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  1. Important Disclaimer: My builds are based on how I understood the core rules, ultimate power, our House Rules, etcetera at the time of posting. Please consult said rules and our Rednamed Refs. If you ask me, I'll fix one up for you if it's wrong now. This doesn't mean it'll be accepted, mind you. I may be a Ref now but my approval isn't everything. Also, I generally don't use site format. Mostly because dear god, there's so many I'd have to do. But a little bit because you should learn how to do it yourself. We have a sample sheet and everything. You should've seen it by now. Table of Contents Character Factory Heroes The Icons The Exiles NPC Investigations The Seawings Adventurer Guild Tweeners BLACK & The Phantom Network Villains The Strength Revolution The League of Seven ******************************************** The Icons (original style) Overview Caviezel Fletcher Medic Queenie Sage Shadowspirit Tex Austin The Shining Guardian Tidal Terrifica Spike Douglas Candy Z Marian Soaring Eagle Magna Orca ******************************************** The Javier Academy Overview Headmaster Carlos Javier Alpha Team Solaria (Autumn Winters) Pyrox (Rusty Jenkins) Broyle (Nick Lachlan, teen Nick Phoenix) Wilder (Anna-Marie Winston) Titan (Pietro Cole) Eagle Eye (Russell Harris, Staff Advisor) Beta Team Lightning (Richard Jones) Erased (Vernon Chase) Cinder (Phoenix Ramsey) Charger (Jason Montanez) Sureshot (Rachel Harris) Miss Invincible (Francine Simms, Staff Advisor) Gamma Team Relay (Tessa Matthews) Waverider (Naomi Suleiman) Slick (Olivia Montanez) Motor (Michael Taylor) Apocrypha (Aleki Uta'i) Aerialist (Frank Simms, Staff Advisor) Delta Team Augment (Cyrus Gramble) Taffi (Tomoko Nagatsuka) Eden (Ivy Reubenstein) Agent Fortune (Tariq al-Rabadi) Shift (Serafina Chavez) Starwoman II (Jody Thompkins, Staff Advisor) Theta Team Grava (Daraja Ishola) Kinetix (Fabien St. Pierre) Geonic (Isabelle Oliveira) Warp (TIffany Broadchurch) Sky Eye (Jacob Lewis) Illusionist Knight (Maia Turei, Staff Advisor) Notable Staff Members Monique Desjardins (Chief Counselor) Roulette (Stefan LeRoux, Security Consultant) Lisa Lindsay (Chief of Student Fitness) ******************************************** Pure Archetypes Archer Gadgeteer Mystic Super Soldier ***************************************************************** Archetype Blendarama Part 1, in alphabetical order: Color Controlling Cowl Device Using Psychiatrist Digital Shadow Fey-Touched Artificier Flying Transmuter Gravity Controller Johnny The Kid Kitsune Paragon Living Electromagnetism Magic Teddy Bear Martial Artist w/ Sonic Scream Matter Eater Mistress of Fear Mixed Martial Artist Phantom Swordsman Plant Battlesuit Poisonous Martial Artist Queen of Hellfire Ricardo The Mariachi Scarlet Witch Size Changing Golden Age Legacy Sky Dreamer Sonic Device User Speedster Archer Squid Girl Summoner Tacocat Transforming Weapon Master Ultimate Martial Artist Winged Sniper ******************************************** Part 2, in alphabetical order Beast Master Child Assassin Cloud 9 Cursed Mystic Deconstructor Elastic Paragon Electric Speedster Ex-Soldier Fairy Fencer God of the Sword Jester Hacker Magical Girl Magma Martial Artist in a Battlesuit Master Blaster Master of Elements Motorcycle Daredevil Portal Sniper Powerhouse Archer Psionic Battlesuit Ranged Cowl Snow Elemental Space Warping Swordswoman Speedster Battlesuit Survivalist Archaeologist Telekinetic Thief Telepathic Speedster Tiny Paragon Weather Controlling Battlesuit Wolf Totem Swordsman ******************************************** Part 3, split in two. Conversion of the Sentinels, 3e's canon superhero team Dragoneye Kid Robot Mongrel Princess Rocky The Rook Ultramarine Victor Vortex Xeno The rest, in alphabetical order Ancient Paragon Bird Themed Mystic Death Knight Euryale Full Contact Sorcerer Gepetto The Puppeteer Gunslinging Gadgeteer Icy Wyrm Lucky Sniper Mistress of Dark Lightning Nigh-Invincible Man Phantom Psionic Phoenix Corps Member Punchy Gadgeteer Songstress Sonic Controlling Speedster Stealth Android Survivalist Gadgeteer Vampire Winged Water Controller ******************************************** Part 