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  1. "Thanks for your help, sir. We really appreciate it." Pol was good at games, so in theory this was a contest she could do well in. Luke...might have a bit more difficulty. It did seem he wasn't the most academically inclined boy at Claremont; maybe she could help him study? She'd like that. As soon as the die was cast, the robot returned her focus back to the game. "Ooh, a 6! I'm moving ahead!" Shift spun herself around with her arms out, like a figure skater, and twirled herself into a giant black chess piece, only with her head on top, her crown designating her as a queen. The qu
  2. Pol was super-excited! First Miss Americana had helped her get her first state ID card, and now thanks to a money order for two hundred dollars from her missing parents, she was able to open her first bank accountat the Eastern Seaboard Bank, complete with debit card. Now she could do people stuff and buy people things! She did a little spin as she strolled along Golden Row. But her delight at her first real step towards personhood was rudely interrupted when a trio of bad guys came smashing out of the bank next door, throwing shattered glass everywhere. "Stop that," she yelled as
  3. "Just drop me off at an alley I can change in, and I'll be good to go," Gretchen said from inside the offered helmet. She was peering around with her glasses, which usually flared up to show her incoming danger. Though she wasn't in costume, at least most of her powers offered some degree of subtlety if they were surprise.
  4. Initiative for Shift: 1d20+6=19
  5. Once she got into the bathroom, she quickly relieved herself, washed her hands, and then looked at her reflection in the mirror. "You've got this, girl. These are nice people, and they like you." As she washed her face and fixed her makeup, the telepath continued to bask in the warmth of the house. This was a place of love, and she'd dropped into it with barely a ripple, beyond the slow warm currents deep below the surface; the Lancasters were happy for their son. Once out of the bathroom, Lulu headed to the kitchen, the heart of any house to which all Southern girls are innately d
  6. Valerie's relaxed demeanor quickly put Lulu at ease, and she eagerly gave her a warm hug in return. "Why thank you, ma'am. It's an honor to meet you, too. And ah'd love a cup, thank you." Then she turned to Colin and almost did a curtsey, though it was more of a quick bow of the head and dropping one knee an inch or two. "Thank you, sir. And Adam can't stop talkin' about the two of you, neither!" She was a little pink in the cheeks as she pointed over her shoulder. "Can ah use y'all's restroom right quick?"
  7. After what felt like an eternity of driving (but was actually only about 45 minutes due to a bit of traffic), the dark blue SUV got off at the Providence Road exit, and was soon winding its way through bucolic residential streets of northwest Hanover. The houses here very impressive, but not quite as overwhelming as the old money mansions of North Bay; Lulu tipped a mental hat to Miss Megan for exposing her to obscene wealth in such a comforting fashion. At last, they pulled into Briarwood Court, a short winding lane with only a few houses, and the Lancaster home was revealed, an i
  8. Lulu listened to Adam, her amazing boyfriend, as she kept her eyes on the road, occasionally wiping away her tears with her hand or sending a quick glance his way. As he continued, she began to nod, at first just a little, but then more often and with increasing confidence. When he finished, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek before returning her focus solely on the road. "Thank you, Adam; ah really needed that." She sighed and shook her head. "Sometimes ah...ah forget how far ah've come, know what ah mean? Ah still have this self-image that ah don't ev
  9. "Okay, three o'clock. So we'll have...a whole hour to just...sit and talk." A brief pause before near total meltdown. "Oh honey, they're goin' to know ah'm a moron! Ah can't talk about smart s### that long? Ah'm just goin' to sound like the dumb hick ah am, an', an' they'll sound all smart and stuff because they're both doctors, and they'll know ah'm no good for you!" She slammed the steering wheel and turned to look at her beloved, her eyes puffy and red with tears. "Ah'm so sorry, Adam! Ah can't! Ah can't drag you down to mah level! It ain't right!"
  10. Also Christmas involves lots of wrapping... paper!
  11. Hanover Bypass Thursday, November 26th, 2020 2:30 pm Lulu checked her reflection for the upteenth time in the rear view mirror of her Honda CR-V, making sure her hair was just right. It was going to be her first time meeting her boyfriend's parents, which young women are taught to treat very seriously in rural Alabama. Her makeup was perfect, her coppery tresses draped over her right shoulder in an artful cascade, and her green sweater and red pleated skirt were both flattering and tasteful. And in the back seat, her secret weapon: Southern cooking! Carefully
  12. Lulu cleared her throat and got a little pink herself. "It's, uh, it's pretty, pretty serious. Ah will, however, spare your delicate ears the details." Then she sighed and smiled. "And... he's takin' me to meet his folks on Thanksgiving. We're drivin' over together." And then she sighed again, like she was slipping into a happy dream.
  13. Lulu certainly appreciated the invite to go to the movies, even though it was always weird watching Pan and Eira on a date, a bit like two aliens who'd watched several 80s teens comedies and were trying to get it right. But they clearly loved each other in their own fashion, and enjoyed spending time together, so who was Lulu to judge? It was also nice getting a chance to hang out with Micah. For whatever reason, in the vicissitudes of school life, they never seemed to have a chance to just hang out; there is always some horrible disaster going on whenever they were together. The
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