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Found 10 results

  1. OOC for this thread In which Stinger, Kanunu, and Torpedo Lass take on a gang of crusty sea-dogs sporting some totally wizzer cyberware.
  2. GM Post: Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean - 06:44 GMT The First Mate stood at attention as the Captain clanked into the submarine's bridge. Even among the general augmentations of the crew, the Captain's bulky, cyborg frame was difficult to mistake as he loomed over the small, cramped bridge space. "First Mate! Any sign of our government friends?" "Absolutely none, sir. The patrol vessels lost sight of us not long after submerging. Those agents almost gave us some trouble back there, but we haven't yet met a crew that can handle the Dragon." The First Mate smiled. The Captain laughed and put his arm around the First Mate's shoulder. "Aye, she's a fine vessel. And what's more a fine crew. But things have been getting a little too close for me as of late. The ships of the Atlantic know our name, and have started preparing when we come. I think it's time we returned home and picked up a litte upgrade..." As he said this, the captain dialed the ship's map towards the east coast of the United States. The First Mate gave him a puzzled look. "Freedom City, sir? The Dragon's a fearsome ship, but do you think we're ready to hit a city full of supers?" The captain smiled as he looked at the map. "If all goes as planned, my friend, I don't think we'll have to..." **************** Freedom City, NJ North Bay Beach - 15:01 GMT It was a lovely adn, more important to the citizens of Freedom City, uneventful summer day. The heat of the summer brought locals and tourists alike to the beachside for some time in the water. As the sun hit midday, the beach filled with families and friends spreading out towels for picnics, swimming, and general dilly-dallying on the beach, as restaurants accross the street filled up with those wanting to enjoy their afternoon indoors. And among this throng of people, we see our heroes...
  3. OOC thread for this thread. Tag and follow!
  4. Sparrow Cafe, Southside It was a quiet day with a few customers, mostly quite happy with there food and relaxed and chatty. Good days like this were few and far between and needed to be enjoyed to their full extent. Of cause that was when superhero shenanigans were bound to happen. Today it was a giant foot, followed by enough walking past the cafe on there way to do something no good. Even though super’s were an almost everyday occurrence people still came out to see what was going on, though some jaded locals carried on with their business.
  5. GM Post Neo Harare (of the former Congo Republic), PAU. 4216 AD Neo Harare. Brilliant Capital of the People's African Union, the second most influential power bloc on Earth, and the 4th most influential power bloc among the United Earth and Colonies Federation for the last three centuries. One week ago, it concluded the hosting of the Games of the DLXXXI Olympiad, celebrating humanity's achievements throughout the passage of time. Now, the city, along with its citizens, can only stare in abject horror, as the entire Advanced League of Oceania was being rapidly reduced to ashes. President Alphonse Massamba-Tchicaya conferred with the Azure Champion, the world's strongest human alive. "... and we have no word from the rest of the United Freedom League?" Though he remained composed, the Azure Champion couldn't help but take a sudden, swift breath as he recalled losing contact with them, when they arrived at the ground zero. "I'm... sorry, mr President. I'm affraid that we lost contact with them, same as all other heroes who went up against the new weapon the Reformists are fielding." "And we are sure that it can-" "Mr President." The Azure Champion cut President Tchicaya. "You have seen the destruction this weapon has wrought. The so-called Destreamer is the genuine article." Tchicaya seemed to hesitate. The Azure Champion knew what was in the President's mind. It went against everything they stood for. Against everything humanity had fought for, since time immemorial. "Loathe though I am to suggest it, maybe you should consider their terms..." "And have our people used as pawns for their Xenophobic policies?" Tchicaya burst out. "Our people died in droves to fight off the last organization that saw fit to subjugate the rest of the galaxy! Surrendering to the Revengers would not only be a betrayal of our humanity, it would spit on the graves of our ancestors, our ancestors' ancestors, and so on!" "... And if you don't surrender... there will be no one left to feel ashamed." "..." Slinking back on his chair, the president let out a sigh. "What would you have me do, old friend?" The Azure Champion smiled softly, as he flew outside the open window of the Governmental House. "... I will attempt to attack their headquarters. I will gather any hero who's still active, and make for a last ditch effort." Turning his head towards President Tchicaya, he said. "May the Goddess guide you through." A flurry of flashes, the residual energies from the weapons unleashed, kept the night sky alight, as the Azure Champion hastened away. This battle, that shook the very foundation of the Earth, posed threateningly as merely a precussor to what was about to follow; an unfolding of events that would send ripples throughout the history of mankind... Present Day, Freedom City Monday, June 15th, 2015 Evening, 20:10 It started abruptly, without warning. Tears in the fabric of reality started popping left and right, in a seemingly random pattern. For the last hour, Parkside has been riddled with this randomly occuring phenomena, as everything the tears touched seemingly disappeared into nothingness. Then, the tears would close, only for new ones to pop back. Soon, various news outlets arrived at Parkside, making reports about this peculiar incident, and it rapidly became apparent, from the national news, that this wasn't limited to Freedom City; plenty of cities across the American continent were being bombarded by the Tears, albeit within a limited area. As the Tears persist, the first few heroes arrive at the scene...
  6. HGM