4 aka Of Weapons And Sorcery, in alphabetical order Aristocratic Swordmaster Armored Wizard Bird Controlling Swordmaster Cold Controlling Swordmaster Cute Witch Cybernetic Martial Artist Cyborg Soldier Cyborg Warrior Darkness Controlling Powerhouse Demon Fighter Firecracker Flying Demon Swordmaster Frost Archer Hawk Totem Mystic Kitsune Cat Swordmaster Lady of War Magic Painter Meteor Warrior Necromancer One-Eyed Warrior Panda Totem Paragon with Sonic Device Plasma Warrior Punchy Mage Shield Knight Stealth Mage Telekinetic Artificier Infiltrator Undead Ectomancer Wilderness Warrior Winged Telekinetic Swordmaster ******************************************** Part 5, in alphabetical order: Android Gadgeteer Android. Idol. Soldier. Card Battler Chaos Mage Classic Kitsune Cyberpunk Mage Dancing Thief Device Using Bird Controller Downsized Creation God Dragon Mage Dragon Totem Swordmaster Firebreather Force Field Gadgeteer Gadgeteer Paragon Jedi Knight Shadowcat Kaiju Hunter Magic Violinist Magical Baker Phantom Technopath Princess of Hell Psionic Spirit User Pyro Knight Rabbit Totem Sword Dancer Techno-Spy Telepathic Gadgeteer Wandering Bard Wild West Swordmaster Willpower Warrior ******************************************** Part 6, in alphabetical order Aqua Maxima Armored Paragon Bowmaster Cold Controlling Songstress Cosmic Powered Space Warper Death God Scion Dragon Totem Giant Archer Goddess of the Sun Hard Boiled Gun Bunny Jewel Mage Magical Librarian Phoenix Totem Swordmaster Piratical Swashbuckler Pixie Mage Powerhouse Speedster Rain Controller Reaver of Souls Sci Fi Soldier Sentient Computer Program Smooth Talking Summoner Solar Mage Spatial Displacer Spear of the North Stage Magician Succubus Survivalist Animal Mimic Vampire Weather Controller Warrior Angel Warrior Queen ******************************************** Part 7, in alphabetical order w/ a surprise at the end Android Machine Gunner Black Ice Operative Chainsaw Cyborg Cold Sniper Cyber Gunner Dense Gadgeteer Flippy Martial Artist Goddess of the Sea Guitar Slinging Gadgeteer Heavy Artillery Soldier Ink Controller Machine Gun Samurai Mage Hunting Archer Mistress of Despair Naval Air Battlesuit Ocular Mentalist Poison Assassin Rifle Toting Gadgeteer Soccer Player Soul of Flame Speedster Swordmaster Swingin' Gadgeteer Transforming Gadgeteer Wind Controlling Swordmaster And now, the surprise: Xenosaga! Shion Uzuki KOS-MOS chaos Gaignun Kukai Jr. Ziggy MOMO ******************************************** Part 8 (the PL 7s) in alphabetical order Aquarian Warrior Battlemage Bio-Metal Brick Budding Mentalist w/ Pet Car Drivin' Badass Cat Totem Archer Coin Kinetic Dreamwalker Electromagnetic Cyborg Fledgling Keymaster Frictionless Skin User Gadgeteer...ish Jet Black Dress Light Controlling Alien Lucky Mage Magical Energy Being Mystic Cowl Perfume Mage Pint Sized Powerhouse Pirate Queen Polisher Property Locker Psionic Warrior Psychometric Attention Diverter Pure Soul Rock and Roll Queen Stone Heart Time Displacing Martial Artist Vehicle Mimic Weapons Master ******************************************** Part 9, in which I go back to PL 10s but the last 10 are requested builds. How novel. All in alphabetical order. Blind Mystic Car Drivin' Badass Redux Draconic Battlesuit Feline Totem Speedster Frog Totem Goddess of Storms Gunslinger Mage Heart of the Earth Intrepid Pilot Physical Biokinetic Professional Doctor Property Locker Redux Scion of Artemis Scion of Asclepius Scion of Athena Scion of Hephaestus Scythe Wielding Cleric Spider Totem Mystic Valkyrie Weather Controlling Ninja As promised, the request builds. Avian Speedster Goddess of Art Insect Mimic Negative Woman Octopus Totem Mystic Skyler Storm Sonic the Hedgehog Telepathic Barrier Warrior Time Controlling Gadgeteer Vampire Hunter ******************************************** Part 10, in alphabetical order: Air Controlling Android Angel Android Clawed Genius Cosmic Energy Controlling Battlesuit Crimson Avenger Device Boosted Paragon Energy Manipulator Explosive Hero Feline Totem Battlesuit Gas Slinging Fox Totem Goddess of Summer Goddess of Winter Gunslinging Cowl Lucky Staff Master Medical Battlesuit Mistress of the Air Personal Mass Controller