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    "Once we're done with our shopping, I'll open it up and make an old-school icebox; it's pretty showy, though, so we'll need a bit of privacy first." When they got to the gelato stand, Lynn grinned and began speaking in perfect unaccented Neapolitan, the major Southern Italian dialect. <"Good afternoon! My friend Mia speaks very highly of your wares! What flavor would you suggest?">
  2. Heritage

    Body Doubles

    "And if you need more general skills-based training, I'm your gal," Lynn said with a touch of pride. "I've been doing this a long time, and I've picked up a lot of knowledge: infiltration, stealth, advanced combat techniques, you name it." And then she turned into a pretty pierrot, and began to juggle three balls in the air. "Also, you can make good money working kid's parties. I'm not even kidding."
  3. Lulu rolled her eyes. "Micah is sort of understatin' things; Ashley is flippin' out and considerin' nuclear options at this point. Maybe Judy could just pop her head out in the interest of world peace?" The smells wafting out of the 'inner shell' were intriguing, and the redhead found herself craning her neck to try to get a peek inside. "You girls doin' your nails in there?"
  4. "I have a burner phone, too," offered Miracle Girl as she held up a nondescript flip phone. She exchanged numbers with any who wanted to call her. She'd accepted Terrifica's suggested plan with no complaint, more than happy to be the cog in a machine. "He probably has a magic way to contact us," she said as she jerked her head in Sandman's direction. But then.sge frowned. "Probably." Seeing that her temporary partner was also a flyer, she opted to float over toward the staff area at comfortable speed while making conversation with Bee. "So, how long have you been 'heroing'?"
  5. Intimidation check vs. Rahkesh: 1d20+5=19 Edit: per chat with Ari, switching to Diplomacy for a 34!
  6. As amazing as everything about the tour had been so far, nothing could keep the look of pure joy off of Lulu's face when she spotted her first Li. They're teddy bears? Must...not...hug... This was too much for Lulu; the students had come how many lightyears from Earth, to be part of this historic event, and now their killjoy chaperone was trying to shut them out? This was bull####! Full of righteous indignation, she addressed Rahkesh directly, hands on her hips and her gaze locked in. "Ah'm sorry, but ah thought the whole point of bringin' students from Earth into space was for an educational experience, Dr. Chawla. And now, when our gracious hosts are offerin' Claremont students a literal chance-of-a-lifetime tour durin' a first contact situation, you're sayin' 'no'? This is...a unique opportunity, and you want us to stay in our rooms? How are we supposed to learn about other species, and represent our planet as heroes, if we don't have direct experience?" Then she sighed dramatically aand shook her head. "Ah mean, Lord and Lady Harrow are goin' to be so sad ah wasn't able to fully benefit from this trip..."
  7. 1d20+10=28 DC 25 Tougheness
  8. Heritage

    Green Thumb

    "Yeah, gelato sounds great," the bikini-clad fae chimed in. She made a sort of 'unzipping' motion, starting at her head, and her previous look quickly returned as she stepped out into the market. "If you're going to make clothes, I suggest some design classes, maybe even some textile science stuff. The animators at Pixar always do a ton of research before they start any project; you have to understand how something works before you can create it out of whole cloth." Lynn grabbed a few more choice veggies and a little basket of the plumpest, juiciest strawberries she'd ever seen before the group made its way towards the gelato stand. "Hey, if you guys want, we can put our veggies in my interdimensional vault; it'll keep 'em cool and fresh while we splash around at the beach."
  9. Heritage

    Green Thumb

    Lynn literally laughed out loud at Mia's invitation, but without any sort of mockery of malice. "Kid, I am like the Cher of the superhero community; I do more costume changes than, well, Cher. Here, lemme-" She ushered them around a corner, then stepped inbetween two stalls, blocking her from any view other than straight ahead. After cranning her neck to make sure there were no witnesses, she waved her arms in a flourish, transforming her look with a swirl of mist into a wide straw hat, oversized sunglasses, tiny black bikini and pair of open-toed wedges. Even her shoulder bag was now a blue canvas tote. Tilting down her shades to give them both a playful look, the changeling grinned. "See? You grow up in Atlantic City, you know how to beach."
  10. Heritage

    Green Thumb

    "A little bit," Lynn admitted, scrunching up her nose and holding her thumb and forefinger about half an inch apart. "But that's perfectly normal; keeping kosher kept me connected to my culture and spirituality, even all those years when my stupid faerie body wouldn't let me eat. Making fresh challah for my family on Shabbat, or making my grandmother's mahzo ball soup for my kids when they were sick, kept me sane." Then an idea struck her, and she got very excited, slapping Serena repeatedly on the arm. "Oh, oh, you guys have to come over for Shabbat dinner some Friday; I haven't done a proper one since Gretchen moved out, because it's no fun if you're alone. How about it?" Could those brown eyes get any bigger?
  11. Heritage

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    "They played the shiksa card?" Lynn shook her head sadly. "Ugh, old Jews are the worst. Well, they can be; some of them are super-cool." She winked, but then her eyes went wide as they finally approached the stalls. "Omigod, check out those eggplants! You get the best eggplant here in Jersey." And it was true; they were beautiful, as were the cucumbers and radishes beside them.
  12. Finally focusing on the whole reason they were down here, Lulu allowed her shared illusion to fade away. "So how we gettin' down there, Ronnie? Are we usin' some kind of mini-sub, or are we scuba divin'? 'Cause ah never done any ocean divin' before." The young redhead was excited by the thought of seeing the sunken ship, but she wanted to be safe, too.
  13. Lulu had grown a little quiet; she'd taken Ortilac up on his offer, and was learning some truly amazing things about the Coalition and life out in space. It wasn't until Nicole addressed her directly that the redhead returned to the real world. "Oh, ah don't know if drinkin' is such a good idea, especially in outer space," she said as she looked over to their chaperone and smiled sweetly. But in their heads, her fellow students heard a very different message. -My family's had a whiskey still operating out in the woods as long as I can remember; I've got no problem with sneaking out for a sip!- "Ah mean, we're hear to learn, right? Asteroids an' stuff sounds pretty cool."
  14. Heritage

    Green Thumb

    "Oh, I love a good cabbage roll," Lynn said with an appreciative groan. "My bubbe has an amazing recipe from back in Poland; we'll have to swap recipes!" This led to an impromptu rendition of 'Hava Nagila', as she was talking recipes like an old woman, and feeling particularly Jewish just then. After the moment has passed, she turned to more serious subjects, raising her hand to be recognized by the chair. "Okay, point of order! On the gelato question: when, how much and what flavors? I need answers now." She playfully drove her fist into her palm to show the gravity of the situation.
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