    Initiation Night

    OOC for this thread. Also, Jedi go ahead and roll initiative for Blue Stinger. Up to you whether you decide to costume change to beat up the gangsters or do it as Danny. But, either way Initiative!
  7. OOC for this thread. Feel Free to work up whatever opening you want to/reasons for being at the Cultural Arts festival. Note: The AEGIS video footage is indeed tampered with. SHADOW's attempting to make Blue Stinger look dangerous so that if gets captured they can kidnap him with ease. Not that Seahawk or Blue Stinger are aware of the AEGIS footage, unless you wish to write them having their own copies of similar footage. Which I'm game for.
  8. Footage played on a projector showing the destructive wreckage of a buglike battlesuit destroying some sort of facility There was fire, bloodshed, and above all corpses. The bugman left swathes of bodies in his wake. Blood dripping down his armor. He looked up at the camera before the feed cut off. Yves Zermeño, Alyssa Wild, Sven Johnson, and Carlos Zermeño were all sitting inside of a meeting room. Called together as part of an impromptu task force under Agent Lazeny. "Who is this?" Wild asked. "A new player is in town. We don't have any real data on him. The higher ups have been referring to him as the Beetle. Forensics thinks the building he destroyed was some sort of lab, perhaps a Powerhouse facility as there are signs of genetic modification. All of the research in the facility had been destroyed. Our techs were able to scrounge up and piece together this footage. Recent sightings have seen the Beetle apprehending local criminals, no new confirmed casualties. " Lazenby responded "Are we sure the footage hasn't been tampered with? Someone could be using AEGIS to hunt down an escaped science experiment. If the subject has been fighting criminals without any confirmed kills. It doesn't exactly speak to the blood soaked image we just saw." Carlos asked. Skeptical that they should take the footage at face value. "We're not. That is why the other Agent Zermeño will merely be conducting a threat report. Whether ally or foe, AEGIS cannot afford to be left in the dark. You and Sven will be monitoring her from an AEGIS relay station. Agent Wild will standby and provide fire support if it is needed." "..." Yves sat there silently. Somehow suspecting she'd be the one stuck with the investigating. Collecting her thoughts for a moment she finally asked. "How will I find this Beetle?" "Hang around Freedom College. His recent sightings all fall within a certain area around the campus. We don't know if he's a student, faculty, an employee of a nearby business, or merely that it's all coincidence. But, if he pops up you should be near enough to find him." Essentially confirming AEGIS had absolutely no way to track "The Beetle" down yet. * * * Freedom College Southside, Freedom City, NewJerseyWenseday, May 6th, 20153:15 PM Freedom College was hosting its annual Cultural Arts Festival. A joint campus production with FreeSA. There were public performances. Indoor galleries. Even the food itself was a work of art. Both in taste and production. Students were urged to participate in the local productions or at the very least attend in support of their schools.
  9. HGM

    Initiation Night

    GM Harvest Supermarket/Alleyway directly across from Harvest Supermarket The Fens, Freedom City, New JerseyFriday, May 15th, 20158:17 PM Foreshadow had been driving through the Fens when all of a sudden a vision took hold. Dozens of gangsters breaking into a Harvest Supermarket in the Fens. Men and women armed with serrated knives. Each stabbing a victim three times. All wearing a bright red cap on their head and smiling sadistically. Everyone was dying around him. Foreshadow had to act, sprinting forward to the nearest gang member...Foreshadow was stabbed in the chest. Looking up at his reflection in one of those robotic claw games he saw his reflection. Or more specifically, that of the store's managers. One of many victims of the night. If Foreshadow couldn't put a stop to it before it was too late. With a quick swerve into oncoming traffic, Foreshadow set course for the Harvest Supermarket Terrifica had a different sort of forewarning. She had been tracking the activity of a new gang to the city for the past month. Unlike Foreshadow she knew for a fact there would be some undertaking tonight. It was a massive initiation night for this new gang. She hadn't been able to piece together the gang's name. Or their active leadership. Just that their habits were comparative to that of a cult. But, she knew just where to be if she wanted to get answers. The Supergenius just had to make it to the Harvest Supermarket in the Fens. Well before the three vans holding wannabe gangsters wanting to butcher multiple people. As for the hero with absolutely no warning of what would be transpiring? Danny was walking by an alleyway when he heard a woman scream. Seeing as a scream never meant anything good in the Fens of all places, Danny peered around the corner. She was surrounded by three men. Each wearing a Red Cap and holding a serrated knife.
  10. JediDalek