Powerhouse Cowl Shark Totem Skywalking Cowl Smoke Elemental Sneaky Blaster Solar Champion Spatial Warper String Controller Temporal Hacker Transmuting Powerhouse Undead Powerhouse Vampire Thief In Battlesuit Water Sprite ******************************************** Part 11, aka the johnbecaro commission builds, in alphabetical order. Acrobatic Powerhouse Android Speedster Archer Paragon Blind Battlesuit Speedster Blind Swordmaster Combat Maid Cyber Armed Flyer Demon Rider Elastic Kineticist Electric Cowl Electric Cyborg Electric Engineer Feline Martial Artist Fiery Martial Artist Goddess of Autumn Goddess of Spring Gravity Controlling Cyborg Holographic AI Immortal Warrior Invincible Battlesuit Light Controlling Gadgeteer Lightning Dragon Ninja Martial Artist Mystic Plant Controlling Powerhouse Psychic Ninja Psychic Paragon Spider Themed Spy Super Agent Technomancer Undead Acrobat ******************************************** Part 12, Of Requests and Regular Builds, split apart but in alphabetical order Builds Assassin Automotive Totem Black Swordsmage Cat Themed Fighter Cosmic Puncher Cyber Ninja Diamond Armored Hero Fiery Ringmaster Fusion Incarnate Half Undead Mystic Jedi Battlesuit Living Water Modern Day Viking Phasing Swordmaster Powerhouse Martial Artist Psionic Energy Controller Psychic Knight Silent Assassin Size Changing Swordmaster Skull Knight Snake Totem Battlesuit Star Gem User Surveyor Requests Graffiti Girl Hemokinetic Love Fueled Illusionist Mantis Shrimp Totem Psychic Healer Tattooed Amazon Unicorn Totem ******************************************** Part 13, in alphabetical order Bird Themed Fighter Burning Swordmaster Cyber Angel Cybernetic Archaeologist Demonic Acrobat Draconic Ice Mage Electric Agent Energetic Gun Bunny Goddess of Flowers Gravity Controlling Paragon Heroic Mime Light Manipulating Battlesuit Lunar Shield Mage Magical Costumed Detective Master Infiltrator Metal Mimic Mystic Rope Summoner Neutronic Paragon Phantom Mystic Pirate Mermaid Precise Hydrokinetic Psychic Warrior Rocket Girl Snake Themed Master of Disguise Speedy Costumed Detective Spirit Shaman Tattooed Berserker Trickster Battlesuit Undead Cowl Witchbuster ******************************************** Part 14. Villains and Non Combat Focused, in alphabetical order. Some are requests. Villains Battlesuit Dolphin Crime Lord Demonic Ninja Pirate Construct Doggone Evil Fallen Sidekick Fireworks Generating Thief Golden Bruiser Gravity Controlling Battlesuit Gun Toting Assassin Gunslinging Annihilist Lunatic Paragon Powerhouse Psychiatrist Rudo Luchador Sea Hunter Tentacled Biokinetic Trolling Troll Ultima Thule Outcast Vampire Were-Elephant Non Combat Focused Canine Detective Edutainment Child Human Top Lucky Pyrokinetic Master Farmer Morphin' Phenom Pathfinder Psychic Detective Quaker Shaker Saint Among Mortals The Bouncer The Critic ******************************************** Part 15. Back to Basics. In alphabetical order. Alien Martial Artist Classic Space Hero Crimson Huntress Dense Shrinker Detective Paragon Dhampir Gadgeteer Drone Using Technopath Earth Controlling Giant Electric Werewolf Empathic Spy Mage Firefighting Battlesuit Golden Huntress Gutsy Brick Hair Queen Heartland Soldier Infernalist Witch Immortal Powerhouse Ivory Huntress Master of Weapons Nanite Gadgeteer One Large Brick Plant Controlling Giant Powerhouse Medic Psionic Crossbowyer Shadow Huntress Shrine Guardian Snake Totem Mystic Street Level Hero Swordsbrick Winged Gorilla Swordmaster ******************************************** Part 16, Yet More Basics in alphabetical order. Air Controlling Agent Alchemic Sorcerer Armor of Vengeance Armored Bounty Hunter Armored Speedster Child of the Sea Cold Controlling Agent Cosmic Archer Cosmic Energy Warrior Cowboy Shaman Digital Demon Divine Shepherd Earth Controlling Agent Ectomancer Espionage Expert EM Controller In A Battlesuit Feline Attuned Swordmaster Gun Toting Vigilante Jar Brain & Cyber Doll Laser Swordsman Light Controlling Agent Hammer Warrior Midas Wolf Mystic Adventurer Pixie Battlesuit Precognitive Sniper Psionic Archer Shrinking Battlesuit Space Warping Magus Wrist Crossbow Scout
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