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Found 3 results

  1. GM December 10th, 2018, 4.54 AM Star Island Space Control Center, Atlantic Ocean, USA All around the heroes, the Space Control Center buzzed with activity. People rushing by in uniforms of every shade, shouts, the rattle and roar of machinery, the feel of the floor and air vibrating with the sheer noise passing through them. Above was a clear, chill Atlantic sky, a few stars twinkling despite the blazing lights of the offshore aerospace facility. Over the base's cacophony, a voice cut through. "...And that's where we're at. Thanks to the cooperation of these two, we have a lock on Blackstar's most likely location by tracking the signature of his Shadow Bands. Faster-than-light approach in a Pegasus should let you get close to the base without raising the alarm, and if our readings and the information from his followers is accurate, his castle should be minimally-staffed." To his credit, USAF Col. Randall Austin didn't look enviously at the sleek navy blue spaceplane taxiing into the launch sling. The flickering decade and change had thickened the man a shade around the waistline, and the grey in his hair fair outnumbered the thickets of coarse black, but the last hour and a half of explaining a lot of information clearly and concisely proved his mind was as sharp as ever. "If you can apprehend Blackstar, that would be great. But if you learn how he and his followers are transporting to Earth without the Lighthouse detecting them, that's far more important. Now, are there any questions before takeoff?" Behind his glasses, Randall beamed hopefully.
  2. OOC thread for this thread. Our heroes from No Better Time to Start take the fight to Blackstar. @Thevshi @Supercape @Exaccus @RocketLord
  3. HGM

    Aiming at Stars

    En Route to Star Island Lonely Point, Freedom City, New JerseyFriday March 4th, 2015 The Star Island Space Control Center was known for its cooperation with the Freedom League and the Lonely Island Naval Base. What was less spoken of was the close relationship between AEGIS and the facility. The frequent number of alien attacks prompted Director Powers into commissioning a black project with the assistance of the SCC some weeks ago. Since then three AEGIS/SCC scientist have gone missing during the course of the project. Stewart Bonham has personally seen fit to explore these strange disappearances. Knowing full well the very public figure couldn't comb through the facility without alerting a possible perpetrator that AEGIS was on to any wrongdoing, he saw fit to ask Argonaut to accompany him posing as "personal security" for the Chief AEGIS Administrator of Freedom City. Titan was brought using the cover of being the US military liason to AEGIS just keeping an eye on Bonham as he took a civil tour of the facility. Stewart Bonham was dressed in his AEGIS blues. A half glass of wine cupped closely. The three were traveling on the director's personal yacht. An AEGIS agent at the helm of the wheel. Leaving the three undisturbed in the dining area below to talk business before docking on Star Island. "Your predecessor. Major Chulpak wouldn't have liked the subterfuge. She'd prefer for me to make this an officially sanctioned investigation. Pour on the heat. Director Powers hardly agreed with her on anything, but they respected one another. As the current US military liason to AEGIS here, how would you handle this situation?"
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