    Blue Stinger

    20Q: The following is a transcript of an AMA session hosted on the Supers-centric online community of r/capes titled "I am the Blue Stinger, Freedom City's newest hero. AMA" thestinger: Hey, everyone. Long have I lurked on these hallowed pages, and I have recently had the privilege of gaining my own powers and taking up The Crusade™ on my own. Now, having started a new account for my heroic persona, I'd like to help you guys understand the life of a masked crusader a little better. Fire away! 1. dabooja asked: Where are you from? thestinger: That's a long one, actually. I was born in Kansas City, MO, but moved away after a few years. I grew up mostly in LeMars, IA, which was okay I guess. We actually moved back to KC not long before I left for Freedom. I hope that covers everything. 2. j.a.son asked: How would you physically describe yourself? You think this is different from how others would? thestinger: Well, without spoiling the ol' secret identity, I guess I don't think I'm anything special. I'm in a little better shape since I got powers, so that's cool. I'm not a hearthrob or anything but do good enough, I guess. Others, though? Guess I couldn't really speak for them. 3. mmawesomek asked: As a hero, do you have distinguishing speech characteristics or recurring mannerisms? thestinger: Umm... nothing I can think of. I confess I did come up with a "Henshin" pose a while back. Don't judge. 4. untermann asked: What is your motivation? thestinger: Well, I want to help protect people and crap... that's what I'm supposed to say right? Heh. Honestly, I guess I grew up as kind of a fanboy, followed a lot of cape types, so I'm mostly just trying to live up to those guys, I guess. Be more like them 5. doctork asked: What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? thestinger: Well, that would be telling, wouldn't it? I guess I like to think I'm pretty clever. That's a strength. My biggest weakness right now would just be that I haven't been doing this very long. That and my debilitating love of Vienna Beef... 6. weil asked: What do you love/hate the most? thestinger: I'm going to sound like a really stereotypical cape here, but I really hate people who take from others without thinking about it, like who only care about themselves and don't care who they hurt. Really makes me mad. What do I love, though? That's easy. David Boreanaz. 7. gokuderah asked: How would you describe your mental and emotional state? thestinger: That's a weird question. Okay... I guess...? Little bit of depression masked as humorous sarcasm, but overall, I'm good. 8. flutie asked: What do you fear the most? thestinger: Decepticons, mostly. And that one creepy "Return The Slab" dude from that one cartoon with the cowardly dog... 9. negatron asked: What is your greatest ambition? thestinger: Well... I guess it'd be pretty cool to have my own comic book some day. I know a lot of who I am was shaped by comics & capes, so it'd be cool to pass that on with some stories of my own some day. 10. big-d asked: How do you feel about the state of the world and your place in it? thestinger: Well, I admit the world isn't as cool as it once might've been, but we've still got some pretty cool parts we could build on. Me, though, I don't really know. Apparently my place is wearing blue and punching bad guys? 11. jughead asked: Do you have any prejudices? How do you get along with others? thestinger: Prejudices? I don't think so... I don't really trust company people. Which isn't entirely fair, I guess, but I've lost a lot at the hands of connected, corp types. I'm wary of them. In general, though, I think I get along with people. I'm no social butterfly, but I can usually deal with people. 12. schmoogle asked: Where do your loyalties lie? In what order? thestinger: I don't really know a lot of people that I need to be loyal to. There're only a few people I consider friends, but I guess they'd be at the top. And you guys, of course. ;P 13. lindemann asked: Do you have a lover or partner? How do they feel about you now? thestinger: Nope. Not sure why, since I thought the whole skinny dork look would just draw the ladies like crazy. 14. graves asked: Do you have a family? What is the relationship there like? thestinger: Unfortunately, my family isn't around anymore. We were always cool, though. We had fun together. No arguing and stuff like some kids had. I like to hope they'd be happy with what I'm doing now, though. 15. freedomguy179 asked: How would the people closest to you describe you? thestinger: Well, my boss would say I'm "a good but stupid kid" or something like that. My friend Tuck I would guess knows me as the other guy who watches bad movies with him. 16. smiling_man asked: Are you a role model? thestinger: That's a weird thought. I do my best, I guess. Not sure that I'm there yet, though. 17. jboudeville asked: How spiritual Are you? Do you follow a relgious tradition? thestinger: I guess I'm still kind of a Christian type guy. I haven't really attended church or anything since Mom & Dad... since I came to Freedom City. I've found myself praying a few times since I started staring death in the face on a regular basis, though. 18. dudel asked: Are you part of a team, or would you like to be? Why? thestinger: Not as of this post, no. It'd be pretty cool to hang with some other hero types, though. And knowing I'm not the only one out there would be nice. 19. fastjack asked: How do you feel about the place of metahumans and aliens on Earth? thestinger: Well, I was born in '93. I really don't remember a time without metas or aliens, so they've just always been a part of things to me. There was, you know, the whole giant alien death from the sky thing, but by the time I was old enough to think stuff even the wounds from that had kind of healed up, so I've always been cool with aliens. 20. If you could give one piece of advice to your hero, what would it be? jedidalek: I'd tell him to trust people a little more. There're more good people out there than he thinks, and sometimes they can surprise you if you give them a chance. thestinger: Alright guys, duty calls and all. Surprised nobody asked anything a little wackier. Good session, though. I might do this again sometime. Stinger out. *end of thread*
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