half a dozen men, attempting to fend off an attack by at least two dozen assailants. Te men sieging were armed with firearms, unlike the estate's knife wielding defenders. However, any illusion that they had paid a visit to the local Dunoon gun shop could quickly shattered by a cursory inspection of their weapons. The material shone brightly even in the dead of night and was adorned upon each man's arm as if some sort of hand cannon. Furthermore, rather than bullets it was instead crimson colored lasers bursting forth towards the homestead. The skirmish attracted the attention of the local populace. Doing everything to get out of the way of the crossfire. Everyone knew who lived in that house. And what the consequence of such an open declaration of war meant for anyone unfortunate to get caught in the aftermath.
  4. N/A

    March Badness

    The vision hit Erick Sloane like a runaway truck. The vision which hit Erick Sloane was a runaway truck. An armored car crashed right into him. It couldn't have been him, because the car smashed into him and crumpled around him like he was a stone pillar or a steel lamppost. The impact had lifted the back tires into the air, and they didn't have time to fall back down to the street before whatever the car crashed into lifted or pushed it up and over, to land upside-down onto the street behind it. Erick blinked his eyes, and saw the uniformed drivers lying on the ground, convulsing like marionette puppets as dozens if not hundreds of bullets shredded their torsos. Their kevlar vests weren't built to take so many direct hits at such close range all at once. Blood mingled with engine oil before soaking into the asphalt. In the background, as the vision faded away, Erick could just barely make out the reflection of the cheque-cashing shop's sign in the spiderwebbed remains of the armored car's window. He recognized the place. It was across the street from a decent taqueria.
  5. N/A

    March Badness

    Triggering Foreshadow's -Uncontrolled Precognition.
  6. Tiffany Korta

    Dining Out

    Braddock’s Restaurant, London, United Kingdom Braddock’s was one of the most exclusive restaurant in London there was a two year waiting list and still then you could be turned down for not being of the right caliber. So an invite to attend a diner on the fly was a surprise in the very least. As they arrived they were show to a table where there sat an old woman she only appeared in her 60 but she was actually much older. Dame Pennington, Britannia during the war, was not a woman to be trifled with despite her advancing years.
  7. OOC for this Synapse and Foreshadow attend the Winter Olympics! Some politics, some athletics, some icy danger! To kick off, please feel free to post your arrival to Soshi, by air sea or land. Foreshadow has also experienced a fore-vision of Sergeant K approaching him, and also of Sergeant K getting shot (lethally? who knows...) Feel free to make appropriate Knowledge (Current Events) or Gather Information rolls about any specifics you want to know - either now, or in the course of the thread.
  8. Supercape

    High Steaks

    OOC for this Ok we are going for a Casino Royale feel her. Lots of social conflict. Ocassional bouts of violence. And more importantly, feel free to use all your skills and powers in non-combat ways., To start off, you can make a knowledge (current events, business or streetwise) , or gather information skill roll, to see what the "Buzz" is. Feel free to narrate the particulars of what you know according to what skill you use and the particulars of your hook in. DC 20: The High Steaks is selling "the Grand Prize", nobody knows what it is, but the Mafia, some major coorperations, and other outfits are investing big in some players to win it for them. Word is, its illegal. DC 30: The Grand Prize is infact a massive Daka Crystal, smuggled illegally into the country and unsellable by conventional means. Hence, the poker game. Also, you can make a Knowledge (Civics) Roll DC 25 to see if you can disentangle the legal jargon around the invitation and rules, to realise this is a smuggled, illegal item. Then, please narrate your entrance! Narrative license is yours, so feel free to add what you want to the ambience.
  9. GM An abandoned hotel on lantern Hill, Freedom City, Earth 2014, June 12th, 12.02 PM It had started small, like most problems do. Something that caught the eye, but easily dismissed as a trick of the light, hazy memory, or the work of an over-active imagination. Then it got bigger, more clear, harder to ignore. Maybe window shivered like rubber, someone's faced changed in the flicker of a second, something you knew you'd seen, maybe you heard the asphalt speak to you. That was when the first suspicions arose. Then Eldrich appeared, in full view of the public, warning the world about an encroaching, overpowering evil that needed to be destroyed He swore to uphold his duty as Master Mage and die, if necessary, to save all. Gathering a band of other heroes, he and they departed to battle the new threat. That was a month ago. But the inklings didn't stop. They grew. They weren't frequent, and almost none could detect them, but those who beheld had no doubts any more that something was very wrong. Now, three of bustling Freedom City's heroes have gathered in a secluded place, a broken-down old hotel on the far side of stately and severe Lantern Hill, to discuss their discoveries and determine what, if anything, can be done about this mystery,
  10. GM Friday, November 15th, 2013 Southside 10:32 PM The cool November air felt like an early greeting from the forthcoming winter. The waxing gibbous moon overlooking the dark sky was difficult to make out under the cover of a menagerie of thick clouds. If the effulgent lights reflecting from the casinos and various businesses North of the banks of the South River were a symbol of change and prosperity. Then the rigid buildings that have supported multiple generations of families South of that very same river represented perseverance and longevity like nowhere else. Only in the Southside did wealth and poverty truly find themselves standing side by side. With many of the area's affluent neighborhoods paired with those neighborhoods unfortunate to be stricken with rampant crime and misfortune. Outwardly one could be excused for thinking the Southside hasn't changed at all in decades. The mob's influence was as strong as ever, and the perpetual corruption continued to counteract any efforts to improve the situation. But the denizens of the Southside knew better. The heroic efforts of costumed crimefighters who patrolled the area continued to make their streets safer every day providing a magnitude of comfort for those who needed it. And fear for those who needed that even more. Rumours of a new underground designer drug operation had been brewing in the air for days now. There has even been talk of shipments leaving Port Regal for international waters. The distribution has led to increased gang activity as of late with talk of the occasional group of thugs loading up and starting a commotion in unsuspecting areas of the community. Despite all the publicity not a single trace of the source of the drugs distribution could be found. The situation was slowly turning the district into a volatile hotbed for crime and chaos, more so than usual.
  11. Out-of-character discussion and resolution thread, compatriot of thread where Babybrawler, Equinox and Foreshadow II deal with a little Dark Lord problem... EDIT: Note that things can have plenty of slight, flavor differences between this and the 'real' Freedom City. For instance, the location of Parkhurst.
  12. OOC for >this thread in which Osprey, Foreshadow, and Net Fly seek to put a stop to a Super Drugs operation.
  13. A DC 20 Notice check will reveal to the heroes on the surface that this stuff on the side of the prison